Rocky Mount NC – A creative approach to I-95 interchange – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount’s hopes for a new Interstate 95 interchange and the commercial development that could come with it should strike a chord among leaders in Raleigh who truly want to see economic growth in Eastern North Carolina. (More)

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Coming Soon The DCN Hall of Fame

The DCN Hall of Fame will promote people who have ties to Edgecombe County be it you were born and raised here. You can also qualify if your parents/parent’s parents were born and raised here.

It is my desire to let the world know that Edgecombe County produces good people. So if you or someone whom you know are doing something that you feel could be inspiring to others as it relates to being a productive citizen as it relates to high school/college accomplishments,  business profession ie: sports high school/college/professional, entertainment and other. I am proud of you and would like to share your accomplishments with my readers at The DCN News Blog/Online TV.

If you or you know someone whom meets the qualifications above please email me to receive a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is filled out I will determine if you will be featured in The DCN Hall of Fame.

Thanking you in advance and I wish you continued success.

President Obama Signs McCaul-Butterfield ‘Creating Hope Act’



For Release:  Immediate



Date:  July 10, 2012


Contact: Kezmiché "Kim" Atterbury 
Office:    (202) 225.3101

President Obama Signs McCaul-Butterfield ‘Creating Hope Act’


WASHINGTON, DC — President Obama signed legislation into law yesterday that included the bipartisan Creating Hope Act, authored by Congressmen Michael McCaul (R-TX) and G. K. Butterfield (D-NC).  The Creating Hope Act of 2011 provides market incentives to pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for children with rare pediatric diseases, such as childhood cancers and sickle cell.  Originally H.R. 3059, The Creating Hope Act was passed as Section 908 of S. 3187 of the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act.  The law takes effect in 90 days.


"Today is a milestone for children who suffer from cancer and other rare pediatric diseases. This law will help pharmaceutical companies overcome market failures and change the way they look at developing treatments for children who currently don’t have any, or don’t have treatment specific to their disease,” said Congressman McCaul, founder and chairman of the bipartisan Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus.  “In times of tough budgetary constraints, this legislation incentivizes pharmaceutical companies to finally start creating new cures for rare pediatric diseases with no cost to taxpayers.”


“I am pleased that Congress recognized the significance of the Creating Hope Act and passed it without hesitation,” said Congressman Butterfield.  “We are now one step closer to finding better treatments and cures for rare pediatric diseases.  I thank President Obama for signing this bill into law.”


"This is the first time the United States Congress has provided a solution to the dire lack of drug development expressly for children with rare and deadly diseases," said Nancy Goodman, Founder of Kids Versus Cancer.  “Congress has taken a historical stand.”


"The passage of the Creating Hope Act marks an important milestone in efforts to find new cures and better treatments for children with cancer,” said Dr. Peter Adamson, Chairman of the Children’s Oncology Group and Professor of Pediatrics and Pharmacology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 


The Creating Hope Act expands the cost-neutral Food and Drug Administration priority review voucher (PRV) program, allowing pharmaceutical companies to expedite FDA review of more profitable drugs in return for developing treatments for rare pediatric diseases. Since 1980, the FDA has approved only one new drug for treatment of childhood cancer, compared to dozens for adults.  Despite this significant unmet medical need, pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to develop drugs for rare pediatric diseases because it requires making an investment in products that are unlikely to cover the high costs associated with their research, development, marketing and distribution.  Developing products for children is particularly challenging because of the difficulties associated with conducting clinical trials on this patient population.


The Creating Hope Act will:

·        Expand the Priority Review Voucher program to include treatments for pediatric rare diseases, such as childhood cancers.

·        Close a loophole in current law to prevent companies from receiving a voucher for products that they already market in other countries.

·        Offer unlimited transferability of vouchers to create a more easily traded asset.

·        Provide greater certainty to sponsors that the drug, if approved, will qualify for a voucher, by permitting them to seek a designation from FDA before they submit their new drug application.


The Creating Hope Act “fundamentally transforms the way that drug companies look at rare pediatric diseases and compensates for market failures that have prevented any new treatment for pediatric cancer from being developed in a generation,” Rep. McCaul said.




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Homegoing for Raymond Barnes Jr. Newport News Va.

My condolences goes out to my cousins the family of the late Raymond Barnes Jr.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: Shekinah Glory Ministry-Jesus (Full Live Version)

Funeral arrangements:

Raymond Barnes, Jr., the oldest son of Marjorie and Raymond Barnes, Sr. died (last) Friday.  (Raymond Sr. is oldest son of Mae Eliza Battle Barnes).  His funeral arrangements has been made for Saturday, July 14th at 1:00pm.  Funeral will be held at New Beach Grove Baptist Church, 326 Tabb Lane, Newport News, VA. 

Cards can be mailed to the home at:

Marjorie & Raymond Barnes
2613 Walnut Lane
Nashville, NC 27856

Just wanted to provide a bit more information on the funeral being held for Raymond E. Barnes, Jr. If you are coming to Newport News for the funeral and plan to stay over night, you can get a special rate at the:

Jameson Inn
21 Old Oyster Point Road
Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 951-1177

When you make your reservation ask for the Carter Funeral Home Corporate Discount and your rate will be $49.00 plus tax for a total of $55.13 per night.

This hotel also serves as the location for the line-up to go to the funeral on Saturday afternoon.

Hope to see many of you there,

– Linda K. Barnes
(Sister of Raymond Jr.)

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Breaking News: (Ignantville NC) Princeville NC – LGC Is Coming, LGC Is Coming, LGC Is Coming To Town Warning Issued To Princeville!

LGC is coming Christmas in July.

Yesterday I reported: (Ignant Column) Ignantville, I Mean Princeville: So What Is Going To Happen To Princeville After LGC Meet On Tomorrow Tuesday 10, 2012? If you would like to see documents in full please .

Today sources say Princeville was issued a warning by the (LGC) Local Government Commission at a meeting held this evening in Raleigh NC. The town has 14 days to comply with the assistance of LGC but if they do not LGC will take over.

Sources say Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and Attorney Charles (Chuck) Watts tried to talk their way out of it. They also had Daisy Staton to talk about how she has been collecting water bills. They claim big cut-offs for tomorrow. They also tried to blame Victor Marrow former town manager for their ignance.

A source also told me a couple of days ago that the people in Princeville that have been living in their homes for the past 10 years since the flood that they have not received the necessary paperwork from the town. The source says that the Mayor says Attorney Watts has not had time to do them. But guess what the source says the town is paying him to do them individually when there should be no cost.

Damn again I just don’t get it. The Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioners Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Calvin Sherrod have been concentrating on silencing Commissioners Ann Howell and Gwendolyn Knight but instead have almost shut the town down. How ignant.

The citizens of Princeville need to demand that The Princeville 3 and the interim town manager Maggie Boyd, Daisy Staton and any others whom are a part of Princeville Team Ignant that wants to continue to hold Princeville right where they are to resign effective immediately. If the citizens continue to not demand such then the town deserves exactly what it receives.

I just don’t know how Attorney Chuck Watts can live with himself misleading Team Ignant milking them out of money and not giving them professional advice. This ignant dude know he ain’t right but he has just disrespected the citizens of Princeville by taking money from the town to do absolutely nothing. What he has done ought to be criminal and the Princeville citizens ought to be able to file charges.

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