Senate bill could help some felons – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — In 2008, Edgecombe County Clerk of Court Carol Allen White started a non-profit program called "It Starts With You"  to help people who had been convicted of non-violent crimes get a fresh start. (More)

Tarboro Montford Point Marine receives Congressional Gold Medal – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Tarboro resident Clifford Cole was one of approximately 400 Marines of Montford Point that received the Congressional Gold Medal at the United States Capital in Washington D.C on Thursday during a two-day event honoring the first African Americans to join the Marine Corps. The Corps was the last branch of the U.S. military to allow blacks to serve. (More)

Mayor says budget will be completed by July 30 – Daily Southerner

Response: When will the ignance end? Why no budget? Why all of the focus is on Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight and not on the budget?

TARBORO — PRINCEVILLE — Although Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates assured the citizens that the town’s 2012-1013 budget will be completed by July 31, the countdown to meeting that deadline is on. (More)

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Eugene Robinson: Affordable Care Act will make U.S. a healthier country – Rocky Mount Telegram

The political impact of Thursday’s stunning U.S. Supreme Court decision on health care reform is clear – good for President Obama and the Democrats, bad for Mitt Romney and the Republicans – but fleeting, and thus secondary. Much more important is what the ruling means in the long term for the physical and moral health of the nation. (More)