Mark Cuban absolutely destroys ESPN’s Skip Bayless on air, Skip Bayless doesn’t seem to care (VIDEO) – Yahoo Sports

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban went on ESPN on Friday morning to absolutely devastate Skip Bayless’ willfully ignorant view of pro basketball. It was a destructive, stunning and completely one-sided batch of brilliance from Cuban spurred on by smarts, nuance and research. And, because Skip Bayless doesn’t care about being wrong just as long as the check clears and he’s got someone with a strong enough Q Rating for the next segment, it made absolutely no impact. Thanks for trying, Mark, but we lost Skip a long time ago. (More)

Bettis defends city’s fight against utilities’ merger – Sun Journal

Although the Duke/Progress Energy merger was approved by the Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission a week ago, New Bern’s Mayor Lee Bettis said he is proud of efforts by New Bern and Rocky Mount to stand up to the powerful companies, and with a fiery promise, vowed to go after ElectriCities. (More)

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Rocky Mount Prep reassures parents about changes – Rocky Mount Telegram

Rocky Mount Preparatory School’s shift toward implementing the blended learning model next fall under the direction of incoming headmaster Doug Haynes – and the changes associated with that approach – have since generated both questions and concerns among parents. (More)

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Hearing on N.C. virtual school opening scheduled for Monday

A Wall Street-run online charter school is on the verge of opening this fall, unless attorneys for the state education board can get a Wake Superior Court judge to stop the charter school from opening.

A hearing scheduled for Monday morning in Raleigh’s Wake County Courthouse will pit the interests of K12, Inc. and N.C. Learns, the non-profit formed to house the school, against the N.C. Board of Education and more than half of the state’s public school boards. The N.C. Justice Center, the anti-poverty non-profit that houses N.C. Policy Watch, has filed an amicus brief in the case, in opposition to the virtual charter school. (More)