Bar manager accused of racial discrimination at another Raleigh club – WRAL

Raleigh, N.C. — Allegations of racially discriminatory practices at a downtown Raleigh bar are nothing new to the man who allegedly put a 21-year-old black patron in a headlock and removed him from the bar last weekend.

At the time, Chriscoe co-owned The Office, which billed itself as an upscale dance club with a strict dress code policy. One thing expressly prohibited by the club: FUBU clothing, a fashion line targeted primarily to African Americans. (More)

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Jerry Sandusky found guilty on nearly all counts of child sex abuse – The Washington Post

Response: Just sad the wife and the school had to have known. Some of the parents ought to have seen some signs. I can’t imagine this being my son.

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A jury convicted Jerry Sandusky of multiple charges of child sex abuse Friday, ending a two-week trial in which eight adults took the witness stand to declare that the former Penn State coach molested them when they were boys on the cusp of manhood. (More)

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Crossing at 64 development holds promise – Rocky Mount Telegram

Another month, and another business has confirmed it will set up shop in the Crossing at 64 development.

Bojangles’ finally confirmed in April it would come and recently broke ground on its building. Last month, Eagles Enterprise bought land to build a convenience store. (More)

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U.S. Bullied Bus Monitor: Boys Apologize, Public Donates $500,000 – ABC News

The online fundraising campaign to send the bullied upstate New York bus monitor Karen Klein on vacation might now let her do something else: retire.

Klein, 68, got national attention after a video of middle school boys in Greece, N.Y., lobbing brutal insults at her on a school bus went viral on the Internet Tuesday. By Friday afternoon, the campaign had sailed above its $5,000 goal — to nearly $550,000. (More)

Dr. Boyce: Politico’s Suspension of Joe Williams was Uncalled For and Probably Racist

Response: This is very interesting. It is sad the black man can’t say what he really wants to say without fear of retaliation.

Now this is one of those times when those like Rev. Al Sharpton and others who have nothing to lose to go after Politico and other who retaliate against our brothers whom speak truth to power. This is a prime example of speaking truth to power.

I live for the day that I don’t have to be selective to what I say and do due to the fear of retaliation. However even at the point of what I say now really pisses some white folks off.

Since we have had a black President we have seen just where we stand as black people because we have seen how he has been treated and others who support him that speak publicly in support of him.

Dr. Boyce: Joe Williams a reporter for, has been suspended for making comments about presidential candidate Mitt Romney that the company deems to be racially-offensive.   During an appearance on the show hosted by Martin Bashir, Williams said this: (More)

Sen Jenkins: ‘The idea of Eugenics is horrible’ – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Sen. Clark Jenkins (D-Edgecombe) is disappointed a bill they co-sponsored which would provide compensation to victims who were forced to be sterilized, failed in the Senate and was not included in the state budget. Rep. Joe Tolson (D-Edgecombe) also sponsored the bill. It passed in the House. (More)

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