Editorial: Cities hemmed in – News & Record (In Response To NC General Assembly On Annexation)

State Senate leader Phil Berger reminded North Carolinians in a press release last week that the legislature has "constitutional authority to establish municipalities and set municipal boundaries."

Then the Senate voted to overturn legally conducted annexations in nine cities and towns. (More)

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Cohen Calls for Investigation into Voter History Controversy – News Channel 2

(Memphis) – Helen Bowen says she has never missed an opportunity to vote and its for that reason she’s surprised to find herself on a list of people that has no voting history.

“I am just astonished,” said Bowen. “I couldn`t believe it.”

She along with 487 other people in Shelby County had their voting history deleted. This is according to Bev Harris on BlackBoxVoting.org. It says Shelby County Election workers deleted the histories. Almost all names on the list are African-American democrats. Bowen finds it rather suspicious. (More)

President Obama’s Accomplishments

3 Chics Politico gives mad props to President Obama on his accomplishments since being in office. It’s pretty impressive!

Hat-tip: Political Carnival

1. Ordered all federal agencies to undertake a study and make recommendations for ways to cut spending
2. Ordered a review of all federal operations to identify and cut wasteful spending and practices


Barnes & Battle 20th Family Reunion On The Dance Floor Double Tree Gateway Convention Center Rocky Mount NC

imageClick on picture to view more pictures 174 total.
Barnes & Battle 20th Family Reunion On The Dance Floor. 

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Barnes & Battle 20th Family Reunion Banquet Double Tree Gateway Convention Center Rocky Mount NC 

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Barnes & Battle Family Reunion Weekend Rocky Mount Sunset Park

Barnes & Battle 20th Family Reunion Banquet Double Tree Gateway Convention Center Rocky Mount NC


Click on picture to view more pictures 341 total. Barnes & Battle Family Reunion 20th Annual Banquet Double Tree Gateway Convention Center Rocky Mount NC.

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Dance Floor pictures 174 total.
Barnes & Battle 20th Family Reunion On The Dance Floor Double Tree Gateway Convention Center Rocky Mount NC.

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Barnes & Battle Family Reunion Weekend Rocky Mount NC It Is Going Down! Sunset Park

Paula McClain to Be the First African American Dean of a School at Duke University

Paula D. McClain was named dean of the Graduate School and vice provost for graduate education at Duke University. She is a professor of political science at Duke and is the former chair of the university’s Academic Council. She joined the Duke faculty in 2000. Previously, Professor McClain taught at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Arizona State University, and the University of Virginia. (More)

The First Mud Sling! And So It Begins–Mark Bibbs Candidate For NC House

Subject: Re: The First Mud Sling! And So It Begins

They can criticize Dan Blue, but when he was Speaker of the House, he governed with honesty and integrity. We didn’t have any of our staff caught up in sex scandals with lobbyists, then give away golden parachutes after a resignation.

That’s the kind of failed leadership my Republican opponent, Susan Martin blindly supports. But what else can you expect from a right-wing extremist, Tea Party zealot, who just moved to North Carolina from New Jersey?

Mark Bibbs

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Support Conservative Susan Martin
The North Carolina Republican House Caucus is extremely proud of our new candidates for 2012. Now that the primary season is over, we wanted to introduce you to some of these new candidates who we feel are the future leaders of our Caucus.

Susan Martin is one such candidate. She is a commonsense conservative running in House District 8, which includes Pitt and Wilson Counties.

A Wilson County resident, Susan has an extensive private sector background and plans to use that experience and perspective to tackle the problems facing North Carolina. As a Client Representative for IBM, Susanwas involved in helping companies solve problems and become more competitive, including evaluating when technology investments can reduce costs, improve productivity, or increase sales. Susan’s analytical, commonsense approach equip her to cut government waste and burdensome regulations to foster an evironment of sustainable job creation.

Furthermore, Susan understands the benefits of lowering taxes in a down economy and protecting personal liberties.

Tragically, her Democratic opponent, a liberal trial lawyer, government insider and lobbyist Mark Bibbs, offers the same failed liberal tax-and-spend ideas that drove North Carolina into its economic woes.

Bibbs’ served as a policy advisor to Speaker Dan Blue in the early 1990s. Below are tax increases implemented in North Carolina during Speaker Blue’s tenure:

Increased the sales tax from 3% to 4%,
Increased the corportate tax increase of 7% to 7.75%,
Levied an additional 7.75% tax increase on hard working North Carolinians making $100,000 or more
Increased the gas tax by 1/2 cent
What was Bibbs role? Was Bibbs instrumental in helping craft numerous tax increases?

Mark Bibbs, in an attempt to hide his tax-and-spend past, is trying to distort his stances in order to win election. He claims he is a "mainstream" Democrat against taxes, but his actions speak louder than words.

On second thought, his words too highlight his liberal tax-and-spend mentality. His "100% support" for Walter "Bev Perdue Part 2" Dalton (who has announced plans to increase the sales tax on North Carolininans by 15% during tough economic times), combined with his endorsement of President Obama’s re-election campaign, demonstrate where Mark Bibbs stands on the issues and what kind of legislator he would be.

In addition, Mark has already shown how out of touch he is with the citizens of Wilson and Pitt County by publicly opposing the marriage amendment that was widely popular in those counties.

North Carolina cannot afford more of the same out of touch, liberal tax-and-spend policies from Mark Bibbs that crippled North Carolina and our economy.

After 140 years of Democrat rule, North Carolina is starting to see light on the horizon. Susan Martin is precisely the commonsense conservative that the citizens of Wilson and Pitt Counties deserve as their representative in Raleigh.

Please click here to visit Susan Martin’s website and contibute to her campaign. With your help, we will send a true Conservative to Raleigh who will push for small, limited government that fosters job creation, not stifle it.

Please go to my website, http://www.markbibbs.com and make a donation of any size to help me pay for ways to spread the word about my "Real" beliefs and issues. We are producing T.V. ads and direct mail. So please contribute what you can today!

Mark Bibbs