County Health Rankings – Edgecombe, Franklin, Nash & Halifax

County Health Rankings

The 2012 County Health Rankings report ranks North Carolina counties according to their summary measures of health outcomes and health factors. Counties also receive a rank for mortality, morbidity, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and the physical environment.

The summary health outcomes rankings are based on an equal weighting of mortality and morbidity measures. The summary health factors rankings are based on weighted scores of four types of factors: behavioral, clinical, social and economic, and environmental. The weights for the factors are based upon a review of the literature and expert input, but represent just one way of combining these factors.

The percentage weight of each factor is listed below:

Health Outcomes

· Mortality (length of life) 50%

· Morbidity (quality of life) 50%

Health Factors

· Health behaviors (30%)

o E.g.  tobacco use, diet & exercise, alcohol  use, sexual activity

· Clinical care (20%)

o E.g. access to care, quality of care

· Social and economic factors (40%)

o E.g. education, employment, income, family & social support, community safety

· Physical environment (10%)

o Environmental quality, built environment



Rank (out of 100 counties)









What can we do?

1) The most important action to take is for the whole county to work together to increase high school graduation in order to increase a healthy lifetime.

2) Assess needs and resources.

3) Focus on what’s important.

4) Choose effective policies and programs.

5) Act on what’s important.

6) Evaluate actions.

For more information:

· Visit or contact your local health department.

· Contact the North Carolina Public Health Association

o Jennifer Park, Public Health Administrator  3000 Industrial drive, Suite 140  Raleigh, NC 27609  IPARK@NCAPHA.ORG  (919)828-6205

Note: The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps are produced by a team at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps * University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute * 610 Walnut Street, WARF 524 * Madison, WI, 53726 * (608) 265-6370

Tanya Dixon-Neely, Teacher, Tells Student He Will Be Arrested For ‘Disrespecting’ Obama (VIDEO) – Huff Post

Response: Can’t wait to see how the system deal with the teacher and the student.

To say that the child did nothing wrong is just ignant as hell.

What I do know is that my son better not ever do something of this sort in a classroom. Yes I have no problem with him standing up for what he believe in but he better not ever go back and forth with a grown up in authority. If he has a problem with a teacher he better come home and tell me instead of going back and forth.

Huff Post: Amateur footage of Tanya Dixon-Neely, a social studies teacher at North Rowan High School in Spencer, N.C., telling a student he could be arrested for saying negative things about President Barack Obama has gone viral on the Internet, prompting school officials to launch an investigation, WBTV reports. (More)