Veteran ECPS Board District 6 member faces newcomer – Daily Southerner

Response: I live in this District and Davidson gets my vote. 

TARBORO — Veteran incumbent Edgecombe County Public School board member Janice Davidson is facing a newcomer, Albert Proctor, for District 6 seat.

Davidson, 57, has served on the board for 12 years and her service has become more than just a job. (More)

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Ignant Column: Princeville NC – Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight and Interim Town Manager Maggie Boyd Appeared In Court Monday May 7, 2012 And Case Dismissed Due To Ignance

I am beginning to think that the Princeville 3 Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates, Commissioners Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and Calvin Sherrod are using this elderly lady Maggie Boyd Interim Town Manager to go after the younger lady Gwendolyn Knight Commissioner because if Boyd was thinking for herself or if she would have just read her No Contact Order that is legally binding by the courts against Knight she would not continue to run down to the Magistrate Office and/or the Clerk of Court’s Office to take out warrants on Knight. It actually seems to appear that it is beginning to become a pattern of harassment on Boyd’s behalf. It appears that the Princeville 3 has hired Boyd to harass Knight.

A couple of months ago Boyd was granted a No Contact Order by the courts against Knight but Boyd is so caught up in the Princeville 3 dirty work that she is not taking the time to think for herself in my opinion. Both Knight and Boyd can both be in attendance at the Princeville Town Hall Meetings. So for Boyd to think otherwise is just crazy. Futhermore Knight is the boss to the Town Manager so therefore I don’t understand what part of that picture Boyd do not understand.

Sources say in court today Boyd was telling the Judge that Knight was asked to leave the Princeville April regular monthly meeting. Knight had not attended a meeting since the No Contact Order was granted to Boyd. If I had known Knight was going to attend the meeting I would have attended but the meetings ain’t no fun if Knight and Commissioner Ann Howell are not present. Both Knight and Howell tries hard to do what is in the best interest of the town but the Princeville 3 is in the majority so they can’t get anything done. They are sort of caught up like our current President because he has to fight those racist Republicans on every issue. Howell has not attended a meeting since her husband passed. I understand the Judge let Boyd tell her complaint and then he told her what the No Contact Order stated and Boyd said where you get that from? The Judge said on the back of the No Contact Order explains where they both can be in the same place at the same time. Case was then dismissed.

So what will the Princeville 3 have Boyd to do next? Damn what is the role of the town manager? With the audit findings damn it seems they have a plenty for the town manager to do. But better yet why in the hell don’t Maggie Boyd go home so that the saga between her and Commissioner Knight would end. Oh but that is too easy.

So when will the ignance end?

"Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Being IgnantKnow that being ignant is not always a bad thing, however it is a bad thing when you don’t do anything about it especially when you are trying to discredit others. Know what you are talking about when you open your mouth so you will not make a damn fool out of yourself. Curmilus Dancy II Tuesday April 3, 2012

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NC Pediatricians Announce Opposition to Amendment One – Protect All NC Families

Pediatric Society Joins List of State of Medical and Mental Heath Associations Warning of Harms to North Carolina Children and Families

At a press conference held Wednesday, April 25, at the North Carolina General Assembly, representatives from the North Carolina Pediatric Society joined with colleagues from the North Carolina Psychological Association, the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, National Association of Social Workers, North Carolina Chapter and the Carolinas Chapter of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists in opposing Amendment One, the proposed amendment to the North Carolina Constitution that would ban relationship recognitions and threaten protections for the state’s unmarried couples. (More)

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Candidates for Register of Deeds cite experience – Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Candidates for the office of Edgecombe County Register of Deeds are campaigning on one specific word they hope will give them the edge to win the election— “Experience.” (More)

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The Far Right’s Trick Amendment

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NC NAACP Letterhead



May 7, 2012


For More Information:           Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, 919-394-8137  

                                                Mrs. Amina J. Turner, Executive Director, 919-682-4700  


The Far Right’s Trick Marriage-Definition Amendment

Puts Matters of Conscience in the Hands of the State


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II

President, North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP

Pastor, Greenleaf Christian Church, Goldsboro, NC

Member, NAACP National Board of Directors, Chair, Political Action Committee


                                                 Rev. Dr. Gregory Moss, Sr.       

Pastor, St. Paul Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC


For 103 years the NAACP has fought for equal rights for all people. We have always fought against laws that would codify discrimination, hate and division.  This is why we say Vote Against the Far Right’s Trick Amendment One on the North Carolina ballot on May 8th.   


The NAACP does not have a position on same sex marriage. But we have always held a strong position against laws and constitutional provisions that take away rights of minorities. This Amendment authorizes the government to take legal action in matters of personal conscience. It defines a marriage between a man and a woman as "the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state." By upgrading the state’s existing law against same-sex marriage to a constitutional ban, the Amendment can be used as a basis to prohibit state recognition of other unions, including civil unions and the domestic partnerships now offered to public employees in some municipalities.  


Constitutional amendments almost always expand the rights of people against the power of the State. This has been the noble historical trend of constitutional amendments in America. We prohibited slavery. We stopped Jim Crow. We expanded the right to vote for freed slaves, for women, for young people. This is the first such discriminatory amendment to be passed in the NC Constitution except for an amendment in 1875 that outlawed interracial marriage. But this trick Amendment reverses the noble trend of constitutional amendments. It curtails family rights. It places a matter of conscience and personal belief in the hands of the state. It sets a precedent, unheard of in North Carolina, to allow a majority to vote to curtail the rights of a minority.


This cynical Amendment was hatched in the backrooms of right wing extremist think tanks, organized and funded by billionaire right-wing corporations and foundations. As African Americans, Latinos and other racial minorities carefully build progressive alliances with white workers and other progressives to improve the lives of the 99%, the right-wing strategists decided to use Jesse Helms’ old "wedge" issue. One of the right-wing think-tanks, the National Organization for Marriage, said in a document recently released by the courts, the aim of the Amendment was to "drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies."


The NAACP understands that issues of marriage rights for same-sex couples is a sensitive issue for many families. People of goodwill have heartfelt differences of opinion about it. We respect these differences. That is exactly why the government has no business taking away the rights of some, because others don’t like them. The forces behind this amendment want North Carolinians to vote to prohibit people, families and faith congregations from making this highly personal decision. The authors of Amendment One want to place a matter of conscience and personal belief in the hands of the state.  We believe firmly in the constitutional right of faith communities to determine whom they will and will not marry. The Government has no business in these decisions.   


Amendment One has implications far beyond the rights of lesbian and gay people to make a long-term legal commitment to each other. Its language is so vague it could be interpreted to snatch existing protections against domestic violence for unmarried women in North Carolina, limiting such protections to only married women. In Ohio, a similar amendment set batterers free and put unmarried domestic violence victims at risk. It could cause children of unmarried parents to lose health and prescription insurance.  It could be used to remove a child from her loving parent.  It could threaten thousands of existing custody and visitation legal agreements. Many would oppose these drastic changes if they knew about them. Amendment One slips them in nearly unseen.   


The real insult to African Americans and other religious people of color is that the same regressive forces behind this amendment are the same people who rushed bill after bill through the legislature, sometimes after midnight, to roll back our voting rights, our educational rights, our civil rights and our constitutional rights. Their purpose has been made abundantly clear: Undermine the constitutional role of government to operate for the good of the whole, to provide equal protection under the law, and to ensure liberty and justice for all.


We just returned from the Third Leg of our Truth and Hope, Putting a Face on Poverty in the Foothills and Mountains of NC. We heard story after story, saw scenes of deep despair and hopelessness in every part of our state. The issues of joblessness,  homelessness, hunger, sickness and despair have multiplied in the past six years, since Wall Street’s bundles collapsed. Did the far right join with the growing new progressive coalition to address these basic human needs of our people? No. They placed on the ballot a Trick Amendment to distract all of us from dealing with the problems of poverty, and to force progressives to fight off another effort to take away family rights. 


The NAACP’s historical mission, and our analysis of this cynical, poorly drafted Amendment leave us no choice: Vote against Amendment One on Tuesday, May 8th.  




Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.  




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NC NAACP Letterhead


Dear NC NAACP/HKonJ Network,


With Election Day upon us tomorrow we ask that you make sure to report any problems voters face at the polls tomorrow. This is the first election to occur under the new redistricting maps that NC General Assembly adopted in 2011. Prior to going to the polls, registered voters can look up their voter information on the NC State Board of Elections website at Under "My Election Information" voters can review a copy of their sample ballot prior to arriving at the polls.


If a voter reports any problems on Election Day, a Voter Problem Reporting Form is attached that should be completed immediately by the individual experiencing the difficulty. Completed forms should be returned immediately to the State NAACP Office via email or fax. Click here to download the form. 


Please feel free to share the Voter Problem Reporting Form in your community and with other individuals and groups monitoring the polls. If an individual is not able to complete the form, they may also call the toll-free hotline, 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683), that is operated by a public service program at the UNC School of Law in Chapel Hill, the voting-rights group Democracy North Carolina and the national Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, headquartered in Washington, DC. The Spanish language hotline is 888-VE-Y-VOTA (888-839-8682).


Also, if a problem is experienced, it should be reported to the local county and State Board of Elections as well.


We appreciate any help in distributing this form and documenting issues faced during primary voting. Please contact the State Office if you have any questions.




Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II
President, NC NAACP

Mrs. Amina J. Turner,
Executive Director, NC NAACP

Ms. Erin Dale Byrd,
Chair, NC NAACP Political Action Committee

Atty. Jennifer Marsh
Legal Redress Coordinator/Public Policy Analyst, NC NAACP

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