EXCLUSIVE: Pastor Who Advocated Parents Beat Gay-Acting Kids Defends Sermon, Compares Himself To Jesus: Sermon About Marriage Amendment – HuffPost

The North Carolina pastor whose violent anti-gay rant blew up across the blogosphere, said in an interview that his message to parents in a sermon — to "punch" a boy who is effeminate and "crack that wrist" if he is limp-wristed — were taken out of the "context of a ministry," and that he meant them "figuratively," claiming that Jesus, too, in the Bible, "conjures up violent images." (More)

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Rosenwald Schools Invitation Saturday May 26, 2012

The Perry-Weston Institute

and the

Edgecombe County Board of Commissioners

Invite you to a

Ceremony and Reception


Honoring Teachers of Edgecombe County Rosenwald Schools

Commemorating Roberson School History

“The Education of a Generation” – Book Signing by the Authors


May 26, 2012

2:00 p.m.

Roberson Center for Educational Achievement

1731 Roberson School Road



Ellsworth B. Barnes                                 Mary Battle Odom                  V. Elaine Barnes Tyson

Mary Joyner Barnes                               Jessie Wimberly Parker             Dr. Frank C. Weaver

Julia Parham Foster                               Lucille Allen Quinichett            Queen Lewis Weaver

Dorothy B. Gilliam                      Evelyn Joyner Reeves                Erma Bulluck Wilkins

                                                                                 Mary Belle Freeman Bullock



The Education of a Generation: The Rosenwald Schools and other African-American Schools in Edgecombe County, A Preliminary History

By C. Rudolph Knight and Lawrence W. S. Auld, Ph.D.

 Published by the Perry-Weston Institute

Autographed copies, $20.00 each.


Roberson Center for Educational Achievement

1731 Roberson School Road

 Driving Instructions

US 64 eastbound (from Rocky Mount):

  Princeville exit (exit 486)

  At traffic light, go straight ahead

  At next traffic light, bear right on NC 111

  After 4.2 miles, right on Roberson School Road

  Roberson School is 1.6 miles on left


US 64 westbound (from Bethel):

  Princeville exit (exit 487)

  At stop sign, turn right

  At stop sign across tracks, turn left onto US 64A

  At traffic light, turn right

  At next traffic light, bear right on NC 111

  After 4.2 miles, right on Roberson School Road

  Roberson School is 1.6 miles on left  

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NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization Reads 4.05 DUTIES OF THE STATE CHAIR AND CERTAIN OFFICERS – Is There Anything Else I Need To Know That Is Not Listed Here?

There will be a very important meeting held on Saturday May 12, 2012 and there will be 3 offices to be filled VI. Election of Vacant NCDP Offices: (NCDP Chair, NCDP 2nd Vice Chair, NCDP Secretary) per the Agenda.

All who may be interested need to be familiar with 4.05 DUTIES OF THE STATE CHAIR AND CERTAIN OFFICERS per the NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization.

What we don’t need is persons who wants to be elected to do just what they want to do. If you have a problem with the duties then this job is not for you.

State Executive Members it is my belief that individuals vote for folks who they like, folks who look like them and for whatever personal reasons however I challenge you to keep in mind the following. We can no put folks in office who do not fight for equality for all Democrats be they black, brown, white and other and/or only wants to move up because they already hold titles and because they are Mr. & Mrs./Miss So & So. Will these folks truly represent grassroots people?

I have read some conversations concerning what a certain group of folks want to see in the new chair. They have talked about how the outgoing chair has ran the party and how they want to see the new chair run the party. I want to see the new chair follow the rules of NC Democratic Party Plan of Organization. I also recognize and understand that the SEC votes on how they want to see the party ran such as specifics. However I hope they have the grassroots folks and all folks be they black, brown, white and other interest all included.

What I have read is some folks are concerned with how the money is used within the party. Will someone that has been a member of the SEC please respond to let me know how you feel about how the money has been used under David Parker’s term and how you feel it should be used when the new chair is elected?

The problem I had with David Parker is that I didn’t like how he responded to the complaint sent to him from a member of the African American Caucus of The North Carolina Democratic Party about the March meeting. And then shortly after this meeting I learn about the issue within the NC Democratic Party where the State Executive Director resigned. However I feel that all of this was just bad timing and something needed to be done. But since I am not on the State Executive Committee I am just on the outside looking in, I don’t know how I would have handled such if I would have had a say.

I did receive a call today from someone and they kind of enlightened me on how they see all of this unfolding and I tend to see the same thing. Again I hope whomever is elected as the new chair it will be someone who will move the party forward with the best interest of all Democrats.

And most of all again I hope this meeting is carried out properly. I hope everyone act like adults and respect the rules and by-laws of the Plan of Organization. And if that is done I believe the meeting will be productive.

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David Parker

Updated: After Posting My Breaking News Article About Tarboro Hiring Their First Black Police Chief I Received Several Responses. Obviously It Is On Because Daily Southerner Removed The Article Contents And Comments From Facebook Page.

Note: Originally posted May 4, 2012. Obviously the comments after the article “TARBORO HIRES FIRST BLACK POLICE CHIEF” by John Walker Daily Southerner Editor on his Facebook Page must got real ignant because I see the article contents and comments were removed.

I also received a message in my Facebook inbox several hours ago asking me why was Vance Holland talking trash about the new chief on his Facebook page. I could not read his comments on his page. Well I get it. Holland refereed at the Upward Basketball league and Keith Hale was my son’s coach twice. Hale is a very nice person. However I had to call Holland out because he had a nasty attitude while refereeing and I told him he was not being fair to the children and a coach agreed with me.

Just ran across this article “TARBORO HIRES FIRST BLACK POLICE CHIEF” by John Walker Daily Southerner Editor on his Facebook Page. This is a very good article however the comments are, well read them for yourself.

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Tarboro names new police chief – Rocky Mount Telegram

Breaking News: Damon D. Williams Named The First Black Police Chief Of Tarboro NC



         Many people in Rocky Mount, especially the residents of Ward 1, want to know why John Manley is running for the City Council’s Ward 1 seat currently held by Andre’ Knight.  Why has Manley not told the residents of Ward 1 what he would do better than Councilman Knight or what ideas he would bring forth to the council to improve the quality of life in the ward and citywide?  Why does Manley continue to use a picture of him in his police uniform on campaign flyers and in commercials when he has retired from the police force?  Is his intent to deceive by falsely representing himself?  What does this really say about the man?

         The Rocky Mount Telegram reported a few days after the City Manager, Charles Penny, announced his selection to replace retired Police Chief Manley, that Manley stated he was “disappointed” that Penny did not select Capt. McCoy.  Shortly thereafter Manley reportedly began telling people that he “wanted to be Penny’s boss.”  How could he possibly realize this desire?  The answer is simple, run for Mayor or the City Council’s Ward 1 seat.  Remember, Mr. Penny, as the former Assistant City Manager, was in fact Manley’s immediate supervisor, “his boss.”  If this is true, this is certainly not an impressive or productive way to represent “the people.”  Obviously Manley has overlooked the fact that he would only be one of seven council members who “manage” the city manager.  Why didn’t Manley run for Mayor?  It is rumored that the same people, who have tried to upset the present council majority since its inception would not back him for Mayor but are backing him for a seat on the council.  In other words, his “backers” feel he is “ripe for picking” and can be used to promote their agenda even if he is Black. 

         The people in Ward 1 and citywide were alarmed, disgusted and surprised to learn that Manley would actually challenge Andre when he is doing such a great and effective job. Many senior residents question whether or not Manley knows or cares about what people really think about him.  In a fundraising letter Manley sent out dated January 25, 2012, he stated, “I am sure that you understand the virtues that I stand upon” This statement received a negative reply, “how can we forget,” from many who read it.  Manley also continues to make cryptic remarks like “I know how to talk to people,” “I know the right people to talk to” and “I will not call anyone a racist.”  He has yet to state the who, how and why of it all.  In his profile that appeared in the Rocky Mount Telegram on Friday, Manley stated that he would not have supported spending money on fighting the Duke-Progress Energy merger.  This indicates that he is either ignorant of the facts or he does not care about trying to lower consumer utility rates.  I understand that Manley has also made a commercial implying that he, in someway, has been instrumental in getting things moving at the Crossing at 64 development.  This could not be further from the truth.  Is this the kind of person the residents of Ward 1 want to represent them?  Can the residents of Ward 1 afford to elect a person who stretches the truth, misrepresents the facts and tells them nothing about how he would like to improve their quality of life?

         Manley must be denied an opportunity to satisfy his wish, if this is the case, to “get even” with the City Manager, Charles Penny.  He must be denied an opportunity to use the residents of Ward 1 to promote the agenda of his “backers,” if this be the case.  To the residents of Ward 1 I say, do not vote blindly, do not be deceived by “the uniform.”  Vote for the person who works for you each and every day.  Vote for the person who is not afraid to stand up for justice and equality.  Cast your vote for Andre Knight on Election Day, May 8.

                                                                                    – A Concerned Citizen –  

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Updated: So What Is The Purpose of The African American Caucus of The NC Democratic Party? Mr. President This Is What You Should Have Been Meeting About In March.

Notice of Non Compliance.


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‘Political stunt’ or valid protest? Butterfield’s opponent files complaint but faces uphill battle – Wilson Times

Response: I knew this damn fool was ignant Daniel-Lynn Whittacre when he sent me an email telling me I should do my homework on my Congressman G.K. Butterfield. In my response to him I said he needed to have done his homework on me before sending me an email. I have been knowing my Congressman for many, many years. And now I read about this ignance. Oh well "Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator and Being Ignant – Know that being ignant is not always a bad thing, however it is a bad thing when you don’t do anything about it especially when you are trying to discredit others. Know what you are talking about when you open your mouth so you will not make a damn fool out of yourself. Curmilus Dancy II Tuesday April 3, 2012

Wilson Times – Democratic challenger Dan Whittacre wants the North Carolina State Board of Elections to declare that Congressman G.K. Butterfield is not a legitimate candidate. He claims Butterfield used a nickname and not his legal name to register for reelection. (More)

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Vice President Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage – Congress.org

Vice President Joe Biden became the highest-ranking U.S. official to endorse same-sex marriage this morning.

In a wide-ranging interview on “Meet the Press,” Biden said he has no problem with gays and lesbians having marriage rights. (More)

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Revealed: Full List of ALEC’s Corporate Members

Response: Interesting list a list that I can relate to several familiar names.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been under fire lately after the 15 major corporations and organizations pulled their support for the conservative organization, which helps quietly implement corporate-backed legislation in statehouses across the country. (More)

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NC Democratic Party chair candidate resigns from ALEC – FACINGSOUTH

Response: So why now since Democrats have called him out?

North Carolina state Sen. Don Vaughan — the Greensboro Democrat running for state Democratic Party chair, who Facing South reported on May 4 is also an active member of the American Legislative Exchange Council — has announced he is resigning from the conservative advocacy group. (More)

New Study: Black Students Learn More With Black Teachers – Black Life Coaches

According to a new report, A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom, 2.9 percent of students who identify as U.S. minorities—African-American, Native American, Hispanic and Pacific Islander—are more likely to excel if their teachers share their ethnic or racial background. (More)