Seeking Donations

Okay here I go again seeking donations.

I do not like asking for donations however it takes money to do what I do. I have equipment video camera and a portable dvd burner that I can make copies on the site. It is about time for a new one been had this one for several years. I have a digital photo camera and I buy 8 GB SD Cards and I do not delete pictures when they are full. Although I put them in my Kodak Gallery online I still like keeping the originals. It take gas and sometimes I may stay over night but I always try to stay at home. All of this comes out of my pocket. I sometimes have to take vacation time to be able to attend day events.

I try to capture historical moments across the state especially as it relates to politics. I try to educate folks on what is going on around them so they can be aware and informed whenever they may have to make decisions such as voting and etc. You can enjoy the videos on The DCN TV and photos from the convenience of your home.

I am so thankful for the couple of donations I have received this year. One person whom I have not heard from in years sent me a $200.00 donation just a regular citizen not a politician or other titled person. One person gave me a $100.00 donation but I presented them with a video and photos of an event I did featuring them. A candidate gave me a $25.00 donation.

Thanking you in advance.


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