George Zimmerman’s Arraignment Set! (DETAILS) – The Black Long Island Iced Tea Party

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said Zimmerman had been fitted with a GPS monitoring device allowing authorities to track his location [before being released].

He is next scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment — a formal reading of charges against him — on May 8, according to documents released by the court on Monday. His arraignment had previously been scheduled for May 29.

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Sanford police chief tries to quit, unsuccessfully – MSNBC

Response: How ignant they did not accept his resignation. Sad!

The poor performance of Sanford police chief Bill Lee and his men in the Trayvon Martin investigation was considered by quite a few to be a fireable offense. One of those people today, it seems, was Sanford police chief Bill Lee. (More)

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Princeville NC – The Honorable Priscilla Everette-Oates Mayor Receives Letter From The Local Government Commission That Town Past Due Audit Be Submitted by April 30, 2012.

Response: Sources say Princeville will present the audit to LGC soon in time to meet the April 30, 2012 deadline. It will be interesting to see how they responded to the corrective actions.


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Butterfield to Join President Obama in Push to Extend Cuts to Student Loan Interest Rates



For Release:  Immediate



Date:  April 23, 2012


Contact: Kezmiché "Kim" Atterbury 
Office:  (202) 225.3101

Mobile: (202) 465.5125

Butterfield to Join President Obama in Push to Extend Cuts to Student Loan Interest Rates

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01) will travel with President Obama tomorrow to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as the President makes his push to Congress to extend current interest rates on a federal loan program for low- and middle-income undergraduate students.  Without the extension more than 7 million borrowers with Stafford student loans will see their interest rates double on July 1 from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, which could cost thousands of dollars over time.

“Students and recent college graduates are already having a tough time with skyrocketing tuition and an underperforming job market,” said Butterfield, a cosponsor of H.R. 3826, a bill to extend the reduced interest rate for Federal Direct Stafford Loans.  “Allowing the current interest rates to expire would burden students with additional debt, prolong their ability to kick start their careers, and send the message that it is more important to cut taxes for the wealthy than educational expenses for our young people.”

In 2007, Congress passed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act which included the provision to reduce the fixed rate on subsidized Stafford student loans for undergraduate students over a four year period, lifting the weight on thousands of students and their families.

A long-time advocate for educational access, Butterfield introduced H.R. 3483, the Veteran’s Education Equity Act, to reward equal educational benefits to veterans whether they choose to attend a private or public institution of higher learning.  The bill would change an inequity in existing law which allots more education funds to veterans enrolled in private colleges than those in public institutions. 



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Breaking News: The Rocky Mount/Edgecombe Community Development Corporation Cordially Invites You To The Groundbreaking Celebration of The Bojangles Restaurant at The Crossing at 64

Response: Bojangles (expected Grand Opening in July) and another business that expects to open around Christmas the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount will bring some jobs and much needed revenue. The Crossing at 64 is going to take the Edgecombe County side of Rocky Mount to a whole new level.


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Newcomer challenges Edgecombe school board member

Response: Proctor said the high turnover rate among past superintendents motivated him to get involved by filing to run for a seat on the board. Proctor said when they hired Dr. Wayne Talley 59 that they ought to knew he was not going to stay long. I find it interesting Proctor didn’t mention the superintendent before him a young black male Dr. Craig Witherspoon. Witherspoon was the 1st black and only black superintendent and the auditor said the best audit ever was done under his leadership. He was also doing a good job overall but he was never accepted by the white powers that be.

Daily Southerner: Incumbent Janice Davidson faces a challenge from a former Edgecombe County Public Schools maintenance worker in the race for the District 6 seat on the Board of Education. (More)

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Entitlements or Bust? Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Can we imagine our founding fathers making a statement like, “First we must make a good, long list of entitlements for all our citizens,” before they wrote our Constitution or Bill Of Rights? What they did do was write a Constitution that (with a few amendments) has stood the test of time, giving the citizens of our nation a government that is the envy of the world.  The primary right we have is the right for us to pursue happiness. (More)

Prep school debating Mary Frances Center, Riverside Plaza – Daily Southerner

Response: Interesting no location for the school yet. However I don’t think they are really worried because the charter do not have to begin this year. I don’t really think they want to open this year because of the short time frame. NECP can take the upcoming school year to get everything in place so they can be ready for the following school year.

TARBORO — The location of Edgecombe County’s first charter school, North East Carolina Prep, has not been finalized yet, but according to NECP Executive Director John Westberg, a deal should be made within four-to-five days. (More)

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George Zimmerman Released From Jail (PHOTOS) – Global Grind

George ZImmerman has been released from jail.  After being granted bail by the Seminole County judge on Friday of $150,000, Mr. Zimmerman was released shortly after midnight tonight.  The man who pulled the trigger that killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin is now home. (Read more)

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