PUBLIC NOTICE: Special Meeting of the Board of Education Date: Monday, April 16, 2012 Time: 6:30 p.m. In the ECC Board Room/Building A Purpose: Personnel (CLOSED SESSION)

PUBLIC NOTICE: Special Meeting of the Board of Education Date: Monday, April 16, 2012 Time: 6:30 p.m. In the ECC Board Room/Building A Purpose: Personnel (CLOSED SESSION)

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Videos By The DCN Week Of April 14

Videos by The DCN April 9 – 14, 2012
Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Monthly Meeting Monday April 9, 2012
Trayvon Martin Memorial Morning Star Church of Christ Rocky Mount NC Tuesday April 10, 2012 
1st Annual NC Law and Policy Symposium Duke Law School Day 1 Thursday April 12, 2012 – A must see A presentation by SpiritHouse a multi-media theatrical production “Collective Sun.” Warning: there is some graphic language.
Democratic Party Edgecombe County Convention Saturday April 14, 2012 Good Meeting Turned Ignant

More videos from this week not posted yet are:

1st Annual NC Law and Policy Symposium Duke Law School Day 2 Friday April 13, 2012 around 3 – 4 videos

Rev. George A. Terry Pastor 12th Anniversary Saturday April 14, 2012 – May not post this one.

Video/Pictures: 1st Annual Law & Policy Symposium Featuring Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr., Scott Pierpoint Wrongly Jailed For 18 Years and “Collective Sun” A Theatrical Production

Click on picture to view pictures.

Click on picture to view video. Warning! There is some
graphic language in the play however it is powerful.
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Pictures: 1st Annual Law & Policy Symposium Day 1 & Day 2 Duke Law School Durham NC Thank You Caitlin Swain For Inviting Me

NC Democratic Party executive director resigns – News & Observer

Response: (Correction) Sallie Leslie has always been a nice lady to me from my dealings with her since the early 90’s. I knew it had to be something drastic that she would resign. Now this explains why Jay Parmley didn’t respond to the issue of the African American Caucus of the Democratic Party because hell it appears he has his own issues. Oh hell. I mean oh well here we go.

When are we Democrats going to learn? Damn is everybody ignant? Damn fellow Democrats it is time to get it together. If we hold each other accountable for our actions we would keep ourselves in line but it appears some just don’t want to do the right thing. C. Dancy II – The Political Agitator

RALEIGH — The executive director of the N.C. Democratic Party resigned Sunday as calls for his ouster mounted amid questions regarding a secret agreement to pay a former staffer to keep quiet about sexual harassment allegations.

Jay Parmley, who served a year at the helm of the party, denied harassing any employee and blamed right-wing blogs for "spreading a false and misleading story" about the incident. (More)

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NC Dems director resigns, denies harassment allegations See resignation letter – WRAL

NC Democratic Party embroiled in sex harassment scandal – WRAL

Wilson NC: I attended the Candidates Forum sponsored by Wilson Chapter Delta Sigma Theta And I Was Told I Could Not Record The Forum But They Announced It Was A Public Meeting

I attended the Candidates Forum sponsored by the Wilson Chapter Delta Sigma Theta today. I was approached by Attorney Milicent Graves that I could not video the meeting. I put my video camera in my car and got out my laptop and was going to blog the meeting and I also had my hand held recorder.

A gentleman came in and sat in front of me with his video camera. A Delta to the right of us went and told Graves that he was recording and Graves obviously told her to go tell him he could not video. I told her I understand this is a public building and the lady just announced this is a public meeting so ya’ll will be hearing from my attorney.

About this time a lady stood at the podium and said no recording devices are allowed. I stood and said excuse me, I understand this is a public building and ya’ll have announced this is a public meeting so I do not understand why we can not record. I said I put my camera in the car but this man has his camera. I said will you answer my question and I will respect your answer. The lady said she was just doing what she was told to do. Attorney Graves came to the podium and said we didn’t put in the letter to the candidates that the meeting would be recorded so out of respect for them.

I was in my ignant mode then talking out loud. I said get so sick and tired of ignant educated black folks. This is a public meeting and they are public figures so what is the damn problem?

I couldn’t take any more so I got the hell up and left.

So since Graves was trying to be nice to the candidates or whatever I feel the thing to do would have been to ask if the candidates had a problem being videoed and if anyone had said yes, then a red flag should have gone up for everyone in the room. Hell it was only about 3 – 4 white candidates in the room so was Graves trying to protect someone or what?

I wonder was the Wilson Times there and did they use a recording device? I will see if they do an article in the Wilson Times that I pay to read. So damn if we couldn’t record the meeting that should mean no reporting of the meeting by the Wilson Times.

Damn what happened to holding our elected and want to be elected officials accountable for their actions? Where is the transparency? The forum ought to have been recorded and played back on the local TV station because I know Wilson has one. Damn everyone in Wilson didn’t attend the forum for whatever reason but it should have been made available.

I had been intending to make me a copy of the Open Meetings Law Statue Chapter 143 – Article 33C:  § 143‑318.9.  Public policy – § 143‑318.18.  Exceptions. However § 143‑318.10.  All official meetings of public bodies open to the public and § 143‑318.14.  Broadcasting or recording meetings seems to be the 2 items that pertain to my complaint about not being able to record this forum.

I understand that the Darden Alumni Building may be a private building but the Delta’s announced this was a public meeting so I strongly feel they should have operated under the Open Meetings Law. Well I guess I will have to ask my attorney.

Note: This wasn’t a meeting of a public body, In my legal opinion, Article 33C only applies to meetings of public bodies. This was a candidates forum. They are citizens running for office, They are not a public body. A group of people all running for public office do not constitute a public body. I understand your frustration with the lack of transparency but the candidates are under no obligation to allow the recording of their forums under the open meetings act. Reporting and recording are not the same thing. The media can cover events that it is not allowed to make a visual recording of. You were prohibited from recording the forum not from writing about it. Candidates are not public figures unless they win an election. They are private citizens who have elected to run for a public office.

Sheria Reid posted this on my Facebook page. I respect and accept her legal opinion so I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to contact my lawyer. Thanks my friend.

Sheria Reid posted the following on my Facebook page in response to my above response. You are very welcome. I’m still looking for any possible violation of at the very least public policy by not allowing the recording of the forum. You know that we are alike in that we never give up until all avenues are exhautsed. Don’t know if there is one but I do agree with your assessment that such events should be fully available to the public.

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Video/Pictures: Democratic Party Edgecombe County Convention Saturday April 14, 2012 Began With A Good Message From Rev. Wayne Hines But Ended With Ignance From Rev. Roosevelt Higgs About Racial Profiling 

An Open Letter To The African American Caucus of The North Carolina Democratic Party?

Announcement: Homecare Management Will Host A Lunch & Learn About Alternative Family Living

Hello Mr. DCN! Please inform your bloggers and subscribers that HomeCare Mgmt will host a Lunch & Learn about Alternative Family Living [AFL] on April 19, 2012 at the Comfort Inn time: 11:30 – 1:30. To register call 641-0404.

Debra Faye Dew Jordan
Tarboro NC

What are conservatives doing about white on white crime? – AAReports

Response: Because they are too busy trying to tell black folks what they ought to be doing. Oh hell not! C. Dancy II – The Political Agitator

In the wake of the tragic death of Trayvon Martin conservatives decided it would be a great idea to keep quoting the sobering statistics as they relate to black on black crime. They seem to enjoy saying that 94% of black men will die at the hands of another black man. They want to know why black leaders are not marching and protesting against those numbers. (More)

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Tulsa shooting suspects charged with murder, hate crimes – Yahoo News

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) – Prosecutors brought murder and hate-crime charges on Friday against two white men arrested in the shootings of four black men and a black woman, three of them fatally, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a week ago. (More)

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Video/Pictures: Democratic Party Edgecombe County Convention Saturday April 14, 2012 Began With A Good Message From Rev. Wayne Hines But Ended With Ignance From Rev. Roosevelt Higgs About Racial Profiling

Allen Mitchell chair called the convention to order.

See what candidates attended and what they had to say.

See Rev. Wayne Hines message to the delegates encouraging the faithful to get out the vote.

During the election of the Prosecutorial, Senatorial and House Committees Rev. Roosevelt Higgs suggested that it be a black and a white since it is 2 positions on each committee. Higgs try to make it appear he is about what is right but at the end of the day he always shows his ignance.

At the end of the meeting as the convention was about to end, Rev. Roosevelt Higgs fooled the people by saying, racial profiling is racial profiling and asked those in the room can he say it, and a few said say it and he kept repeating that and then he dropped the bomb on them saying that the only reason why Senator Clark Jenkins, House Rep. Joe Pat Tolson and Register of Deeds Robin Carpenter had folks challenging them is because they are white and he sat down saying racial profiling is racial profiling. There was much discussion in the courtroom and all the way out the door as people went to their cars talking about how ignant Higgs was and they didn’t know he was going there. I told them keep on agreeing with him before you know what he is talking about. It was funny as hell to me because he suckled them right on in.

Higgs to say that the blacks whom are running against the white candidates calling that racial profiling when we were in a Democratic Party meeting, a democratic society where all qualified Democrats have a right to file and run for a seat no matter who the incumbent is is just ignant as hell. So sir even if they are running just because incumbents are white it is legal to do so.

Last year I told the chair that I had received some calls from Pitt County that Higgs was in Greenville and Ayden that he was there pulling a trailer behind a truck with Republican C. B. Daughtridge big ole sign. The chair told me he believed it because he had taken pictures of Higgs putting up C. B. Daughtride signs at Edgecombe Community College Rocky Mount campus. If the chair whom told me he had pictures of Higgs putting up a Republican signs at Edgecombe Community College Rocky Mount Campus last year, Higgs precinct chair Mary Hinton, Rev. Wayne Hines Edgecombe County Commissioner, other commissioners and other Democrats in the county that knows Higgs do not live where he said he lives and has not since the flood in 1999 would ask him to step down as a vice precinct chair we would not have to deal with prolong meetings dealing with his intentional ignance. But obviously they are afraid of him so there you have it.

Click on the picture to view all pictures.


Click on picture to watch video.

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Let Florida shooting case play out in court – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: In my opinion it is not the tiniest of details that is the problem because if everyone who have reported or commented on this tragedy would have stuck to the tiniest of details as presented such as the 911 calls, I think that would be enough for anyone to see clearly what happened in this case. A couple of days ago the affidavit speaks to it and is a confirmation for me.

You say, "Even the basic parts of the story have been called into question, with people attempting to guess what is said during phone calls and whose voice can be heard on 911 tapes." Well the 911 calls that I am following is the ones that Zimmerman was communicating with the 911 operator. It is clear that the 911 operator told him to wait on the police and not to follow Martin. I have not tried to figure out the 911 call who was calling for help during the struggle. If Zimmerman had not followed Martin and waited for the police then Martin would be alive today.

It appears that you are trying to mislead folks making it appear that someone such as myself a blogger can not follow the facts as presented and make an informed and intelligent opinion. Well I stop by to tell you that inspite of my being upset about this tragedy that should have never included Zimmerman shooting Martin, I have only based my opinion on the 911 calls that can be identified as the voice of Zimmerman and the 911 operator.

I am concerned about the self defense piece and not the "stand your ground" law right now because Zimmerman followed Martin after the 911 operator told him not to follow him. After reading the facts as presented in the affidavit Zimmerman hunted Martin down like a dog and killed him. Yep that is my opinion and I stand by it however I will see how this all unfolds when Zimmerman goes before the Judge on May 29. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Rocky Mount Telegram: The trial of George Zimmerman has moved to the courtroom, but the case remains in the court of public opinion.

Zimmerman faces second-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17. (More)

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Community colleges touted for job training efforts

TARBORO – Job training opportunities at community colleges have never been as crucial for as many people as they are today, U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield said Friday.

Bold action is needed to bridge the gap between people looking for work and businesses looking for skilled workers, Butterfield told a small crowd that attended a community jobs forum at Edgecombe Community College. (More)

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Police encourage neighbors to help each other out – Rocky Mount Telegram

Some are called Neighborhood Watch groups whereas others go by Community Watch or Block Watch, but the underlying concept of community participation in crime prevention is the same, and the police department is working to encourage more involvement. (More)

Democrats hold conventions for Nash, Edgecombe counties – Rocky Mount Telegram

Response: The following was quite interesting and probably one of the world’s best kept secret, “(Republicans) have passed more legislation in this past General Assembly that has now been challenged in state and federal courts than has ever happened in the history of this state,” Jenkins said. “We need to get them out of there. We can take it back over, but we cannot take it over unless we have the folks in North Carolina get out and vote.” I have not heard anyone put that out there. C. Dancy II – The Political Agitator

TARBORO – The goal of the Edgecombe County Democratic Party’s convention Saturday was rallying the faithful to solicit every vote needed to take back control of the N.C. General Assembly. (More)