NC Democratic Party embroiled in sex harassment scandal – WRAL

Response: Oh well. Sallie Leslie has been with the Democratic Party for years. C. Dancy II – The Political Agitator

Raleigh, N.C. — Leaders of the North Carolina Democratic Party declined to answer questions Friday about reports that a junior staffer quit working for the party last fall after being sexually harassed by a senior party official. (More)


The 411 On The Judge Presiding Over The Trayvon Martin Case (DETAILS) – Global Grind

Today, a conflict of interest arose as it was announced that Recksiedler’s husband works for the law firm of Mark NeJame, a CNN legal analyst. (Read more)

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New Developments In Trayvon Martin Case! (DETAILS) – Global Grind

A bond hearing for George Zimmerman set for next Friday, April 20 and Zimmerman lawyer, Mark O’Mara is asking for a new judge and said he’ll decide if he wants a new judge by Monday. Jessica Recksiedler told O’Mara that if he wants a new judge tell her in writing before next Friday, while State attorneys say they won’t file a motion to get a new judge assigned. (Read more)

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A Moment In Reflection The Late Valerie C. Woodard Charlotte NC Mecklenburg County Commissioner And A Dedicated NAACP Member

Lately Valerie C. Woodard has been on my mind. I remember so clearly when she and I were a member of the elections supervisory committee for the NC NAACP State Conference of Branches in Greensboro NC when we had to fight to make sure the election process for the electing of the NAACP NC State Conference of Branches officers were carried out properly and fairly. We had a struggle but we got our way.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II was elected as the Naacp NC State Conference of Branches President.

Valerie was also in her third term as Mecklenburg County Commissioner at the time of her departure.

Rest in peace my friend.

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My Thoughts On Trayvon Martin Case by Rev. Alonzo Braggs

Contend or content?

America has weighed in on the Trayvon Martin case. Mixed reviews have provoked actions that were positive and in some cases negative. Several believe that this is a matter of racism, while some conclude that it was an unfortunate accident based on self-defense. What causes a nation to become so enraged? Social media pages are swamped with profile picture that replicate the image of the described victim. His peers have led massive walk-outs, in protest. National medias have kept this as one of the top five headlines and we are informed of updates on a regular basis.

It is interesting to assess the responses to this matter because there is something that beckons us to respond in some manner. This seems to be a matter that warrants a conversation, whether in the coffee shop, the morning walk, or a more organized forum in the presence of thousands. The question I pose is relative to those who have remained silent. Is this silence or lack of a more obvious response, because of contentment? Is there concurrence with the actions and a feeling that such actions were justified? Is this silence giving consent to laws that create such opportunities in our present society? If this is the case, then it would appear that there is no reason to stand up and speak out, because of the perceived state of peace in our local communities. However, there is a danger in this continuing of “business as usual” and the “I’m not affected or impacted” mindset. It contrasts with the teachings of the peace advocate Dr. King, who taught that; “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

This is also not an opportunity to violate the values and principles of what has shaped our society to become healthy, educated, and moral. Encased therein are the components of; the rights and entitlements of liberty, equal opportunities for a basic education, a personal and community sense of physical and mental security, and the direct and indirect participation in legislature. Therefore, silence intentional, misunderstood or otherwise, is not the appropriate response at this time, to this most unfortunate incident. The question then becomes what should be our response?

Leaders, elected, appointed, or commissioned, at every echelon should be seeking ways to seize this moment to speak to their respective communities to achieve at a minimum the following. First, a careful assessment of policies and procedures governing neighborhood watch programs. Next, there needs to be a detailed review of any self-defense legislation that may have been for the benefit, of the select, but became the burden of the (selected). Then, leadership should ensure their respective communities by virtue of its actions, sincere concerns, and dutiful officials that its citizens can be content although they may contend with what has happened. While some students are walking out of school, let us go to the schools and evidence what we will not allow because of who we are, and what we have become. Instead of destroying retails and giving the appearance that any violence and disobedience is justified, let us develop relations that guarantee the acceptance of all people, all generations, and validate that dress should never pose a threat.

As a fellow citizen and parent, I sympathize with the Martin family in their loss. As an ordained Methodist Elder, I believe that God has assigned a death appointment to all of His creation. I further believe that mankind contributes to the manner in which that appointment is kept. The published information regarding this case is gut wrenching and most unsettling. It is clear that we have not arrived and have much progress to make to live out the intent of our constitution, particularly, those parts that speak about; being equal, “entitled to certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. As a nation we have made great progress. Situations like these, beckon us to take assessment of how far we’ve come, while carefully examining where we need to go. Are you content with what has happened or are you prepared to contend with these actions and assist in shaping the next level of the journey?

Rev. Alonzo Braggs

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Yesterday I Was At The 1st Annual North Carolina Law and Policy Symposium At Duke University School Of Law And Will Attend Day 2 Today

Yesterday I was at the 1st Annual North Carolina Law and Policy Symposium and Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr. gave us some dynamic history about changing laws. He told the law students that we need dedicated lawyers who are compensated and will provide top quality service to their clients. He gave several examples of some cases that came before him and how he helped change laws. One case was a woman who had no driver’s license was stopped and she had her 3 children in the car. They locked her up and left the children in the car. The children’s daddy lived in Maryland. Senator McKissick said they created a law so that would not happen again here in North Carolina. (See upcoming video for his short message.)

An eight minute video was shown on Scott Pierpoint. Pierpoint was sent to prison for 18 years and was not guilty of the charge. Pierpoint spoke about his experience. He then responded to questions from the floor. (See upcoming video for his inspiring presentation.)

The evening ended with SpiritHouse’s  multi-media theatrical production “Collective Sun: Reshape the Mo(u)rning)” is part performance, part art exhibit, and part audio installation. Collective Sun is an intergenerational body of work exploring the impact that prison and policing has on the African American community. Through collective Sun, families of color gain a voice to proactively address the impact of the prison industrial complex, creating a platform where art and culture become the means for solution-oriented, civic engagement in local/regional political actions.

The performance was powerful as hell. I mean literally and you will have to watch the video in order to understand where I am coming from. I was so excited. It was a young black male in the audience whom spent 20 years in prison and said he could relate to the performance and he just praised them for what they were doing to educate the people about what is really going on.

SpiritHouse need to come to a community near you so I encourage you to watch my upcoming video and to visit their website @ I promise you will enjoy them also.

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