Raleigh NC: African American Caucus – North Carolina Democratic Party Voted To Remove The State Secretary But Was The Meeting Legal And Did They Follow The By-laws


Click on picture to watch video 1:35 mins. 59 secs.

Watch video and see for yourself and comment if you like but most of all share with others.

What I do not understand is sources say the North Carolina State Democratic Party said they are not going to get involved. I was told that they say they do not get involved in any auxiliaries. Well what in the hell are they talking about because how can the auxiliaries be under the NCSDP and must govern themselves within their constitution but when there are issues they don’t get involved? To me that makes no sense.

Click on the picture to the left to watch video.

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After Attending The African American Caucus Of The North Carolina Democratic Party, It Is My Opinion That It Needs To Be Shut Down Because It Is Dividing Black Folks 

Letter Has Been Forwarded To The DCN News Blog/Online TV From Someone But Was Emailed From Deb Williams 3rd Vice Chair, African American Caucus–North Carolina Democratic Party. I Guess This Explains Why An Officer Was Missing. 

See Loretta Hairston’s comments about the meeting posted under my pictures.

African American Caucus – North Carolina Democratic Party
General Body Meeting
March 24, 2012

The Goodwin House
220 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC


Call to order
Pledge of Allegiance
December meeting Minutes
Treasurer Report
Welcome New Members
Presidential Recommendation for Removal of Officer Zette McArn (General Body Vote)
1st Vice Chair will conduct meeting
Appointment of new Officer if needed
Old Business
-Modification of By-laws
-Membership Cards
-Monthly Calendar
-County Reports
New Business
-June 9th Coalition Festival
-Voter Registration training and drive, County Plans

One thought on “Raleigh NC: African American Caucus – North Carolina Democratic Party Voted To Remove The State Secretary But Was The Meeting Legal And Did They Follow The By-laws

  1. Amazing! The political game seems to be the same but with different “pawns” playing where the rewards have long been pre-determined and minimal. Real Winning for the whole community requires an unselfish risk of personal opportunity by those claiming to be in “leadership roles.” Only then can sweeping change come and give voice to a true movement by demonstrating the fortitude necessary to make dreams a reality – unfortunately, many have become fearful and talkers without substance. History will show that there are countless folks that have gone before you believing that “this time is different” and their promise is real, only to find that they have again made the same error of many before them by trusting in a system that has operated and benefited the few for centuries on the rule of “divide and conquer!” Have you ever noticed that there always seem to be only ONE or two representatives for the whole black community with each new election and most times they have no power or real authority to act? This is particuarly significant given that approximately 23% of the voting population in North Carolina are people of color and yet we participate in less than 5% of the economic benefit (work contracts, good paying jobs, and etc.) that makes millionaires – Democrats can not win with out us voting for them, and my point is that we should be receiving much more benefit. This is where the “SILENCE” of some leadership is deafening loud. With over $3 Billion dollars in goods and services purchases by the state of NC, we should be marching, calling, talking, and voting about “economic fairness opportunities” while requiring the demographic-data proofs, in totality made public on every website/blog, of who and what companies are benefiting from the contracting at at what amounts. Without that, our employment rates with continue to be double that of the other communities and our “begging hand” will continue to get just enough to barely keep us alive, hopeful, and definatly not enough to thrive or change our condition. WE are the only ones who can change that – “THEY,” whoever that is, can never fully gaurantee our best interest as “THEY” are fighting for survival themselves given the competition coming from the rest of the word – they’re scared too.

    I commend you my dear friend Curmilus for continuing to shine the light high so that we can continue to see the path forward. I know the fighting is hard and sometimes for all the wrong reasons among ourselves – just know that you are not alone as there are others like you and your fire is sending sparks into the wind and landing on many to fire them into action!


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