Homegoing Celebration For Ms. Kieya Shantay Hyman

My condolences goes out to Myra Hyman of Tarboro NC and the family of the late Kieya Shantay Hyman Rocky Mount NC.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

Song: The Storm Is Over Now – Kirk Franklin

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Jeb Bush: Trayvon Martin case a ‘tragedy’ and stand your ground law not a defense for killer – The Buzz The Tampa Bay Times

Jeb Bush was asked about Trayvon Martin during a speech yesterday at the Universtiy of Texas at Arlington.

He said "it’s always good to review laws" when asked about the stand your ground legislation he signed into law in 2005 but said he did not think Trayvon’s killer will be able to use it as a defense. (More)

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Sanford Florida: No Grand Jury! State Attorney Says She Can Arrest Zimmerman (DETAILS) – Global Grind

We may not need to wait on a grand jury decision to arrest George Zimmerman! The special prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case said she hopes to make a decision without a grand jury about whether to arrest Zimmerman. (More)

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Sanford Florida – Funeral Director Says: "Trayvon Didn’t Fight With Anybody" (DETAILS)–Global Grind

Even the funeral director who inspected Trayvon Martin’s body doesn’t believe George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense.

STORY: CAUGHT! Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood Or Bruises On George Zimmerman

Richard Kurtz, a funeral director for Roy Mizell and Kurtz Funeral Home in Fort Lauderdale, told the Orlando Sentinel that when he heard of Zimmerman’s self-defense claim in the media, "it did not add up." (More)

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Unable To Post Videos Due To Adobe Flash Player Crashing And It Makes No Sense

I have not been able to post videos all week due to Adobe Flash Player crashing. I called Adobe and in order for technical support to talk to you you must pay a one time $40.00 fee. Oh hell no. The 2 people that I spoke with told me Adobe Flash is free but in order for them to give you technical advice you must pay. It is too funny that you have to pay to talk to them about something that is free. I was told to go to Adobe Forums and to Google the problem. I told them I have done that and there is nothing telling me how to fix the problem. I see others are having problems also.

Is there another Flash Player other than Adobe?