Letter Has Been Forwarded To The DCN News Blog/Online TV From Someone But Was Emailed From Deb Williams 3rd Vice Chair, African American Caucus–North Carolina Democratic Party. I Guess This Explains Why An Officer Was Missing.

Response: So now my die hard AAC-NCDP members whom in my opinion supported what happened in the illegally removing the state secretary will try to figure out who forwarded this to me. Well you don’t need to try to figure that out because I will never tell.

I removed the email addresses and the telephone number that was included in this letter. C. Dancy II – TPA

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Deborah

To: wilsonvoices
; Paul B Johnshon; AIL Fleming; Perry Graves; Sondra Smith Merida;
Cc: Jay Parmley
; Gwen Wilkins; David Parker
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2012 1:39 PM
Subject: AAC General Body Meeting


Hello All:


I can not attend the general body meeting on 3/24/11. I hope all goes well.


At some point, one has to step back and take a serious look at where they are in an organization, what they want to do with the organization and how they intend to bring the plans and goals for the organization into fruition.


I am at that point with the AAC.


I started the Rockingham County Chapter of the AAC in my home in 2010.  Five charter members chose our officers and discussed what we wanted to accomplish as a group.


I took the challenge to heart.  I was impassioned with the vision for the AAC to succeed, grow and flourish.


However we have reached a point where personality conflicts trumps collaboration and infighting is the order of the day.  It has caused me to re-asses the process and how effective I can be within the organization.


I had never imagined that we would be addressing the issue of removing or restricting members to our AAC organization.


With that being said, I am not in agreement with Mr. Flemings request to ask asking Zette McArn to resign as AAC secretary or face any suspension in the position.


We are adults and  should be able to work towards the goals of the party.  There should be no special requirements or acts that one needs to perform to prove they are eligible to be a voice at the table.


Thank you.



Deb Williams
3rd Vice Chair, AAC-NCDP

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Click on picture to view 21 total.

The meeting suppose to have began at 9:30 but 3 people have stood up and said that the President will be late because of the rain. I understand he had to come from Charlotte however I had to come from Edgecombe County which is 1 hour away versus his 2 – 3 hours but I allowed myself enough time to get to the meeting on time. Yep I knew it was suppose to rain today so I took that into account also. But damn the President ought to had made sure he was at the meeting atleast 30 – 45 minutes before the meeting. And also one would think that the officers would have met before the meeting. Oh well ignant me.

I am sick and tired of black folks, so-called educated, professional black folks who do not carry out meetings business like. But who am I telling because I am just a high school graduate and has worked as an assembly and test technician for the past 25 years. However I bet I make more money on my job or close to that of many that was in the room today. But I was in the room with some important folks today that accomplished nothing towards getting out the vote.

One would think that the 1st Vice President would have opened the meeting but she only stated that the President would be late. But before her a man from Wake County  made the announcement. Following the announcement by the 1st Vice President came the Parliamentarian who brought in the doughnuts and said that the coffee was already suppose to be in the building.

The meeting beginning 45 minutes late was very unprofessional because when the President is not present then the next officer in line should be able to carry on. Well no agenda was mailed out and the agenda arrived when the President arrived so no one could begin the meeting since there was no agenda.

The President called the meeting to order and said 10 of the 14 counties were present so that constituted a quorum. The President said this was going to be an orderly meeting. He asked was everyone in agreement? He presented it as a motion and it was carried. So how did he do that?

The Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation followed.

The President announced there were some new caucuses present and he asked them to stand up and say who they were however he skipped over his next agenda item December meeting minutes. Rowan County stood and said who they were and then the President praised them.

Then the President talked about he met the President when he came to NC recently and then he met the Governor last week and he told them yes we will.

Back to the December meeting minutes, the secretary gave a report but said the November minutes should have been first but was not on the agenda. See video for the rest of her report. See the motion made as it relates to the secretary by the Wake County Caucus President and the State President seconded the motion.

The President said let’s go to the treasurer’s report. There was some issues about some checks that were put in a separate account see video for the interesting discussion. The Wake County Chair had much to say.

Pitt County stood up at this point and asked should the agenda be adopted? Well damn this is a bit late one would think. Mecklenburg made a motion and the Parliamentarian from Rockingham County seconded the motion. The agenda was adopted but there were 2 nays.

A man stood up and said he was not in favor of the checking account. See video for that discussion. After the President’s comments in response to the checking account, he said for all of you who don’t know he was stepping down because of a grievance that he filed against the secretary. He said he had 15 minutes and the secretary also to do a presentation. He said was going to turn everything over to 1st Vice President and she would take over. Well damn the President said he was not going to need 15 minutes and went right into why he filed the grievance and the 1st Vice never said anything before he began to tell why he requested the secretary be removed.

After the President said he was finished with his presentation now the 1st Vice President said she would hear from the secretary.

The secretary said this was her first time hearing the grievance and had not received anything. She said she did receive an email that he wanted her resignation. She responded to the President’s presentation.

During the secretary’s presentation it was interrupted because the people from Charlotte Mecklenburg County about 3 cars were illegally parked. While they went to remove them the 1st Vice President said there would be a pause in the meeting.

While those folks left the room to go move the car the Chair of the Rowan County Democratic Party and 1st Vice Chair of the Rowan County African American Caucus asked could she give an announcement during the pause. She was allowed to. Damn in the middle of a grievance and announcement allowed but announcements comes at the end of the agenda. Too damn unprofessional. See video for this presentation not announcement and I think you will find her presentation very, very interesting. I got the motive. See what the Parliamentarian and 1st Vice President had to say.

The President asked a NC State Democratic Party officer did she want to announce the event that was going to take place at 11:00 AM? She gave her announcement and then said she would have to leave so could she vote absentee. The President asked the parliamentarian could that happen and he said there was no proxy voting allowed.

Halifax asked about the meeting notification and the Parliamentarian said they were just following the agenda that was presented.

Wake County said she wanted to know could she get 5 minutes because the secretary mentioned her during her presentation. Not! I never heard the secretary call her name but did speak to the fact that something happened outside the by-laws and later in the meeting the lady from Wake County confirmed she did just what the secretary said happened. See video.

The 1st Vice President said the meeting was back opened for the secretary to complete her 9 minutes she had remaining. At the end of the secretary’s presentation the Parliamentarian got into a heated discussion with her saying she couldn’t speak to an issue of another officer because that person was not present.

The 1st Vice President read something from the by-laws about the 15 minutes for the person who filed the grievance to present why the other person should be removed and then that person had 15 minutes to say why they should not be removed. But she was interrupted as the President pointed to the lady from Wake County who had stood up again and was allowed 5 minutes to speak to the grievance. What the hell? Again too unprofessional. But the NC Democratic Party State officer stood and asked the Wake County person would they yield to her and it was granted by the Woman from Wake County.

The NC Democratic Party State officer said she was a member of the caucus and that the President and the secretary are very dear friends of hers and she was in a catch 22 and she would not be present to vote because she had to leave. She said however the vote goes she would support the turn out. She said listening to the people in the room today everyone need to respect each other because when the secretary and the President were speaking there was mumbling and heads nodding and you just can’t do that. She said everyone must respect a person’s opinion and then weigh in on your judgment. She said she wanted to give a quick opinion and there were 2 things, President needs to be respected and if these things happened there needs to be a public apology. Oh hell no the President clearly stated that it happened on the phone so no public apology is in order in my opinion. She said the by-laws need to be followed. She said she has said to all of them that she was in favor of a probationary period of 3 months and she didn’t know if that was on the table. Well damn I didn’t hear anything in the President’s grievance about the secretary being removed for 3 months and the way it was presented I assumed he was asking that she be removed permanently. Damn she just said follow the by-laws so where in the hell did she come up with a probationary period, where is that written? She said there must be some respect because we have an election coming up, this is something that has been repeated throughout the meeting but if they were all so concerned the mess that took place today would not have happened. She ended by saying we have a President to get elected and she repeated that everyone in the room need to respect each other and that as it relates to the voting everyone need to weigh the options.

So the lady from Wake County used the 1st Vice Chair of the NC State Democratic Party to sway them to vote how she wanted the vote to go and that was to remove the secretary. It was clear she was in with the President and his crew.

Now it was back to the lady from Wake County who addressed the President and said it would only take her 5 minutes. Well I thought the 1st Vice President was running things. She admitted that she asked someone else to go to a meeting because her 1st Vice President didn’t want the caucus to be certified. You must see the video for the following. Damn this was too interesting however she bragged about receiving an award but hell some people receive awards all the time and do not deserve it.

Next the President not the 1st Vice President recognized the Treasurer who read a letter from her I-PAD that she shared in response from 2 women. See video for that interesting piece. Damn it just get gooder and gooder.

Now the Parliamentarian said, “Mr. President I call for the vote.” Someone hollered will there be any discussion? Mr. President said to the Parliamentarian “but I a not running the meeting.” The 1st Vice President said if there is going to be any discussion there needs to be a motion.

A motion was made from Mecklenburg County for further discussion but see how the next motion on a time limit was carried out. Pitt County made that motion but later was not allowed to vote because Pitt County was not certified at this meeting nor a previous meeting in Charlotte. Damn again this is getting gooder and gooder.

The President said the I’s have it not the 1st Vice President, damn I thought he just stated he was not running the meeting.

Next the lady from Wake County light bulb popped on and was all of a sudden concerned about who was taking minutes. She said she asked but it was said it was being videoed. Now the President who was not running the meeting stepped down how long ago and said, “those videos the secretary and said you sir who are you?” I told them who I was. I said I am Curmilus Dancy II from Edgecombe County and I am videoing for myself. The lady from Wake County said there needs to be an official note taker because that video belonged to her and that video belongs to me. I said I have no problem making a copy available before I leave but I never once said that they didn’t need their own official recorder. Again too damn unprofessional and now by this time too ignant. Mr. President said thank you sir and he appreciated it. But what I didn’t tell them is that I was going to do a written report also. You see since it was stated later in the meeting that the 2nd vice president act as the secretary then they should have taken care of making sure there was an official recorder for the meeting. Damn the lady from Wake County requested that the secretary come from the table at the back of the room to the head table to take minutes but since the secretary was a part of the grievance process she was no longer the official recorder.

Now a person from Wake County stood up and said the secretary and another person has done a better job than anyone he has seen in the Democratic Party. He said they have been keeping the general body up to date on what is going on. He went on to say that the lady from Wake County was telling a bunch of lies and he told what happened about 2 years ago about the certification thing. He said he questioned the by-laws at that time.

A lady from Harnett County stood and said she was saddened by what is going on today. She said there should not be a vote today but there needs to be some discussion between the President and the secretary. She said she has seen things going on in this organization that made her embarrassed. She said the real mission should be to get the President and all the Democrats elected.

A person from Wilson County stood and said they were confusing folks because he didn’t know what by-laws they were going by. The 1st Vice President said they were going by the April 15 by-laws but my problem is do they go by those by-laws throughout the entire meeting?

A lady stood from Mecklenburg and gave her spill that she was disappointed that they ought not be arguing about getting along. She said if you are not on the bus with us then you need to get off. Damn she is from Mecklenburg County and the President is also and they all followed each other up so damn I am not too damn ignant to know she was telling the secretary to get off the bus.

The 1st Vice President said she was going to cut off the discussion because everyone was saying some of the same things. But again the President pointed out to let someone else speak. Damn so did he really step down and turn the meeting over to the 1st Vice President?

Another person from Wilson stood and said after getting wind of what was going on that he had highlighted some things from the by-laws. He said the general body runs the caucus and not those sitting at the table alone. He spoke to the role of the officers and the secretary. They attempted to interrupt him but he continued.

The Parliamentarian followed up and said that the reason why you have the officers is for fudiciary reasons to make the organization legal. He said that each county has their own by-laws but damn this was not a local caucus meeting so Mr. Parliamentarian  so what does that have to do with the state caucus? He said there was a Plan of Organization, Robert Rules of Order and a campaign finance book. He said some folks read and pick out what they want. He said when they elected the President they gave him fudiciary responsibility to interpret the laws and everyone should adjust to him. What the hell? Damn again it gets gooder and gooder.

Damn the lady from Wake County stood up and said what she wanted to say and the Parliamentary didn’t call her out of order. It was too damn funny how he called for a point of order when some others began to give their opinion.

Somebody called for the vote and it was seconded and there I’s had it but there were a couple of nays. The 1st Vice President said what is the vote? Again the Wake County lady stood up and said she make a motion that, “we do have to respect the 1st Vice Chair of the State Democratic Party because she is over all of us that we do 3 months probationary period and that in absence of all correspondences goes to the President for approval before being send out.” There was discussion about her motion and the Parliamentarian said it is a motion on the floor for removal. The President again asked what is the motion. Rowan County President who was taking notes on her notebook made another motion that the motion stand as presented and a lady from Mecklenburg County 2nd it.

A man stood up and asked was the vote going to be a weighted vote or an individual vote? The 1st Vice President said the by-laws call for a general body to be a 67% vote.

Another person stood up and said it was a weighted vote so now we have a contradictory of how the vote should take place. But the 1st Vice President said she was reading from page 12 and the Parliamentarian said she was correct. Mr. President said everybody can’t have everything their way and he said the Parliamentarian is in charge and everything has been done so it was time for the vote.

Now it was time for the roll call per the Parliamentarian but hell that should have been done at the beginning of the meeting when it was stated by Mr. President that 10 of the 14 counties were represented and that constituted a quorum. Damn I know I didn’t hear the Parliamentarian ask who is taking the minutes when there was never an official recorder voted on. The lady from Wake County said the lady in the white is but she said she only had the sign in sheets.

So now the secretary was allowed to participate in this part of the meeting which was illegal in my opinion.

All hell broke loose when the secretary told them who were certified and not certified. Counties named were Rowan, Wilson, Mecklenburg, Forsyth, Greene, Martin, Harnett, Nash, Wayne, Rockingham and Wake (took care of their obligations this morning. Now this is 11 counties instead of 10 that the President announced at the beginning of the meeting.

A lady said her name was not called but her county was certified. Damn where is the Parliamentarian? Mr. President said can he say something, he said this should be real simple 1st Vice President are you running this meetings? He said why are we still acting like kids? The 1st Vice President said she is trying to make sure those voting are eligible. She said she needed names because it must be 67%. The secretary called the names out and said 2 people from Wake County came in and one lady from Halifax County and they are eligible to vote. The secretary responded to someone from the floor that there were 2 names that signed in that are eligible to vote and she added their names. Mr. President said that a Sharon somebody name should be on the list but the secretary said she was sorry but her name was not on the sign in sheet.

The Parliamentarian said there is a person standing and that was Pitt County and she said she is certified because she is President of her county and a member of the body. She said she could not cast her vote in Charlotte and she was running for 1st Vice Chair.

The 1st Vice President said she was going to give everyone a card to sign their name and how they voted. The lady from Wake County said they didn’t have to do that because she was woman enough to stand up and do her voting now it just would prolong it. Mr. President agreed. She said she stand on her convictions and that they are under a time limit. Damn  all of a sudden another light bulb has popped on and time is an issue.

A lady from Mecklenburg County said she 2nd that motion to keep the process going. What damn motion? The 1st Vice President said can she get a 2nd? They said that was the 2nd so she said can she get a 3rd? What the hell?  The 1st Vice President said all in favor of the motion and it was carried out but damn no motion was ever made.

Now it was time for the vote, the 1st Vice President said all in favor of the removal of the secretary to raise your hand and someone said or stand and Mr. President said stand.

The 1st Vice President asked the Parliamentarian to count the people standing. He told her he need her to help him. He was asking people were they standing to be counted. A lady from Mecklenburg was helping with the count also and I was standing since I was videoing so she asked me was I standing to vote and I said no. The 1st Vice President said she asked the Treasurer to help count also. The Parliamentarian asked someone again was they standing to vote. He also asked the lady from Mecklenburg was she voting and she said no because the secretary didn’t call her name.

When the 1st Vice President asked for the count the Parliamentarian said he didn’t know. Damn too funny. The lady from Mecklenburg said she counted 18 but she couldn’t vote. The 1st Vice President said she was going to do like you do elementary school and let everyone do a count-off. The count-off ended at 16 and a man had left the room so when he came back the 1st Vice President asked him was he voting and he said he abstained. So no one questioned how an abstained vote counts because it could be counted as an automatic yes the way some by-laws are set up.

The President asked all who are against removing the secretary to stand. There were confusion on the floor during this count because a lady still complained she was certified. Damn the 1st Vice President said that if you were not certified in January then she could not accept them. But as the discussion continued the 1st Vice President said you would have to be registered before the closing of the registration at the beginning of this meeting. Now my question is if one was not certified in January could they actually vote on yesterday? I understand they could come and attend but could they actually vote? Can someone tell me what the by-laws say?

The 1st Vice President said she didn’t vote so again I question how votes counted when people abstained?

The numbers were disputed again when trying to tally up if the 67% was accomplished. It was another outburst on the vote. At first they didn’t have enough numbers but then during the discussion they ended up with the votes needed. I didn’t see anyone tally the vote with a calculator and the count was validated from the floor.

Then there was a discussion on electing a new secretary and then someone said the by-laws says the 2nd Vice President moves into that role when there is no secretary. So that was how that was left.

Now I had taken all I could take and I began packing my laptop. I approached the head table and gave Mr. President that I was leaving because I had had enough and that he could call me about the video. By this time a couple of folks had asked me could the buy a video. I said to see the President. I gave the President several of my cards and told them if they wanted a video he could give them a card. I said but it will be on my website because this mess was just crazy.

I have been trying to post the video but it keeps crashing. I have this problem over the weekend and it is probably because I am doing the free version probably wouldn’t have that problem if I paid for the use of Livestream. I don’t get paid for what I do so therefore I will stick with what is free. I will get it up as soon as possible.

I have attended and videoed many, many Ignant NEGRO meetings but this is the most ignant one I have ever attended.

In my opinion and not reading the by-laws I strongly feel that this meeting should be considered null and void.

This meeting brings me to the conclusion that the African American Caucus needs to be shut down because it is and has only divided the black community. Hell they are limiting themselves to what they can do during the Primary Elections because they can not openly support a particular Democrat so what is their real purpose other than to seek black folks to run for office but if the have opposition they can’t support that person over the other Democrat be they black white and/or other.

Stay tuned for the video coming soon.

"Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Note: I used caps when referring to all others except the secretary because the others are somebody and the secretary was just a nobody in my opinion as the meeting was progress.

May be some typos I  will read later and if I find any I will make corrections.

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