Black Folks We Are In A State Of Emergency When It Comes To Education, Murder And Racism To Name A Few. I Am Tired Of The Call To Action After The Tragedy Has Occurred

Yep! Black folks we are in a state of emergency when it comes to education, murder and racism. When are we going to have an ongoing national call to action day across the nation? I have said it before and now I am saying it again.

Our black children are being targeted when it comes to the education system. But the data you have heard over the years is it really the truth? Check out who are presenting the data and then challenge the data presented.

Our young and old black brothers and sisters are being killed in numbers and most of it is black on black crime. It is sad but what are we doing in our communities when we see things going on that is not right? Do we say anything to the brothers and sisters who are walking around with their pants sagging showing their butts? Do you allow your children to roam the streets and to hang out with older children?

Racism has become the norm and seems like even more since we have a black President. It is a damn shame that racist white folks are saying and doing whatever they want to say and do and nothing is being done. I have never seen a President being disrespected as President Obama. We all know that this was not acceptable during the time of the 43 presidents before our current president.

Folks I am sick and tired of the call to action after a tragedy has occurred. Do we tell our family and friends how much we love them and that they can not get caught up in worldly things because this is a dangerous world.

Folks we must change the way we do things or things are going to continue to get worse.

So are you sick and tired? If yes, what are you going to do? Black folks when we come together and hold each other accountable oh what a time. And then we can hold others accountable also.


Whitney Houston Cause Of Death: Accidental Drowning Reported – HuffPost

Whitney Houston’s cause of death has been the subject of great debate since her passing, but now TMZ has obtained the L.A. County Coroner’s report which rules her official cause of death as accidental drowning.

The coroner’s report also details that at the time of her death there was cocaine present in the legendary singer’s system. Houston’s drug use and reported heart disease most likely contributed to her untimely passing. (More)

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(Breaking News) Bill Lee, Sanford Police Chief, Steps Down Temporarily Over Trayvon Martin Case: The Huffington Post

SANFORD, Fla. — At a hastily called press conference Thursday afternoon, Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte Jr. announced that beleaguered police Chief Bill Lee Jr. is stepping down temporarily amid growing anger over his handling of the investigation into the killing of Trayvon Martin. Bonaparte told reporters that he hoped the move would "restore calm to the city of Sanford" and help speed the case through the legal process. He said that the city has not yet appointed an interim chief. (More)

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Privatizing NC Pre-K would disproportionately impact rural, high-poverty communities–NC Policy Watch

Recent considerations by the NC General Assembly’s House Select Committee on Early Childhood Education Improvement to explore privatizing North Carolina’s Pre-K program could severely limit access to the program in rural, high-poverty areas, a new report cautions. (More)

John Locke blogger resigns over Obama cartoon Read more here – News & Observer

Response: These damn racist continue to say and do whatever the hell they think they can say and do without knowing that some black folks are not going to sit back and not say anything. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

UPDATED: A blogger for the conservative N.C. think tank The John Locke Foundation has resigned after she illustrated a story about President Obama’s position on N.C.’s Marriage Amendment with a photoshopped image of the president in chains and high heels with a bucket of fried chicken, The Charlotte Observer’s Cleve Wootson Jr. reports. (More)

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Forum explores strategies to help troubled youth – Rocky Mount Telegram


Click on picture to watch video 2 hrs. 30 mins.

Some of the state’s juvenile justice practices have been causing more harm than good, experts said during a forum Thursday in Rocky Mount.

They discussed a variety of strategies for dealing with youth instead of using juvenile detention as a first response. About 150 residents and community leaders from Edgecombe, Nash and Wilson counties attended the event, called Improving Outcomes For Our Youth, held at the East Carolina Agriculture and Education Center. (More)