Nash board reiterates support for poultry plant – Rocky Mount Telegram

NASHVILLE – Nash County commissioners approved a resolution of support for a proposed Sanderson Farms chicken processing plant Monday after listening to more than a dozen local residents talk for more than an hour about their thoughts and concerns on both sides of the issue. (More)

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How the Right Has Turned Everything Into a Culture War — And Why That’s Terrible for Our Democracy – AlterNet

The political press takes it as a given that there is a sharp dividing line between the “social issues” propelling the culture wars (abortion, school prayer, gay rights) and matters of substance (the economy, foreign policy, immigration and safety-net programs like unemployment benefits). But as the American conservative movement has veered sharply rightward over the past 30 years, that line is no longer so clean. Today, conservatives have a social argument for every subject of debate – everything has become part of debate – everything has become part of the culture wars. (More)