[CoalitionofConcernedCitizensforAfricanAmericanChildren] What would Dr. King say???


As we reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, can we say that Wake County citizens have fully implemented his dream?

What would Dr. King say about:

  *WCPSS racially/economically Segregated Schools such as Walnut Creek

  * Our elected officials/community leaders who support segregated schools.

   * What would Dr. King say about the children who attend Walnut Creek who lost a semester of learning because of overcrowded classrooms?

* If our elected officials/community leaders accepted offers to support segregated schools/kick backs to fulfill their selfish need/greed?

* Community leaders who designed programs to attract an all black school

  *Broughton High School and other high school today

* What would Dr. King say about the Brown vs. Board effort to ensure equal education for all children?

*What would Dr. King say about WCPSS Choice Assignment Plan?


According to Dr. King, "segregation is legally dead but it is factually alive."

What hidden techniques are being used today to support segregation/economic isolation?  Can we identify them and not be used as a prey?

This is a time of reflection.



In his December 15, 1956 speech, King

called the Brown decision, “…one of the

most momentous decisions ever rendered

in the history of this nation…” and how it

was a “…reaffirmation on the good old

American doctrine of freedom and equality

for all men.” However, he also stated that

“…segregation is already legally dead, but

it is factually alive.”

Art Pope fires back at his critics – News & Observer

RALEIGH — Three months ago, the Institute for Southern Studies launched a website that criticizes Art Pope, a Raleigh businessman, as a big-money spender whose donations to Republican candidates and groups help shape North Carolina politics.

For the first time Sunday, Pope publicly fired back at the group. He squared off against Chris Kromm, an executive director at the left-leaning Institute. (More)

Response: Prices good for black folks and black folks work in his stores but uses the monies to hold black folks right where they are. And he sees nothing wrong with that picture. Maybe it is just me. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

"Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Parents Upset After Georgia Elementary School Uses Slavery Examples In Math Worksheet – ThinkProgress Justice

"Ignorance will never end. Even those with money can’t buy SENSE!!" Author: Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator

Parents in Norcross, Georgia blasted school officials at Beaver Ridge Elementary School after teachers gave third graders a math worksheet that used examples of slavery in word problems. Following the uproar, district officials said the school’s principal will work with teachers to come up with more appropriate lessons, but that didn’t go far enough for parents who called for an apology and diversity training for teachers at Beaver Ridge, where a majority of the students are minorities. (More)

Dr. MLK Celebrations But Our Education System Is In A State Of Emergency. I Can Not Celebrate.

I would love to see those who are celebrating to join me at the local school board meetings. Education is the key and we are in a state of emergency. I believe education would take care of 99% of our problems especially if it does not begin and end only in the classroom.

I can not celebrate when Edgecombe County do not have a Boys & Girls Club building. I remember when I just happened to be at South Edgecombe Middle School one day several years ago when they were planning on shutting it down. I got on it and along with others they are still there today.

We need a Boys & Girls Club building in Edgecombe County so the children can have somewhere to go to learn and to play.

I can not celebrate when George Washington Carver High School Pinetops NC now elementary made the gymnasium a multipurpose room when this would have been a great location for the children of Pinetops having somewhere to go play basketball. I remember when that was about to happen but I didn’t get enough interest to help fight that cause. Hell for many years there was not a picture of the black principal Mr. Samuel A. Gilliam in the school. I kept asking about that and finally one has been placed there.

I can not celebrate when the children in Pinetops have no where to go and nothing to do but the adults talk about them getting into trouble.

I can not celebrate when I look at how other schools athletes are more advanced because they have an outlet to play sports year round versus the children of Pinetops be able to play only during the school year.

I can not celebrate when the churches and other groups do not participate in hosting and/or doing things to help our children advance in our communities.

I can not celebrate when I know there is enough monies that the churches and certain folks in the county can come together and build a Boys & Girls Club and/or to provide something positive for the children in Edgecombe County.

Someone would say that I continue to talk about sports. Well there are other things that can be done as well, afterschool programs and etc. When I think of organized sports, I think of discipline because a real coach will be more than just a coach to the children but should be a father/mother figure to them.

Okay so after today Dr. King’s Holiday, what’s next? What can I look forward to? Attending the school board meetings and not seeing other parents and the community there. Attending sporting events and very little parents and the community there supporting their children. The list goes on. Well I am going to continue to be where ever I can for them when I can.

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Saunders: Live out the dream every day

Can we, at long last, put the kibosh on the kiddie King orators?

Every third Monday in January, well-meaning people all over America get together to "Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing" and honor Dr. King’s memory. On many of these programs appears a precocious prepubescent prodigy who wows everyone by flawlessly reciting "I Have a Dream."

Whoop-de-doo. (More)