Edgecombe County – What Are Your Thoughts On The North East Prep Charter School Application That Has Been Submitted To The North Carolina Department of Public Instructions?

First of all I want to make it clear that I have no problem with a group of folks wanting to start a charter school. I am just curious to know who are behind it all.

Was there a public meeting held asking for community input?

Do you know the names that were submitted to serve as board members? Interesting!

Will you be interested in sending your child to the charter school?

If yes, why?

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14 thoughts on “Edgecombe County – What Are Your Thoughts On The North East Prep Charter School Application That Has Been Submitted To The North Carolina Department of Public Instructions?

  1. As some of you newspaper readers may be aware “Bryant had a child in private school” last year. She is back in our public school system this year. Whether it be our public school system, a charter school system or a private school system, the greater good would be served if there is a recognition and acknowledgement that there are both advantages as well as disadvantages to each and every one of these school options. Demonizing one of the options or over-exaggerating the virtues of another will not advance the quest for provision of a quality education to every single child in our community.

    Teresa DeLoatch Bryant
    District 2 Representative, Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education

    Response: I have no problem with who have or who have not had their children in a private or charter school. I am concerned was with the questions that I asked because if the citizens of Edgecombe County are going to be given an option, I feel they ought to know about it.

    How do I know what the advantages and/or the disadvantages as it relates to the charter school because I don’t know what it will offer. I would think that those who are pushing it would be able to answer any and all concerns within a public forum. Maybe they don’t want to and maybe their main concern is to try to take away from the Edgecombe County Public School system because they have issues with the board members and the past 2 superintendents. Oh well just saying.

    Again I have no problem with a charter school if that is where some parents wants to send their children. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher


    • I have been repeatedly asked about this issue or comments have been made to me about the prospect of a charter school coming to Edgecombe County and my bottom line is that no one should feel that their system is the “superior” option and another option is “inferior.” Not only does that mentality breed unecessary conflict amongst adults, if a child is constantly hearing an adult remarking about the inferiority of another system, what do you think that child’s opinion is going to be of the children that are being educated in another system?


  2. Why don’t you read the Newspaper…. and you can find out more! Edgecombe county really needs a Charter school. the school system is worthless!

    Response: Why do I need to read the newspaper when I go to the board meetings and have a child in the system?

    What newspaper are you referring to?

    Could you supply a link that shows the school system is worthless?

    Thanking you in advance. C. Dancy II


  3. Because I, too, was not formally consulted regarding the proposed charter school, and because I have not participated in any formal discussions, I certainly do not have the answers to your questions.

    I do, however, understand and agree that the answers to your legitimate questions as a firm advocate for the public school system are worthy of attention and should be provided.

    Response: Actually sir my questions are directed to the community and not the board members. This is why I stated in response to Taro that I didn’t expect him to respond because he does not have to justify to me why he chose to submit his name to be a board member, however his role is two-fold a parent and a board member. That was not the question. However I know Taro and Taro knows me so his response was not here nor there with me. I know the elected officials and leaders in the area well enough to form my opinion why I strongly feel they do what they do. I will challenge them on that but this is not what this is about. If I wanted to make it about Taro and the other individual board members trust me I could.

    My main concern is that the community is a aware since I know so many people who do not read The Daily Southerner. C. Dancy II

    The link you posted describing the Charter proposal lists some of the chosen key players; therefore, I believe the answers reside within that select group.

    Response: Not necessarily sir because I was actually speaking to community awareness seeking to find out if the community new about the group. When I have questions for a person or particular group I always send them an open letter however this was not the case. C. Dancy II

    And since the names and the address for inquiries have been published,

    Response: Published where? I didn’t see any names published in the local newspaper nor on their website. You know as well as I know that most folks do not know how to find information on the internet. I had to key in several things before I found what I was looking for. And since I found it I do what I do try to make information available for others. This is what The DCN is all about researching information and sharing it with others. C. Dancy II

    I am sure that you have submitted your questions directly to these individuals; therefore, I join you in awaiting a published response and/or a public forum to address your inquiries.

    Response: No sir I have not submitted my questions directly to these individuals because as I stated I know their motives. I don’t think I can make it any plainer why they want to begin a charter school. Again my questions were for the community.

    However I would prefer a public forum if the board members would like to respond to my questions because I do not plan to send them my quetions but I bet you and anyone that I know atleast a couple of them read my blog so they are already aware. And also I would think that Taro has forwarded to them as well because if I was on a board or associated with a group or persons and someone speak about it I would forward it on to my associaties. C. Dancy II

    I can, however, answer the question: Would I consider sending my child to a charter school? Councilman Knight addressed the need to have someone at the table. I firmly believe that the parents of every child who attends the charter school has a right to sit at the table.

    Response: I totally agree. C. Dancy II

    Therefore, the selection of the Board members, as well as the selection of the students must be fair and reasonable. Any proposal to select the students on a “first come first served basis”, to me, would not be considered fair by any reasonable standard. (It would resemble waiting outside Walmart on Black Friday.)

    Response: This is why I am asking the community are they aware of the charter school so that if they didn’t know and if they read my blog, now they know. As I have stated earlier I attended a meeting at Edgecombe Community College several years ago and people who were interested came out and voiced their opinions so I am quite sure there are some people who are interested in charter schools today. C. Dancy II

    The answer then is “yes”, I would consider it.

    Response: I am not interested in sending my child to the charter school however I respect the rights of others who want to do so. I support others who are willing to send theres. This is why I want to make sure the community is aware. C. Dancy II

    But, I do not believe that the experiment with charter schools is necessarily a panacea that will magically address the inadequacies within our public schools. Nor do I believe that the deficiencies in our public schools are so far beyond repair that they cannot be adequately addressed within a revised framework of the public school system. The charter schools, rather than becoming a competitor in the educational arena, must be utilized as a willing partner that shares it’s successful strategies in a bidirectional fashion with the traditional system. It must not and cannot be permittted to operate in a cultural, political or perceived elitist vacuum. I am of the opinion that its values must be consistent with the will of the the local cummunity, and its methodology may be devised, structured and maintained to accomplish its mandates. Mandates, by the way, which are transparent and have as a primary focus, the provision of educational preparedness that in turn enhances economic opportunities.

    Response: I totally agree with all of that. C. Dancy II

    Your consistent insistence upon parental involvement in the public schools has always been and will continue to be a guarantor of our local educational movement toward success for our future generations. Those of us who pledged to be advocates or “ambassadors” for our schools are now faced with an even greator challenge. The inevitable has become a reality.

    Continue your advocacy and your inquiries. You will not be alone.

    Response: Thank you for your kind words as it relates to my advocacy.

    I do want to end on this note in response to you sir. I look at the make up of the board and how they were so strongly involved in trying to put one the board members on the public schools board. The person that were seeking the appointment during the time you were to replace Attorney Teresa Bryant, this person campaign plaform reducing classroom size was far from being doable within the public school system. So his platform would work in the charter school since it would be far less children in the school.

    One of the board members position was eliminated as long as Dr. Lana VanderLinden As I stated earlier many of the others wanted Dr. V. to become superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools and it appears that it ain’t happening.

    The director who was removed from SouthWest Edgecombe due to a testing scandal has a lawsuit against the Edgecombe County Public Schools so I can’t wait to see how that unfold.

    Several folks even his family members posted on my blog and his wife even approached me one night at a board meeting. I tried to make them understand that they needed to speak in support of him instead of getting mad with the local papers saying that it was all untrue. I told them I didn’t know if it was true or not and I just reported information that I read in the paper however I have heard things in the community however I have not posted that.

    I strongly feel that the community need to know why a charter school and who are behind it all. I ahave no problem with a charter school because I have options and you know what my option is because you know me.

    Thank you sir for your dialogue because I believe our dialogue will enlighten others who may read my blog. C. Dancy II


  4. Since the proposed school will be chartered as a private non-profit institution, approved by the State, it might be considered highly desirable by some, but legally not required, that the issues you originally presented be vetted in the public arena.


    • You say may be highly desirable and that is the reason why I presented the questions. I would love to know if it is highly desirable.

      I understand that it is not legally required and that is not the issue. I think my questions are clear and short to the point.

      But you didn’t answer the questions my friend.

      First of all I want to make it clear that I have no problem with a group of folks wanting to start a charter school. I am just curious to know who are behind it all.

      I don’t think that is asking too much to know who are behind starting up a Charter School since it is public information. I also feel strongly that these people who names are public are not the only ones behind this.

      Was there a public meeting held asking for community input?

      I ask that question because I would think that since it will be serving the entire community of Edgecombe County that it would have been meetings around the county or one big meeting. I know it is not a requirement but I feel it would have been the righ thing to do but that is my opinion. Not saying that the group had to go against the people if a majority said they were not interested because you as well as myself know the majority is not always right. However it does let one know what they may be up against.

      Do you know the names that were submitted to serve as board members? Interesting!

      I know if I was going to consider enrolling my child in a Charter School I would like to know who are behind it all and to learn all I could about it. And since I am unaware of any meetings then I could reach out to the board for further information versus going to a website.

      Will you be interested in sending your child to the charter school?

      I am curious to know how many people are interested in sending their child to the charter school however keeping in mind that I am aware that no one has to answer the question.

      If yes, why?

      And although I am one of the most active participants in attending the local school board meetings voicing my opinions I would love to hear some of the reasons why one would be willing to send their child to the charter school.

      Since I have been an advocate of Edgecombe County Public Schools since the early 90’s long before I have a child in the system, I would love to hear the issues that others have with the system. I think people are aware of mines from me writing letters to the editors in both local newspapers, writing on my blog and especially speaking out at the board meetings and many times my comments were in the local newspapers.

      Sir would you so kindly answer the questions to my original post because I believe that these are legitimate questions and I am well aware that my questions are not legally binding but just public educational information only.

      Thanking you in advance.


  5. Regarding the government monopoly, my point is this….any time a monopoly exits, quality of service always suffers because the monopoly has no incentive to improve. Take the US Postal Service for instance. There was a time when you HAD to go through them if you wanted to send a package or letter. When companies like UPS and FedEx started, they were told it was a foolish idea because no one could send packages as efficiently or as cheap as the government. UPS and FedEx proved this idea to be completely false. They make huge profits and are able to adapt and improve much faster than the USPS. The customer benefits. Another example is the phone companies. When the government had a monopoly in that area, customers had only one choice for the type of service and the type of phone they were issued. Now, there are multiple choices in both service and style of phone. That’s only because the customers have been able to drive the market. If they are unhappy with AT&T for instance, they can take they vote (their money) and go elsewhere. Competition makes things better for the consumer.

    As long as the government controlled schools are the only game in town, what motivation do they have to improve? The students will keep coming because there’s no place else for them to go, and the service they receive will be largely the same.

    To answer your other questions about the new charter school, I am largely ignorant about the inner-workings at this point. I, like you, am very interested in finding out more about the leadership and any community input opportunities. I would certainly consider sending my kids there after more research.


  6. I enjoyed reading Mr. Knight’s comments as well as the response.

    As I’ve stated previously, I’m in full support of anything that will break up the monopoly/status quo of government-controlled education. Charter schools aren’t the ideal solution, but they’re a step in the right direction. As for charter schools taking money from public schools, why should we continue to write a blank check to a system that has continued to fail our students year after year? Schools should have to compete for dollars (based on results) just as any other institution in society.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

    Response: But do they not have some guidelines per the NCDPI? If not why do they have to go through the NCDPI and are able to get some of the same funding that the public schools receive.

    The one point I see is smaller classroom size. Could you tell me more about your response as it relates to government controlled and etc.? C. Dancy II


    • But you didn’t answer any of the questions.

      Was there a public meeting held asking for community input?

      Do you know the names that were submitted to serve as board members? Interesting!

      Will you be interested in sending your child to the charter school?

      If yes, why?


  7. Wow!!! Councilman knight really summed it up for me. I am for what works so if a Charter School works and is not stripping from the Public School system, I am ready for it.


  8. I accepted the invitation for appointment to the Board of Directors of the NEC Prep School for a number of reasons. The first of these reasons is that I am a believer in every child having access to a high quality education at no additional cost (tuition) to their families.

    Response: Okay well said. C. Dancy II

    Previously, this was accomplished solely by the traditional public school system that I am a proud product of. More recently, parents have been given a choice with charter schools, which are no more than public schools that have the ability to operate independent of a county BOE.

    Response: I am very much familiar with Charter Schools because years ago Vernon Robinson came to Edgecombe County introducing Charter Schools and I was invited by a white female who played a major role in bringing him here. I can’t think of her name but I used to work with her husband and they live off of Hwy 258 near Suggs Crossroads. C. Dancy II

    Secondly, once it was a foregone conclusion that a charter school was coming to Edgecombe County and after many conversations with people in my community, I decided that someone needed to be at the table to ensure that public dollars would not be used to establish an “elite, exclusive academy” that would potentially resegregate our public school system.

    Response: I had heard there were some folks trying to start up a Charter School here and I recently seen some information online about it. I must say since I don’t subscribe to the Daily Southerner I somehow missed the article in the paper.

    I wonder what community that is that you say you have had many conversations with because I hope it was not limited to East Tarboro. This school is open to the entire county isn’t it? C. Dancy II

    In fact, we need more than one black person at the table.

    Response: Really? C. Dancy II

    My third reason is that I am a believer in multiple-intelligences, the idea that people have different intelligence types and thus learn differently.

    Response: I totally agree with that sir. C. Dancy II

    Too often, many of our kids have been labled failures in academic settings simply because their learning style was never discovered.

    Response: I thank you for this statement because this seems to be a teacher problem. One of my problems has been I believe their is a teacher issue so I find it somewhat interesting that it is your belief and obviously others on this board with you that you all feel the same. C. Dancy II

    NEC Prep will implement multiple intelligences theory into its curriculum.

    Response: I sure hope that will happen for those whom may be interested in sending their children to you all. C. Dancy II

    Lastly, the belief that charter schools will destroy public schools or at least take too many dollars away from a system that is already struggling financially, in my opinion is not true.

    Response: I find your above belief to be quite interesting. You say public schools are struggling financially so therefore any dollars the system will lose will hurt them in my opinion. C. Dancy II

    I believe that as parents, if we believe that our children’s academic needs are not being met and there is a choice available that will not cost us anything, then we owe it to them to explore the other option.

    Response: Okay since you say as parents I am a parent I wonder why there were no county wide meetings held to see what other parents and myself had to say? Options are always great however when things go on in the county such as a school that is open to the county, then I believe the county residents ought to be made aware and not a select few. However I ain’t mad with you all just voicing my opinion. C. Dancy II

    Ironically, it may also force the school system to step up its game. Which is what we all want.

    Response: I don’t think that this Charter School will be a major threat to the public school system however I have been wrong before.

    The problem with the Edgecombe County Public Schools System is it has been a good ole boy system over the years. When we got our first black superintendent the good ole boys didn’t like that because he shook them up and some of those he shook up is on this board. The same happened with our last superintendent who just happened to be white but he came in and continue to shake them up and again some on this board were really affected by the last superintendent.

    I am amazed by the number of folks whose names have been submitted to be board members that do not have children in the Edgecombe County Public Schools System. But that is not a problem because I was school advocate long before I had a child in the system.

    And then knowing the people who submitted their names to be board members, I somewhat know their motive unlike yours sir but I sorta kinda understand how you fit in. It’s all good sir.

    Thank you for your timely response however I wasn’t expecting you to respond.

    I guess if the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction approve the Charter School I guess there will be meetings across the county. I will be looking forward to those meetings. C. Dancy II


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