Local Choir "Best in America" – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO —  Maestro Kristian Herring knew his church choir was good and now the entire nation knows it.

On Friday, Herring and Salvation & Deliverance were tagged "the best choir in America" after winning the 2011 Verizon "How Sweet the Sound" competition at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. (Read more)

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Cain’s Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know

Presidential candidate Herman Cain’s campaign has been rocked by a Politico report that revealed Cain was accused of sexual harassment by two female employees during his stint at the National Restaurant Association. Cain told Fox News this morning that he has “never sexually harassed anyone” but confirmed that he was accused of doing so in the past, claiming such accusations were "false." Past employees of Cain, including his long-time female executive assistant, have told THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the charges are unbelievable. (Read more)

Response: Again I hope there is no truth to this. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

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Ignant Column – Rocky Mount NC: Nehemiah Smith Jr. Has Finally Had The Audacity To Post Some Ignance On My Blog

Nehemiah Smith Jr. I am glad that you had the audacity to post your ignance on my blog as it relates to: Presidential Candiate, “Why Big Daddy Cane?” Sexual Harrassment Not One Woman But 2!! Damnit Now!!

I am sad to know that some black folk are happy to hear and spread dirt [just allegations] on another successful black man [Herman Cain]. Now I know that some black folk are just as ugly and vile on the inside as the swift boaters! Nehemiah Smith

Response: Successful? Really? Allegations? Really? Well he has the opportunity to prove that they are just that accusations.

You damn right you came back to Rocky Mount and has shown just how ignant a black man could be by attacking the 4 – 3 black majority Rocky Mount City Council especially Rev. Andre Knight councilman member and President of the Rocky Mount NAACP. You come back here and made all kinds of accusations that were far from the truth spending time on a local Gospel Station Talk Show and then you begin to publish a sorry a… newspaper. It appears you connected with the local white folks who have a problem with the black majority city council. It appears you are connected to the local Tea Party as well. This has lead folks to contact me asking me who were financing your sorry a… newspaper. I refused to do a story about you because I was not going to promote you and your sorry a… newspaper. I am glad to hear that you recently apologized to Rev. Andre Knight.

I have been waiting on your ignant a… to post something on my blog. I report the news I don’t make it. I don’t give a damn who the news is about if I want to post about it I will. I post about black, white and other folks on my blog. Been waiting to post about you so thank you for inviting yourself.

What in the hell have you been doing with your sorry a… newspaper? The way you have attacked the Rocky Mount City Council was just downright out of ignorance. You come back here with all of your supposedly smarts bragging about where you have gone to college (Grambling) but what in the hell are you doing in Rocky Mount? Go get a damn real job and then talk to me.

Been waiting on you so let’s get it on.

Oh by the way the last time I spoke with you when I called in to the radio station you wanted to meet with me about the issues I was discussing but I hope your ignant a… got the message because I never got back with you, didn’t intend to, but when you publicly apologize to the Rocky Mount City Council maybe I will consider. But then again, I don’t deal with folks who don’t do their homework and don’t have a real job but bragging about their college education.

Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Presidential Candiate, “Why Big Daddy Cain?” Sexual Harrassment Not One Woman But 2!! Damnit Now!!

So why would Herman Cain do this to the women in the latter? Not the sexually harassment cases I mean but to run for President and now these women’s names will come up.

I knew it was something about this dude he just didn’t look right. He looks like an old nerd.

Talking about smart, this damn NEGRO was too damn smart for his own good.

Damn the more I read the article the more pissed I got.

This is what makes politics, church and other have a bad name because folks do their mess and then think it is okay to be in the spotlight.

This is why I am so glad I have a mind of my own and can speak for myself. To think this NEGRO said black folks were brainwashed to vote for Democrats hits home.

Hit home oh didn’t mean to go there because it seems that "Big Daddy Cain" were hitting on the women. Oh nope not LMBAO on this one because I don’t find this one to be funny at all. Just damn right discussing and this fool going to run for President.

One thing I can say is one of my longtime women friends who is older than I always tell people one thing about it they can’t say I am out here doing ignant mess since I am always talking politics. I don’t hold an office but I recognize and understand that white and black (blacks first) would love to see me get caught up in sex, money, drugs and the etc. I have always stated that when I leave home a red flag goes up and that I will not disgrace my family nor other black men. However I know I am not my mind keeper so if I was to fail along the way I would be the first to tell my story and move on.

Again I ask the question, why "Big Daddy Cain?"

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Exclusive: Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior – Source: Politico

During Herman Cain’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain, ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.  (Read more)

Response: I just posted something to this effect today and my friend/brother Jeff Savage thought I was talking about him. I get so sick and tired of black men failing prey to sex, money, drugs and etc. but then wants to run for an office. So are they so ignant to think that it will not come up? I hope it is no truth to this because this only makes all black men look bad. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

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TELEGRAM FOOTBALL INSIDER: OCT. 30 – Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

North Edgecombe, Tarboro, Nash Central, Southern Nash and SouthWest Edgecombe going to the 1st round playoffs. (Read more)

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A 9 year old African American girl Attacked by School Teacher Suffers Back and Neck Injuries. – Source: PRLOG

PRLog (Press Release)Oct 22, 2011

After weeks of complaints of teacher stalking the child to superintendents, school board,  Johnston County Sheriffs Office and DA’s office, nothing was done to protect the child from further harm while on school grounds. The attack took place on school grounds early afternoon October 21, 2011. (Read more)

Response: This is a sad situation. However Johnston County is a tough county so nothing surprises me. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator