Ignant Column – Blacks Democrats Supporting Cain But Talking About The Willie Lynch Story

It is funny as hell to me to see certain folks promote Cain and talking about “us” as descendants of slaves ought to join them in supporting Cain. They say that some folks are mad because Cain is a dark-skinned Negro and “our” President Barack Obama is light-skinned. They say this is the only reason why we support “our” President because he is light-skinned.

Willie Lynch is operating in many who don’t even realize it but when they open their mouths and/or write things they shows it.
Anyone who feels that black Democrats will vote for "our" current President over Cain just because of their skin color is just ignant as hell. They will simply vote for the Democrat just because they are registered as a Democrat.

I say these Cain supporters are IGNANT as hell and do not speak for me. I can think for myself.

Folks you better be “cautious” of folks who try to make you vote for a certain candidate just because they support that person.

I will continue to share information with you and you can decide for yourself who you want to support.

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2 thoughts on “Ignant Column – Blacks Democrats Supporting Cain But Talking About The Willie Lynch Story

  1. I agree with you completely that blacks “allow white Democrats to take them for granted.” 100% true. However, if blacks ever broke away and created their own party they’d never win a single election except perhaps in the few areas where they are the majority.,,but they’re already winning elections in those areas. Blacks make up only around 13% of the national population.

    Also, not all blacks agree on all issues. What would be the stance on abortion rights, for instance, if blacks formed their own party? There are many blacks on both sides of that issue. How about defense spending? Free trade? Taxes? Just because a person is black, white, purple, etc. doesn’t mean they’re going to think alike on the issues. Political parties are based on ideas, not skin color. You must not have put much thought into that idea, because a National Black Party would do nothing but further marginalize the black voter.

    Response: I know what I am talking about when it comes to politics.

    As it relates to a black party I disagree because the same as black folks buy into white folks party, I feel some of them will buy into black folks party? Most poor white folks fit in the same category as black folks so I can see it happen. But just my opinion. However one thing I do know for damn sure is I don’t know if it will work unless the black party is up and rolling. So I am willing to go for it. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator


  2. Are there many folks in the black community who vote for someone just because someone else tells them to? When will they learn to think for themselves? I know a fellow who ran a day center for elderly citizens. He actually drove them all to the polls, went into the voting booth with each of them and instructed them who they should vote for…straight ticket Democrat. That’s how the Democrats get a TON of their votes…by using similar underhanded and deceitful tactics. That’s why the Democrats will continue to take the black vote for granted, because they know they’re sheep, and they have them in their back pocket. YDKWTM!!!

    Response: Why are you going to be ignant to the facts? As if Republicans don’t vote straight Republican. It is just more Democrats in most counties. However that was not the case during the Jesse Helms era and white Democrats voted for him during the General Election.

    I am an active engaged black man so you can’t tell me how the politics works. You may tell someone that don’t know. Sorry I ain’t the one.

    Black folks allow white Democrats to take them for granted so therefore until black folks start their own party nothing will change. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party can continue to get their votes until another party is started but until then I have to work with what is available to me and making my own choice. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator


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