Don’t Get Mad Because I Am Black And I Identify Myself With What Is Black

Wilsonian Voices

Joel M. Killion said…
Democrats SHOULD want more Americans – not JUST African-Americans – registered and voting. Why are they so hung up on color? Sheesh!
And what’s with a group named "African-American Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party"? Can you imagine what the community would think and say if the Republican party created a group by the name of "The White Caucus of the North Carolina Republican Party"? It would be vilified and RIGHTFULLY SO! Of course, the GOP would never create a group like that. It’s creepy and un-American. Yet, the GOP is accused of racism all the time (w/o proof), while the Dems pull the race-card day in and day out and are given a pass. It’s ridiculous!

Just ignant as hell. I get so sick and tired of if white folks call themselves this and call themselves that, but who are in control of These United States.

To say that Republicans are accused of racism without proof is too damn ignant because their actions shows racism daily as they cut this and cut that in which the cuts are directed towards BLACK folks. It do not take a damn rocket scientist to see who the Republicans are targeting.

I am more interested in who run corporate American than I am who is the President of these United States.

Don’t get mad because I am black and I identify myself with what is black because I recognize and understand that when black folks do better all folks benefit.

Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator