Letter Of Thank You And Apology To Betty Perrin NeSmith Tarboro 27886

Thank you for accepting to be my friend. I felt that we could learn more about each other by doing so.

I want to also apologize for any and all comments that I have made about you, to you and your friends be they personal or just as members of the Tarboro 27886 group that I may have offended.

I am an agitator however I stand firm on what I believe in and I try to get people to focus on the real issue and not people because if we deal with the real issue of concern it will take care of the people issue. Many times I am misunderstood but when a person get to know me, they understand me.

I always try to begin a discussion as Curmilus Butch Dancy II the majority of the time according to the subject and if I know the people on a personal note. I start out by challenging others to stay within the policies and procedures of the issue involved and other measurable things and not to act solely on emotions. I always try to challenge the policies and procedures because if I don’t like them I recognize  and understand I must seek to change them.

I always hope the discussions that I get involved in goes well but when it does not I put on my agitator hat but I do it out of love.

So again thank you for accepting me as your facebook friend and please accept my apology. We both live in Edgecombe County and we all need to get along but understand it is okay to agree to disagree as we learn our boundaries of where we can go as it relates to speaking for and seeking to speak on issues that are dear to us. I look forward to being able to agree to disagree on issues in the future. We may not agree on a particular issue but I know we will agree on some issues. Heck I don’t even agree with my wife and family all the time and vise versa.

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