Black leaders turn up the heat on President Obama – Source: Politico

If there’s anything close to a political certainty in 2012, it’s that Barack Obama will get more than 90 percent of the African-American vote.

But that doesn’t mean every black Obama supporter will vote for him happily — nor does it guarantee that turnout will approach the stratospheric levels of 2008, even though Obama needs a huge showing from his base to offset the expected loss of swing voters in states like North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania. (Read more)

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President Obama – I Had Been Waiting For The Answer And Oops There Is It



I know many of you are without power and may not be able to get this message. Hopefully – it will help some of you. I know it is frustrating to be without power and even more to be dealing with damage to your home or business. All of your public officials are working hard for our recovery. Some of these numbers below may be of help:

If there is damage to your house or business – please make sure the county emergency management office has a report of your damages.

Halifax County Emergency Management – Tina Hinton, Director or Jennifer Simmons – 252/583-2031 (Report any damages to this number)

Nash County Emergency Management – Brian Brantley – 252-459-9805.

Brenda Jones, Exec. Asst. Legislative Liaison, NC Div of Emerg. Mgmt — 919-218-3742 or

Emily Young – Manager, Individual Assistance Program, NC Div. of Emergency Management, State Individual Damage Assessment Issues – 919-715-8000 — Ext 289

Red Cross – 800-854-1097—Individual emergency needs (food, water, housing, etc.)

Food, Water and Ice Distribution: Enfield Fire Department; Roanoke Rapids Recreation Center (State Mobile Unit). Help available for any person/family in the area.

Angela R. Bryant

717 West End St.

Rocky Mount, NC 27803-2817

252-442-4022; e-fax – 703-783-8553

President Obama – I Had Been Waiting For The Answer And Oops There Is It

I have found my answer not your answer but my answer right here.

Thank you THE BLACK LONG ISLAND ICED TEA PARTY for sharing the following. I have been getting so sick of all of the mess surrounding the President. Most folks are making valid points that the President could do more, maybe, maybe not, need some help? I say you damn right, we must hold him accountable but we must also do our part. But what can we do? For me this is the answer.

He is right. We need to get this President Some More Power. He is also right that we have not marched for this President. I have said it over and over that President Obama’s Presidency is still a Civil Rights Moment. Until we stand together and support this President, we will see ourselves continue to go backwards and lose all that our ancestors fought for out of ignorance. Source: THE BLACK LONG ISLAND ICED TEA PARTY  

Andrew Young: Getting The President Some Power (VIDEO)

School Closings – Edgecombe And Nash Counties Schools Closed Wednesday August 31, 2011

Edgecombe and Nash Counties Schools closed Wednesday August 31, 2011 for students. Edgecombe County Schools optional teacher workday.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Edgecombe County Public Schools