Tarboro NC – Faye Taylor Board Member Edgecombe County Public Schools Must Go

Sources supply me with much information about school and other issues however I don’t release some information that I receive because I try to do my homework before I put it out there. Sometimes it takes months and/or sometimes I never share certain information if I do not feel good about it although it may sound good.

Recently I named the Mayor of Princeville and 2 commissioners the Princeville 3. I am beginning to think that I am going to name 3 of the Edgecombe County Public Schools board members The ECPS 3 and they are Ann Kent Chair, Faye Taylor and Attorney Janice Davidson. If Dr. Talley was not leaving I might would probably call it The ECPS 4.

Edgecombe County Public Schools System is in a hell of a mess. Everyday I continue to hear more and more about mess going on and it is sad because they have no concern about the children but only about dealing with ADULTS. If everyone within the school system from the board, superintendent and staff were doing what they suppose to do then it would be no reason why our schools should not meet their expected growth.

First of all I want to say that Dr. Wayne Talley obviously don’t understand that it is some whites, board members, staff and in the community who are meeting and discussing what is going on in the Central Office and then we get the hearsay stuff in which after time I find to be 100% true. I have been out here a long time and everything, I repeat everything that I have received about what is going on has come from conversations that came out of a white conversation.

I have been tickled to death the responses I have received since my post “Tarboro NC – Edgecombe County Public Schools, Closed Session Meetings, Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent, John Westberg Former Principal, Sandra Jones Former Associate Superintendent, Juanita Westry Former Superintendent/Board Secretary” went out today. I am totally pissed about some of the information that I have learned.

I understand my name has come up that I supported Dr. Talley and I did support him as it related to Diane LeFiles and Dr. Lana VanderLinden positions. But I had my reasons and not because Dr. Talley had came up with something that no one else had had some concerns as it related to those positions. Been much talk about those 2 positions.

Sources say Faye Taylor wanted to get on the board because she had some personal things that she wanted to make happen within the system. I understand she can be credited for much of the mess that has gone on since her tenure on the board.

I understand that Faye Taylor and Ann Kent has spent much time in the Central Office over the past year feeding Dr. Talley with their concerns. I understand that when Faye made the comment that there were too many blacks in the Central Office that on this particular day the door was open and several people heard it. I understand that Sandra Jones name came up and that Taylor said she would not support renewing her contract so I guess this is why Talley didn’t renew her contract. I understand that Jones interviewed for her job but this is when they gave it to Dr. Renee Franklin. But again it was reported in the Daily Southerner that Jones retired.

I understand atleast one person approached Taylor and asked her about the Central Office incident and that she danced all around the question. I understand that Faye denied when asked by others even when some whom were present that heard it but didn’t admit it happened. I understand Dr. Talley lied but later told the truth.

I understand that Taylor supported a black female to become principal at Bullock School when she retired. But then I understand Faye was at the school almost daily all up in the teachers rooms and therefore it left many parents wondering who was the principal. I understand the black female asked that Taylor stop coming so often but she said she had grand children there. Well if black parents did that, we would be considered troublemakers. I know firsthand. I was told Taylor complained and the female was removed from the school.

I am beginning to wonder about Dr. Talley now. He had asked me to meet with him but for some reason the vibes were not allowing me to do such. I remember he asked me not long ago was I mad with him so I believe he must thought I knew about the mess with Sandra Jones but I just found out recently that she didn’t retire and obviously not since she is working. He is the only superintendent out of the past 5 – 6 that I did not meet with when they signed on. I also met with the interim superintendent before Talley was hired.

Sources say that Dr. Talley got a bad evaluation and that he is not really sick. Well I am going to take his word because I hope he is not lying about his health. I also heard some other things but that is not relevant/important because September 30 he will be history.

The Edgecombe County Public Schools System is my main concern and I follow the system faithfully. I began to follow them back in 1993 before I had a child in the system so it has never been about my children but all the children of the county be they black, brown, white and/or other. When it comes to politics and attending meetings I don’t play. So anyone who tries to connect me to the black board members it goes to show that they are ignorant to who I am and what I am stand for. I do what I do for the children and although I am for black board members, I ain’t totally caught up in them. If you read my blog you will see that I have called out both Evelyn Wilson and Dr. Evelyn Johnson so you should see that we do not have that type of relationship. You see I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest. I don’t know Attorney Teresa D. Bryant that well so I am learning her but Dr. Johnson been knowing her all of my life and Wilson been knowing her for many, many years. I have always thought Brant would be good for the board since she has worked with another law firm as it relates to the education system so therefore I feel that is a plus for our children.

Folks say what you want about me but I repeat my children will be okay because I fight for them and I have never and will never leave it totally up to others to fight for them. However I do know that some children don’t have anyone to fight for them so therefore I will be there for them. It is all about the children.

Always stay tuned for more as it relates to Edgecombe County Public Schools because the system is my main concern. I am going to tell the good, the bad and the ugly and I don’t give a damn who it is for or against because the truth will stand.

If you have some concerns about Edgecombe County Public Schools, you can forward them via email, cell 252.314.5484 or you can leave a comment.

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When We Come Together As A Black People Not All Of Us But Those In Leadership Roles And Those Who Want To Be Involved In What Is Going On Around Them

Envy, jealousy the crab in the bucket mentality.

Always have been and probably always will be unless there is a coming together. Years ago when I found out how much of the above was going on in our community I said in many meetings that when those who are in leadership roles and those who want to be involved in what is going on come together and put aside their differences then nothing will change. I see very little change today and that change I do see came by the Grace Of God. I don’t hold an office, I am not running for an office however I am concerned about what is going on around me. Hell I don’t have to be concerned because I will be alright but it ain’t about me but about the have nots and those who don’t stand up for themselves for whatever the reasons may be.