Dreams do come true Tarboro native son lands gig with Redskins – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — What started as a dream for Tarboro native, Shaun Draughn, when he was a kid, has now turned into reality and his dream is being carried out in the National Football League. (Read more)

Note: I hope this sends a message to football players in Edgecombe County that they can also follow Draughn but they must work hard, have good grades so they can go to college and then work hard some more and then possibly land a gig. Curmilus Dancy II – The Professional Agitator

Ignant Column: Oakland School Police Chief Quits After Racist Rant – Source: BET

Oakland school district police chief Pete Sama resigned Wednesday in light of accusations that he was the source of an alcohol-fueled racist rant toward an African-American sergeant and others.

After a charity golf tournament attended by the officers, Sama allegedly told the Black sergeant, "the only good n- is a dead n- and they should hang you in the town square to prevent any other n- from coming in the area." (Read more)

Note: Can’t even comment on this one right now, somebody hold my mule. Curmilus Dancy II – The Professional Agitator

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Facebook Comment On CBC Congresswoman Maxine Waters Going After The President

I have no problem with criticizing black, brown, white and other folks however I try to look at the whole picture to see if those I criticize hands are tied by default. I see “our” President hands being tied.

I see people wanting “OUR” President to be just a “black” President and that can’t be. He was elected by all people and not because of just the black vote but daily I see ignorance settling in as more “blacks” criticize “OUR” President. I see a difference in how “OUR” President was elected versus the elected officials on the local level whom are elected within a black majority district.

How many local folks are are holding their local representatives accountable for their actions? I don’t see it because when I attend meetings they are not present. Hell they don’t even stand up for their children by attending their child’s school and board of education meetings.

If the black elected officials whom were sitting at the table before President Obama was elected wants to criticize him then let’s look at their record to see what in the hell they have done since they have been in office. Let’s criticize everyone even the criticizers.

So Waters what is the CBC track record and then what is your and other CBC members records as individuals?

Now to the comment below, it was Right on!!

InciteTv Netwrk

and whats even more disgusting to me is now everyone is a political commentator – but only a few were talking when Bush targeted the poor – only a few were speaking as he raped Clinton’s surplus and turned it into Obama’s deficit – Its funny to me when I see blacks down a president because they PERCEIVE "he’s not for black people" – ignorant – why do you think republicans want him out? His policy is based on an equalization – how much more pro black can you be? Education, Health care, restoring proper taxation on the rich – are just a few major initiatives – now everybody talking about debt ceiling as if that was something other than – to discredit the president – debt is not a problem – economy stimulation is – ok last point never say we should run the country like our household budgets – that’s stupid. Here’s why in my household I dont print my own money – in my household when I go bankrupt it doesn’t effect the world economy – in my household the dollar isn’t based on my financial performance – these are vehicles of propaganda – and just like share cropping in the 30’s & 40"s – blacks will buy anything from masta’s store.

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Princeville NC – ‘Policies, procedures in place’

TARBORO — The Town did adopt a resolution delegating certain limited authority to the mayor and the manager to execute contracts on behalf of the town. We actually have a signed copy of that resolution and affidavits from a majority of the members of the board at that time acknowledging that the resolution was, in fact, adopted. (Read more)

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Princeville NC

Memorial Service for Charlotte Pitt Redmond Saturday August 20, 2011

(Service for Charlotte Pitt Redmond (sister of Roosevelt Pitt, Carverite; aunt of Felton Wooten) will be at Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Association Church, 3033 Bynum Road, Pinetops NC, Sat. Aug 20, 11:00 am)

Felton Wooten

Consultant,Prawn Farmer
Author:"How Not To Run A Business:
25 Critical Tips To Make Your Business Succeed"

It’s a Great Time to Be Racist – Source: The Root

Racists have officially lost their minds. In recent weeks, the venom spewed at President Barack Obama would leave one to believe that we are in the midst of a racist renaissance. "A dick," "jackass," "tar baby, "your boy" — you name it and the president has been called it. For some reason, some people are so enraged by how this country is purportedly being run that they cannot separate a real critique of the president’s decisions from mean-spirited name-calling related to his race. (Read more)