Draughn doing ‘fine’ with new heart – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Around 2:30 a.m., Thursday, July 14, Linda Draughn was awakened by a telephone call. She didn’t answer it, but the caller left a message. Draughn immediately listened to the voicemail and then returned the call. It turned out to be the call that she was waiting for. On the other end was Duke Hospital transplant coordinator informing her, "We got a match." (Read more)

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Tarboro NC – Linda Draughn Heart Transplant Support Group

The NC NAACP Commends Governor Perdue for Upholding the Constitutional Rights of Poor and Minority Four-Year-Old Children


NC NAACP Statement Regarding Executive Order No. 100

For Immediate Release

August 12, 2011

Contact: Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, President, 919-394-8137

Mrs. Amina J. Turner, Executive Director, 919-682-4700

Atty. Jennifer W. Marsh, Legal Redress Coordinator, 919-682-4700

The NC NAACP Commends Governor Perdue for Upholding the Constitutional Rights of Poor and Minority Four-Year-Old Children

In 1868, Blacks and Whites came together in Raleigh, NC to create a constitution that guarantees a sound, basic public education for all North Carolinians. Last month, 143 years after the historic gathering in Raleigh, Judge Howard Manning ruled that the budget passed by extremists in the NC General Assembly violates the constitutional rights of four-year-old children in North Carolina. The North Carolina NAACP commends Governor Perdue for fulfilling her duties to the North Carolina State Constitution by issuing Executive Order No. 100, demanding the state fulfill its moral and legal obligations to at-risk children. The Governor knows that not taking action is not an option. It is time the leadership in the General Assembly realizes the same.

"Apparently the radical right-wing forces in the General Assembly have the illusion that Judge Manning’s ruling is only a suggestion," said Rev. Dr. William J Barber, II, President of the NC NAACP. "They have been so blinded by an ideologically-driven agenda that they cannot bring themselves to see how their actions are hurting our most precious little ones. The legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, who voted for the destructive budget, are not denying their own children access to a sound, basic education. Instead, they targeted poor and minority four-year-olds to bear the brunt of unwise and devastating cuts to public education. Judge Manning’s ruling is a confirmation of what the NC NAACP and other progressive organizations have argued all along: the people running the NC General Assembly are breaking the law."

The NC NAACP calls on the NC General Assembly to comply with the State Constitution and a higher moral law and correct the funding problem. They should provide the money to properly fund a sound basic education as ordered by the courts and constitution.

The budget required the state to cut spending on pre-kindergarten programs by 20 percent. It also required 80 percent of families to pay up to 10 percent of their income to participate and limited the enrollment of at-risk children to 20 percent of the four-year-old children served in the pre-kindergarten program.

These barriers would all but eliminate the pre-kindergarten program for the children who needed it the most. It is unfathomable to ask families of at-risk children to pay thousands of dollars so their child can attend public school. Asking most families to pay 10 percent of their income would mean a family scraping by on $20,000 per year would be asked to pay $2000 for their child could attend a public school program. It is ridiculous to believe that families who have children meeting the requirements for the pre-kindergarten programs would have the disposable income to pay 10 percent of their income for these programs.


Former principal suing Board of Education – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Former SouthWest Edgecombe High School Principal John D. Westberg has filed a  lawsuit against the county Board of Education seeking a job as principal. (Read more)

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Tarboro NC – Linda Draughn Heart Transplant Support Group

YARD/BAKE SALE: Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church’s "We’ve Got Heart" Campaign will sponsor a Yard and Bake Sale to benerfit the Linda Draughn Heart Transplant Fund on Saturday, August 13, 2011 from 7:30 until 12:00 on the campus of Eastern Star Baptist Church at 718 E. Church St., Tarboro. Please come out and show your support for Linda.

Homegoing for Clifton Bell “Cliff” Hickman Former Social Service Assistant Director Edgecombe County

My condolence goes out to the Hickman family on the loss of your love one Clifton Hickman.

Script.: Read Eccles. 3 and know, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Song: He Has His Hands On You – Marvin Sapp

The Obituary

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I used to serve on the Edgecombe County Social Services Welfare Extensions Hearing Committee and so I got to know Bro. Hickman. I use to attend the Social Services Board meetings. I also ran into him from time to time in community meetings. Cliff loved working with Social Services. I was shocked to hear of his illness and then more shocked to learn of his passing. RIP my brother.

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Jon Bruning, Nebraska Senate Candidate, Compares Welfare Recipients To Raccoons – Source: HuffPost

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, the Tea Party-backed candidate running to unseat Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) next year, compared welfare recipients to raccoons and took a shot at the Environmental Protection Agency in a recent speech. (Read more)