The DCN News Blog Is A News Source Whether You Like It Or Not So You Better Get With The Program

What other news source in Edgecombe County bring you the breaking news and other information that you read and see lots of time before you read about it in your local newspaper? The Political Agitator gives his spin but most of the time he posts the video on The DCN TV so you can see it for yourself and you can put your own personal spin on it.

Oh did I mention and it is “FREE!!”

The Political Agitator main concern is Edgecombe County Public Schools happenings but not limited to. Many times you get the 411 before you get it anywhere else.

So for all of you who do not take The DCN News Blog serious, you better recognize.

Many of The DCN subscribers and readers say they do not read the local newspapers until they get the link from here.

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Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meets To Accept Dr. Wayne Talley’s Resignation

Ann Kent board chair opened the meeting. Board members Evelyn Wilson vice chair, Attorney Teresa Bryant, Keith Pittman and Attorney Janice Davidson were present. Dr. Evelyn Johnson was out of town and Faye Taylor has family illness. The board approved the agenda. Kent stated the purpose was to meet about personnel matters. Kent read her letter in response to Dr. Talley’s resignation that she read at the meeting on Monday and that she also sent to the local newspapers. She then asked Dr. Talley did he have anything he wanted to say and he said no.

Kent asked Evelyn Wilson board vice chair to take the board into closed session.

Diane LeFiles was present along with former Principal SouthWest Edgecombe High School John Westberg’s wife, daughter and son. I see they are still hanging together. Oh I know they probably goes to the same church.

LeFiles response to anyone that asked how she was doing was she was awesome. LeFiles was hired to be the Communications Director for North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount NC and she began on July 18. Sometimes folks fight against change but sometimes they don’t realize they are fighting their blessing. It is my opinion that LeFiles has moved on to a higher level in the education field. From dealing with elementary, middle and high school moving on to the college level is a good move in my opinion. I am quite sure it is more money.

I am sitting here listening to this crazy music the board plays while they are in closed session so that you can not hear what is going on in the room. They have got to change this station because I can’t take it any longer.

The board opened the door and had a side discussion. They made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 19:44.

Stay tuned for video of meeting coming soon.

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Note: Also by the way I wonder who posted this response: “Hey, it was in the Daily Southerner and The Rocky Mount Telegram – here is the link for the Telegram I have an idea but they once said to me they didn’t read The DCN News Blog. I just love it.

Note: Updated 20:17.



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