NC eugenics task force calls for victim payments – Source: WRAL

RALEIGH, N.C. — The state task force investigating the forced sterilization of about 7,600 people recommended Monday that North Carolina pay victims for their pain.

The Eugenics Task Force gave its draft report to Gov. Beverly Perdue, but members emphasized that changes could be made before the final report is issued next February. (Read more)

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President Obama on the Debt Agreement

The White House
Monday, August 1, 2011

Yesterday evening the President spoke in support of a bipartisan deal to reduce the nation’s deficit and avoid default. This deal will extend the debt limit until 2013, ensuring stability and economic confidence, and it puts in place a framework for balanced long term fiscal discipline. The bipartisan compromise assures that the United States meets its obligations, providing monthly Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits, and fulfilling contracts with thousands of American businesses.

Watch the video of the President’s remarks, and read the fact sheet for a comprehensive breakdown of the new plan.

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  • Monday, August 1
    5:00 p.m. EDT: Office Hours with Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council
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    4:00 p.m. EDT: Office Hours with Jason Furman, Principal Deputy Director of the National Economic Council
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    4:00 p.m. EDT: Office Hours with Brian Deese, Deputy Director of the National Economic Council

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N.C. Eugenics Task Force submits Preliminary Report to Governor

RALEIGH – The Governor’s Eugenics Compensation Task Force today submitted its preliminary report to Gov. Bev Perdue. The report examines possible methods or forms of compensation to those persons forcibly sterilized by the state’s former Eugenics Board program and a review of past recommendations. The Governor established the Task Force last March through Executive Order 83. The Preliminary Report is available at

The Preliminary Report offers four preliminary recommendations for the state to consider:

· Lump sum financial damages for living victims of the N.C. Eugenics Board program;

· Mental health services for living victims;

· Funding for traveling N.C. Eugenics exhibit; and

· Continuation and Expansion Funding for the N.C. Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation.

The Task Force acknowledged in a letter to the Governor “that the state of North Carolina must move beyond just an apology.” Task Force added, “We recognize that no amount of money can replace or give value to what has been done to nearly 7,600 people, and the Task Force will explore the preliminary recommendations in greater detail while also examining others.”

The Preliminary Report is not final and subject to change. Final recommendations are due to the Governor on Feb. 1, 2012.

If you or someone you know may have been impacted by the program and would like to verify your status and access your patient files, call the Foundation’s toll-free hotline at 1-877-550-6013 or visit the Foundation’s website at to download a verification request form. Foundation staff is available to assist callers from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.


Jill Warren Lucas

Communications Director

NC Department of Administration

ph. 919-807-2496

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Do You Know? Edgecombe County – Diane LeFiles Was Hired At North Carolina Wesleyan College In The Same Role She Served In With The Edgecombe County Public Schools System?

Do you know that Diane LeFiles was hired at North Carolina Wesleyan College in the same role she served in with the Edgecombe County Public Schools System? Sources say she began in July as Director of Communications.

I wonder if this had been someone else would they had been hired so soon? Oh well. Sometimes the saying goes they look out for their own.

I wonder why it has not been publicized? But maybe I missed it so if you didn’t please respond and let me know where you seen it. Thanking you in advance.

Breaking News – Edgecombe County Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley Will Be Resigning Effective The End Of September 2011

Sources say Edgecombe County Superintendent Dr. Wayne Talley will be resigning effective the end of next month September 2011. There will be a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2011 7:00 PM.

When I first met Dr. Talley at the College Round-Up earlier this year I felt he would not be here long. I believe that the climate here is not a good fit for Dr. Talley. It is fact that he came into a mess when he entered the Edgecombe County Public Schools System. The good ole boys/girls have been riding him every since he has been here because they didn’t like the change that he brought forth.

I liked Dr. Talley however I never did go sit down in his office and as I have all the previous Superintendents and or interim Superintendents. I did see him in action at Conetoe Chapel Church when he did a presentation during a Sunday morning service. I felt at that time he was genuine and wanted what was best for all children.

Well I hate to see Dr. Talley leave so soon however a man has to do what a man has to do. Everyone can only take so much. I believe the good ole boys/girls pushed him to the limit and I don’t have a problem with him quitting if that be the case. The older I get the less I want to fight ignorant folks who want things to stay the same.

Oh well here we go again. I guess the good ole boys/girls will be trying to get the same person they pushed for during the past hiring of a Superintendent. I don’t have to tell you where I stand on that.

See you on Wednesday.

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