Racism And Power? Edgecombe County Public Schools July Board Meeting Deadlock On The Appointment And The Switch Of Officers

First of all the whole thing with the appointment of a replacement to fill the unexpired term of Attorney Teresa D. Bryant turned out just like I knew it would. But what I want to know is how each individual voted. During the July meeting names were put on the ballot so I have to ask at the next is the way they voted public record.

It is my opinion that Evelyn Wilson, Evelyn Johnson and Keith Pittman voted for Rev. Roy Gray which leaves Ann Kent, Janice Davidson and Faye Taylor voting for Thomas Wayne Edison. However I could be wrong.

Those who have a problem with me making it a race issue so be it. I didn’t know the exact numbers of the district until Friday when Terry Smith editor of the Daily Southerner posted a poll on their site. However I did know that it is majority black so thank you Smith for the numbers 53.76 percent black to 37.80 percent white and 8.3 percent Hispanic.

But I repeat again that Thomas Wayne Edison has no clue of what the issues are in the district because he did not answer the questions during the interview process. He wants to reduce classroom sizes which is not doable. Hell we all would love that but I be damn if I want someone to represent me when they are not focused on the real issues. I will also repeat that he was not the one for the appointment but if he ran and the people who live in the district voted for him, then I would have to honor that but since I don’t live in the district and could voice my opinion on the appointment during public comments, there you have it.

Since the board is already a 4-3 white majority what was the problem with keeping the board a 4-3 majority? So just like sources say Faye Taylor said there are too many blacks in the Central Office that must be the case with the board members. LMBAO!!

Since the board deadlocked again in the July meeting following the deadlock in the June meeting, I want to thank Attorney Teresa D. Bryant for rescinding her resignation. I had tried to get her not to resign from day one but I respected her decision.

I am still trying to figure out what in the hell was going on with the election of officers thing. Former board chair Evelyn Wilson seemed to have an attitude and was angry when she moved to the election of officers on the agenda. Wilson said don’t waste time on this election of officers because so much time was wasted on trying to appoint a replacement for district 2.

Wilson said she had heard she wanted power and she was going to show them what power is from wherever she serve. She said Ann Kent wanted to be chair so just give it to her. And then Kent gave some comments about why she wanted to the chair position which sounded like a damn victory speech before the voting process was carried out. I agree with Attorney Bryant that the other board members ought to decide who they want to vote for and that Kent’s speech sounded like a victory speech.

In a response from Attorney Bryant in response to my email interview with her after the July meeting I agree 100% on how long a person should serve as officers. I believe everyone should get the opportunity to serve especially if they are on the board to do what is right and just about all children, staff and etc. However I know that some is not going to do what is right but sometimes I feel strongly that holding offices limit you to some power of what one could really say and do. This is why I don’t care to hold offices in the organizations that I am a member of. I will not be limited to what I can say and do.

So this leads me to my next question why would Evelyn Wilson except the role of vice chair? This means she and Ann Kent switched roles. Janice Davidson and Keith Pittman are the other senior board members so why didn’t she recommend one of them. Talking about showing them how she could use her power wherever she serve, then I would have not accepted the role of vice chair. But then again I can’t follow Wilson in what she says sometimes. I have not been a great fan of hers since the 90’s when she didn’t use her power when a former principal at SouthWest Edgecombe kicked an organization out of the school because he was racist as hell on top of him inviting me to the cornfield because I was an advocate for the children and 1st Vice President of the Rocky Mount NAACP. I also have some other reasons as well as it relates to going to the board about how another principal at South Edgecombe retaliated against me through my daughter who attended the school by trying to keep her from receiving the “A” Honor Roll. Another principal that followed him had me banned from the school because I questioned a teacher about a math question but that was because some racist teachers wanted me off the School Improvement Team because he said they told him they were afraid of me because I had a talk show on a local radio station. Also I shared my concerns with her when Dr. Florence A. Armstrong was blackballed during an interview process when I set in the interview process when we were trying to hire a principal at G. W. Carver Elementary School several years ago. I walked out of the interview because they wanted to bring Cheryl Omstead who as an assistant principal at Pattillo to Carver as an assistant until she received her certificate and I said oh no. But when I talked to Wilson she was so damn negative about Armstrong and had nothing to say about the person supposed to have a principal certificate to be hired at Carver.

So Wilson I have yet to see you use real power so I am going to wait and see just what you do in the vice chair role. However don’t get it twisted because although I have some issues with you, I still supported you when you did the right thing in other areas and I will still do so. But again I have yet to see you use some real power over the many faithful years I have attended the meetings advocating for children and staff.

Now that Ann Kent has the chair position I can’t wait to see how she perform. I was shocked to hear her finally have some good things to say about the Boys and Girls Club whereby she had been trying to kick them out of the Edgecombe County Public Schools and wanted them to get their own facility. The Boys and Girls Club was good because the school system didn’t offer after school programs to help the children so therefore the Boys and Girls Club was just that.

And the most recent early this morning I read on the Board of Education website there is a formal meeting at 12:30 PM. So maybe Wilson has used her power to tell some folks about the meeting but I be damn if I have heard from her. And if that be the case those she told are not faithful board members like I am and they damn sure do not come to the meetings and stay to the very end like I do. I don’t know  of any of them having a blog and/or network that they share information with others about Edgecombe County Public Schools as I do and I know I am the only one that video the meetings, hell the board do not have them videoed.

Oh well I guess I can close by saying it will be some interesting meetings from this day forward.

I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest. So there you have it.

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