My Response To An Ignant Poster On African American Reports

The following is my response to an ignant poster on African American Reports in a post titled: Black Tea Party Group to Rally Against NAACP

Jesse after reading your post again you ask, "What has the Dems done for me?" I have been actively engaged in Politics since the early 90’s and it is none of your damn business what you think the Dems have done for me. I will tell you what I have done for me. I began school at 5 years old, I began to work on the family farm at 5 years old whereby my dad and mom worked a public job plus we farmed. I helped my granddad, my great uncles and a white man in the neighborhood up until I was in my early 20’s. I graduated from high school in June 1981 and went to work in July. I still worked on the farm although I worked 7 days a week on my public job. I went to work later where my dad worked and worked there for a couple of years and ran the farm while he worked 2nd shift and I worked 1st. I worked the tobacco and took it to the warehouse to be sold. I then went to work on the job I am at now for the past 24 years and nearly 6 months but while there I worked for a cleaning service and then later worked with Zip Mart until they sold the store to someone and I worked with them until his white son ran them in the whole. I was damn pissed with him because his dad had gave him the store. All of my years of advocacy has been fighting for the least of them. I joined the NAACP not because I had an issue but because I wanted to help make a difference. I joined many organizations. So I ain’t the one when it comes to challenging me about who has done what for me because I have been a Democrat all of my life but I have also had a damn mind of my own and I agree with that that is dear to me and that I do not I challenge whomever. The Jesse’s, the Bonds’ of the world don’t think for me because I can do that for myself.  Now there you have it. Oh I haven’t seen you correct others on misspelled words. I am the agitator and I agitated your …..  Go figure. I have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies only permanent interest.

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