Board Member Attorney Teresa D. Bryant Responds To Formal Meeting Called For Monday July 18, 2011 12:30 PM

Thank you Attorney Teresa D. Bryant for responding to my request in such a timely fashion. Thank you for sharing with me and my viewers your response.

The following is the response from Bryant, “It is my understanding the meeting will address closed session personnel matters only. I am on the trial calendar and will be unable to get away during the day for the meeting. I do know that there is a quorum but I have to direct all questions regarding how notice was given to the public of this meeting to Dr. Talley who handles this.” Teresa DeLoatch Bryant District 2

So again what is so important that this meeting must take place on Monday knowing that Attorney Bryant can not be present. Damn I have set in many of meetings whereby the board has tried to accommodate all the board members so they can be present. So why this meeting could not have been held later in the evening?

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One thought on “Board Member Attorney Teresa D. Bryant Responds To Formal Meeting Called For Monday July 18, 2011 12:30 PM

  1. Simply put—If Bryant cannot make herself available for meetings she should have never retained her seat. If she is not going to represent her district then appoint someone who can.

    Note: Ignant this is not a regular monthly meeting that was last week and she was there. The meetings are on The DCN TV so watch them to see how many she has missed. None. So ignant get your damn facts straight or don’t leave comments here.

    I hate it when folks like you intentionally mislead folks and would have folks thinking she does not attend the meetings.

    I repeat if you are not going to post sensible comments and factual do not leave a comment here. This is your 1st and final warning cause I don’t play. Do you hear me now? LMBAO!!

    And also do not continue to try to use more than 1 code name because again I don’t play!! Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher


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