MLK’s Daughter (Bernice King) Exits Eddie Long’s Church – Source: eurweb

*Folks are wondering if everyone is really happy for Bishop Eddie Long after one of the stand out members and servants decided to “turn her keys in.”

Bernice King, the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has left her position as an elder of Bishop Eddie Long’s church just days after a settlement had been reached in the sexual misconduct case against the pastor. (Read more)

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One thought on “MLK’s Daughter (Bernice King) Exits Eddie Long’s Church – Source: eurweb

  1. Personally, I’m not “happy” over the end of the lawsuit involving Bishop Long’s alleged sexual misconduct; I’m saddened and embarrassed that the credibility of the church as a whole has once again been damaged by misdeeds of prominent ministers, and the integrity of the bulk of pastors, preachers and teachers put into question by the actions of a few. That being said, I’m sure Rev. King stayed during this time of turmoil because of loyalty to the ministry she’s been active in; now that it’s been resolved she can move on with a clear conscience. Just sad that the whole situation even arose in the first place; whether the allegations are true or not, the Bishop should never have put himself or the name of Christ in such a position to even have those type of allegations made. I just pray the spiritual damage that has been done to so many people can be healed in time and that the actions of a few not be cause for all preachers or Christians to be painted as hypocrites.


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