Princeville NC – Two Commissioners Chose Not To Take A Picture To Hang Up At The Princeville Town Hall To Save Money

Commissioners Gwendolyn Knight and Ann Howell chose not to take a picture to hang up at the Princeville Town Hall because they felt the $300.00 per picture price tag was too expensive.

I believe Princeville is headed in a whole new direction now that Commissioner Calvin Sherrod has taken a stand and has demanded that the town pay Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight her money. It appears that Sherrod has realized that since Mayor Priscillia Everette-Oates has hired a 2nd lawyer to handle the appeal of $450.00 plus interest due to Knight that all of this is just crazy as hell. It is more than likely the town will lose again because the rule that was put in place to try to silence Knight is not law. But even if the Mayor was to win it is a no win situation because of the amount of monies that has been paid and is expected to be paid in the future.

It is so sad that Mayor Everette-Oates is so damn ignant. It is obvious that this whole thing is personal for her because she has no concern about how much money she is spending because of her ignance.

It is past time for all the citizens of Princeville to demand that Commissioner Knight be paid and the law suit be dropped.

I was glad to read The Daily Southerner article, “Princeville citizens speak out about town hiring a second lawyer” that several people spoke out about how the money is being spent. I hope more citizens will join them at the next meeting.

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