GOP Govs’ Popularity Plummets – Source: The Daily Beast

NEW YORK – Less than a year after a cadre of Republican firebrands swept into statehouses from Ohio to Florida to Wisconsin, voters are turning on them. John Avlon on what this means for 2012. (Read more)

Lawmakers Agree to Patriot Act With No Oversight Revisions 20 May 2011 – Source: Citizens for Legitimate Government

Lawmakers Agree to Patriot Act With No Oversight Revisions 19 May 2011 Congressional leaders reached a deal Thursday to extend the Patriot Act, the set of antiterrorism laws passed in the wake of Sept. 11, with no oversight revisions, leadership aides in both parties said. The plan would extend the law until June 2015. The most controversial elements of the antiterrorism law were set to expire May 27. The provisions give law enforcement access to troves of personal information, including business and library records, so long as a judge approves. They also let officials keep wiretaps on terrorism suspects who change numbers and permit surveillance of foreign terrorism suspects who appear to be acting on their own.

(Read more)

Wilson removed as plaintiff in plant site rezoning lawsuits – Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

An N.C. Superior Court judge ruled Friday that the city of Wilson be removed as a plaintiff from two ongoing lawsuits against Nash County.

Wilson has sued Nash County over rezoning close to 150 acres of land at the intersection of Interstate 95 and N.C. 97 that Sanderson Farms wants to use to build a new poultry processing plant. (Read more)

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