[KOCH] Billionaires who own the tea party movement

I’m almost as old as the KOCH Bros, although living at the opposite end of the financial spectrum, surviving on Social Security and Food Stamps.  But I remember their father well.  When I was in college learning the difference between liberal and conservative, and the ethical difference between right and wrong, their father was pouring his money into an obscure right-wing organization.

I knew the John Birch Society was so fascist and greed-driven that surely it would wither and die, ignored by all the great Americans who had won WWII at home and abroad, fighting to save the World and Our Democracy from domination by Hitler’s Naziism.  What I did not realize at that time was that there were Sociopathic fascists right here in America who more quietly shared his same Nazi compulsion for World Domination. One of their leaders was Fred Koch.

While Fred’s sons were reared in wealth stolen from others, I worked my way thru college like millions of Americans did during the 60s, with a working wife, help from parents and student loans, even dropping out a year to work.  When I remember struggling to pay tuition of less than $200 per semester at a state college, it boggles my mind how much I paid to send my youngest son to a sister state university 4 decades later, and cannot understand how any University administrator can sleep at night charging what they do today.  Universities have evolved as a fascist tool to keep the intellectual population in debt, so they will owe their souls to Corporate Fascism, and not rebel before being fully inducted into the Corporate Clan.

In a college psych course, I learned this truth:  if you take a frog and throw it into a pot of hot water, it will instantly jump out as an automatic defense reaction.  However, if you put the same frog in a pot of cool water, then raise the temperature slowly enough, it will sit there contentedly until it cooks.

Americans today are the frogs of Corporate Fascism.  Throwing us in hot water was WWII.  We fought Naziism as a Holy War, knowing fascism was evil and an invention of Satan.  For each generation thereafter, American Corporate Fascists have turned up the heat slowly, war after war, all the while stealing more of the American Dream from a healthy and happy Middle Class, born out of prosperity from winning WWII, preserving democracy and crushing fascism.  Democracy doesn’t work without a strong Middle Class, as all Corporate Fascists know.

By 1980, Corporate Fascism had grown strong enough to begin dismantling the safeguards that had been built by FDR a half century before, to protect us from America’s Fascist Corporations, masquerading under the misnomer of "conservatives".  Conservatives conserve nothing but the wealth of the wealthiest.

They put an actor puppet with Alzheimer’s in the White House, and began seriously buying Congress with accelerated Corporate profits caused by Democratic Presidents having paid off the War debt, all the while increasing wealth of American Fascists like the Koch Bros.  Today Charles and David are among the richest Nazis in the World, and they are winning their War against Democracy without firing a shot, tho not without murdering more Americans than Osama bin Laden did.

Like Hitler, everyone they have murdered was done legally. Whenever their crimes are about to be exposed — as when during the Healthcare debate it was revealed that Insurance Corporations murder 46,000 Americans per year — they use Projection to divert attention, claiming the mean old Government was setting up Death Panels, when they knew absolutely that Death Panels had been used by the Insurance Companies to increase profits since they were founded.  Never mind the insanity of such a statement: the Government had NO reason for Death Panels, while Insurance Companies had EVERY reason to torture and murder Americans to increase profits by denying coverage and refusing to pay claims.

The evil Koch Twins of American Nazism employ dozens of highly paid staff in Washington, backed by their unearned billions, to influence hundreds of pieces of Legislation in Congress, each and every one intended to make rich Nazis richer, and to cover up reality of the slaughter and torture of Americans along the pathway to their increased wealth. 

The frog is cooking in the water, unaware that heat has been steadily turned up this past century, to destroy democracy itself, replacing it with total dependence on a Global One-World-Order Military-Industrial-Media-Healthcare Corporate Fascism that would make Hitler drool with envy.  They thought they had it made when they elected an ex-alcoholic AWOL born-again oil-rich Texas boob as President.  Unlike Ronnie Rayguns, most of the time he could remember his lines, and did what he was told to do.  Then, to cement his feet in history, they allowed over 3000 Americans to be mass murdered, while his brain-behind-the-throne-Vice-President, Satan’s Deputy Henchman, launched their fascist wet dream of endless Oil Wars.

But as the 21st Century opened, they turned the heat up too fast, causing Global Economic Collapse, and were afraid the frog might jump.  So they chose an ancient "conservative" and an unknown whacko chickie to make certain that the Party they had totally bought, the Rethugs, would loose. Thats how a symbol of deep racial hatred was elected, so that all attention would be focused away from the Nazis, and toward the N*gger, knowing they could tie enough financial strings to him and make him dance to their fiddle playing.

And so it came to pass that the evil Nazi twins used their billions to birth a fraud wrapped in the false patriotism of a yellow flag with a snake on it, the tea party movement.  When I grew up yellow was the color of cowardice, and a snake lured Adam and Eve from God’s Garden.  It’s still the same.

Like their father before them, the Koch Brothers financed the fraud Americans for Prosperity to build the tea party nationally, and FreedomWorks (but only for the rich).

Brainwashing those simpletons already addicted to the FOXpox was a piece of cake.  Getting them to scream their hatred at Town Hall staged media events was as easy as poking a snake with a stick. 

All the while, professional con artists who are paid six figure salaries to incite the tea party were snickering at how easy it was to get these dolts to work for billionaire Nazis for free.

Having them march as their Storm Troopers draped with colorful fragments of American flags made them seem legitimate on TV, by co-opting an anti-war tactics of the late 60s, when fascists back then were claiming that desecrating the flag by wearing it was treasonous. A different generation failed to notice that black had been turned into white, a tactic perfected by Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels.

But the frog was cooking again.

Lately, these chefs impatient to destroy the Middle Class and democracy in their lifetimes have been turning up the heat too fast.  The frog is catching on that it is being cooked.  Sacrilege and blasphemy against Corporate Fascism are showing up inside the temples. 

US Uncut imported from England shoves fascism back up their noses inside (gasp!) Banks themselves.  And just recently, infidels invaded a supreme historical symbol of oppression, from Hitler’s Wagnerian Nazism to America’s Koch Fascism:  the Opera!

While a Premiere Film was projected on the outside walls of New York’s Lincoln Center from a hotel window across the street over heads of a thousand in a gathered audience below, this bit of truth was pasted on a wall inside, to show all the world who our 21st Century Nazi enemies are.
You can see this magnificent short film that was projected on Lincoln Center, and hear sung one of the most incredible American Operas ever produced here at KochBlocked.com 

As a lifelong media person, I must admit that tears of joy come each time I watch it.

And the Koch brainwashed bauble-headed tea party fake-patriot Armey marches on into oblivion, thoroughly conned into believing that they are actually in control of anything at all.

Please God, may I live long enough to see the collapse of Koch tea party Naziism in America, and the restoration of Your blessings of democracy to an again thriving Middle Class.  By your Mercy, send all of Satan’s Sociopaths back tohell from whence they came.

BTW: one American pronunciation of the Koch family name is Coke.  Another is ‘cook’, as in frogs.
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[CoalitionofConcernedCitizensforAfricanAmericanChildren] Updates

BOE approves redistricting map

Despite concerns about flawed data — cited by Great Schools in Wake and the NAACP — the BOE voted yesterday to approve a redrawing of the county’s nine voting districts. The map will determine who can vote in the upcoming BOE election in October.  The BOE also voted to layoff nearly 100 WCPSS employees. Additional coverage, and video of the meeting, are on WRAL.

The following summary of yesterday’s work session is courtesy of a Great Schools in Wake colleague:

By a 5-3 vote, the Board of Education approved a redistricted election map that delineates voting boundaries for each board district, which will be in effect for the next ten years. During the specially called meeting on Tuesday, which followed a short work session on the redistricted map, Carolyn Morrison, Deborah Prickett, Chris Malone, Debra Goldman and John Tedesco voted for the proposed map, drawn by private attorney Kieran Shanahan, who was hired by the Board to draw the map. Members Keith Sutton, Kevin Hill and Anne McLaurin voted against it.
One map

The vote came after discussion that questioned the process the Board used. A single map was developed in closed and private meetings between Mr. Shanahan and small groups of Board members, so as not to violate open meetings laws. If five or more Board members had met with him at one time, the meeting would be required to be open to the public, and the small group meetings seemed designed to keep discussions of the map by board members private. Following several closed meetings, the Board held one public hearing and then had one public work session before voting on the map. No alterations were made to the map after the public hearing or after receiving public comment by email.
The map had been criticized by Mayor Russell Killen of Knightdale, whose town of 11,400 people is split between three Board member districts. In response to that criticism, during the work session Tuesday, Mr. Shanahan compared it to having Raleigh (population 403,900) and Cary (population 138,000) split among several districts.  One of the guidelines approved by the Board of Education governing the drawing of the map was to respect municipal boundaries.
During the work session, Board members discussed having alternatives to the single map. John Tedesco said he’d like to consider having one district inside the beltline of Raleigh, with the remainder of the districts outside that central part of the county. A speaker at last week’s public hearing on the map stated a similar suggestion, saying Raleigh had too much influence over the school system.
Keith Sutton expressed concern over the lack of an open process used to develop the map. Chair Ron Margiotta said he felt the process had been nonpartisan. Chris Malone said he though it had been fair because he had heard complaints from “our side….that respectable people who support community schools” also criticized Mr. Shanahan’s map.
Debra Goldman claimed that only one map was presented ten years ago, but Ann Majestic, the Board attorney whose firm drew up the maps in 2000, said multiple maps had been developed in 2000, and the Board considered two maps in the final selection process in 2000.
The Board also turned back a friendly amendment by Keith Sutton to add the
guidelines to their resolution to approve the map. Ms. Prickett objected and in the end, Ms. Prickett, Mr. Malone, Ms. Goldman, Mr. Tedesco and Mr. Margiotta voted against including the guidelines in the resolution. No reasons were given for voting that down.
Highly effective teachers

Earlier in the work session, the Board heard data regarding the location of 327 highly effective teachers (those teachers whose students show high growth on end of grade tests) and the location of low performing students. The highly effective teachers are clustered mainly in western Wake County schools, while the low performing students are mainly along a band in east Raleigh, southeastern Wake and eastern Wake. Mr. Tedesco said the question remains how does the district get highly effective teachers in front of Level 1 and Level II students (those performing below grade level).
Academic officer Donna Hargens said highly effective teachers typically have high expectations for all students, follow the standard course of study closely, use their classroom time wisely, check often to make sure students are learning the material, alter strategies if they are not learning the material, and plan together with others on their team.
The Board also discussed changes in policies governing discipline.  The State legislature is considering changes in state statutes governing school discipline, and WCPSS is moving to be in alignment with those changes.

In the News

Cary school is No. 1 magnet

Bear sighting keeps students in Garner schools

NC Senate panel zeroes in on teacher group’s money

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.

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