President Barack Obama’s Accomplishments (As of 5/11/2011) – Source: HubPages

THIS LIST KEEPS GETTING LONGER and LONGER. Yes, the list of President Barack Obama’s accomplishments is increasing by the day. (Read more)

Bill would shorten early voting timeframe – Source: The Sun Journal

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s early voting would be scaled back by a week under a bill that won tentative approval from the state House on Thursday.

“This is clearly not an indictment against early voting,” said unaffiliated Rep. Bert Jones of Rockingham County, the sponsor of the bill. “I guess the question is, how long is enough?” (Read more)

Note: Read my friend Joyce McCloy’s comments following this article. Curmilus Dancy II – The Political Agitator

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Princeville Moves Money Around – Source: The Daily Southerner

It was reported in the Friday May 13, 2011 print edition of The Daily Southerner that Princeville held a special call meeting Thursday afternoon whereby $30,000 was appropriated for professional services.

As usual it was reported that Commissioners Calvin Sherrod and Isabelle Purvis-Andrews voted in favor while Commissioners Gwen Knight and Ann Howell voted against. This means Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates cast the tie-breaking vote.

Oh well here we go again.

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