Who to Blame for Unemployment: The White House or Congress? – Source: Your Black World

I had a conversation today with Rev. Al Sharpton that took us back to the heated debate that Rev. Sharpton had with Cornel West on MSNBC last month (it was VERY interesting and you can watch it here).   At any rate, the discussion revolved around who to hold accountable for the shocking and unacceptable increases in black unemployment. (Read more)

Note: I have said this many times. The same goes for those who continuously talk about “Our” President not pushing for Reparations. Oh well I am so glad I understand politics and do not have to rely totally on other folks as it relates to POLITICS. This is why everyone should get involved in politics so they can be somewhat knowledgeable of what is real and what is perceived. This will allow them to not be mislead because some folks main thang is to mislead folks. Yep I said main thang. Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meeting Where Are You? Parents? Black Parents? It’s Public Comments Time!!

I have been at the board meeting since 5:30 PM and will probably be here until around 10 – 11 PM.

There is much going on and you can view the agenda monthly on the ECPS website. So do you check to see what is on the agenda? If you are concerned you don’t need to check the agenda but just attend because you ought to interested in what is going on in the system. We all know that the budget is a heavy hitter so therefore you ought to be concerned about what is being cut.

Tonight the white community was here asking not to eliminate the 6th grade band. I was unaware of this until I got here. But I would bet that we have some black children in the band. Well as I type a young black female just took the podium during the public comments talking about the band. So therefore I just got a confirmation.

Now on to the budget Kathy Winslow spoke of her concerns and also to public comments being revised.

Bernice Pitt spoke to the budget.

Now my concerns during public comments were as follows:

Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meeting Monday, May 09, 2011

My concerns are:

1. Last meeting I asked for the information listed in CLOSED SESSION: (9.1) Personnel Management. I am asking to receive the information in these regards when you come out of closed session the night of your meetings.

2. The Budget: I always have believed in trusting in folks who are very professional in what they do and until they show me different I believe in allowing that person to do their job. I trust that our finance person has done a professional job and that you the board should follow her lead unless it is something that is just totally questionable beyond the call of duty. I do not believe you will find that in her presentations so therefore I am asking you to support her presentation.

3. In the future I am requesting to be notified of all School Board Policy Committee meetings in time so that I can attend the meetings if I so desire. I can be notified by email and/or text so therefore there is no cost.

4. I am making an appeal to Attorney Teresa D. Bryant to reconsider not resigning from the board because your input and expertise has been very impressive since your time on the board. You have brought a whole new perspective to this board.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly

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‘We deserve better’ – Source: The Daily Southerner

The Daily Southerner — Thank you for your article on the Edgecombe County School Board of Education travel expenses. I have always heard that you would understand someone’s priorities by how their money is spent. The school board is speaking loud and clear. All information that was presented at the meeting the board attended in California could have been received by each attendee without leaving North Carolina. (Read more)

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Princeville hires second attorney – Source: The Daily Southerner

The Daily Southerner — PRINCEVILLE — An additional attorney was hired by Princeville in the next stage of its case against town Commissioner Gwen Knight. (Read more)

Note: I just don’t get it but why should I when the people of Princeville NC don’t give a damn. Too damn sad!! Curmilus Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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