Do You Believe Osama bin Laden Is Really Dead? Frankly I Don’t Give A Manure But What I Do Believe Is . . . I Am Naming This Operation Capture And Kill Osama bin Laden

I frankly don’t give a manure if Osama bin Laden is really dead because it is highly unlikely I would ever see him in anyway so why should I get so caught up in whether he is dead or not. However I do hope he is dead for the sake of the murders that he has been accused of because I have much sympathy for all the families whom have been affected.

So for those who continues to question if “Our” President Barack Obama should receive some credit for them capturing and killing Osama you damn skippy. He along with all those who he gave permission to carry out the mission all deserves credit.

Now what I do believe is “Our” President would not go on national tv and say he authorized the military to go in capture and kill bin Laden. I don’t believe those in the military would lie and say they played a role. I don’t believe the family of bin Laden would say that this happened. So what about the Stealth Fighter that was lost during the operation  of capture and kill Osama bin Laden?

I videoed “Our” President to be in Durham NC, Greenville NC, Wilson NC and the “Our” First Lady to be during the campaign trail  in 2008 before he was elected. If he comes back to the area again during the campaign trail of 2012 I am quite sure someone will ask some questions about bin Laden.

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The Edgecombe County Board of Education will meet in regular session Monday, May 9 in the Keihin Auditorium

Edgecombe County Board of Education meeting May 9th The Edgecombe County Board of Education will meet in regular session Monday, May 9 in the Keihin Auditorium in the T.S. Fleming Building at Edgecombe Comm. College at 6 p.m. following the Gold Key ceremony. (View Agenda)

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When It Comes To Holding “Our” President Accountable Per Some Folks Standards

The average voter can’t relate to the President like they can on the local level with local officials but many can’t relate to local officials either. When it comes to the President over the years it has been all white men so even myself didn’t get into the Presidency as much as I did the local officials. But we elect local officials to go to The White House to represent us so therefore when some folks post some things about some not asking the President for anything it could be misleading that they are talking about the voters and not the elected officials. So this to me raise another issue when they talk about Reparations and other, if those at the table that we elect don’t fight for it then how can one attempt to put the full blame on "Our" President. Just asking.

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Today I Celebrate The Life And Legacy Of Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy My Mom

Today I celebrate the life and legacy of Dorothy Gray Horne Dancy my mom who would have been 75 years today. My mom and I were real close and we did things together in the community. My mother expired on September 17, 1997. To God be the glory.

It was hard to let her go but I did my part so the following song puts things in perspective. Accept What God Allows – Bishop Richard “Mr. Clean” White and Twinkie Clark

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The GOP’s Fatal Mistake

The Republican leadership in the General Assembly made a gamble that North Carolinians were petty, greedy and short-sighted.  They bet that we’d be so rattled by the recession that we’d do anything for a one-cent tax break– allowing Republicans to cut our public schools and universities so deeply that it would take years for them to recover. 
They bet wrong.  A new poll from a Republican firm shows that 78 percent of North Carolinians oppose the massive Republican education budget cuts.  I don’t think it’s a mystery why they do.
Our public schools are fundamental to the success of our state.  It’s as simple as that.  This video, which I hope you’ll forward to your friends, shows why North Carolinians fought to establish that public education system, and why we’ll never stop defending it.
The Promise of Public Education
Governor Perdue has proposed a plan that balances the budget, consolidates government agencies to save money AND defends public education budgets.  But the Republican majority, having stumbled into control in Raleigh at one of the most difficult times in our history, are behaving like amateurs.  They’re clinging to free-market ideology and radical austerity at a time when those things are most destructive.  Your Democratic Legislators are ready to invest in the recovery.  Their Republican colleagues would send school budgets back to the benighted 1930’s.
But speaking of the Roosevelt administration, Lt Governor Walter Dalton points out a very interesting fact in this video: North Carolina was the only state in the union that kept its’ schools open during the Great Depression.
That points to a singular dedication to the future; a traditional commitment, and one that has always served us well.  Let’s keep the heat on our Republican legislators, keep reminding your neighbors what the Republicans are doing with their majority, and keep supporting Democrats as we lay the ground-work for the post-recession future of North Carolina.
David Parker