Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Fired So When Are The Citizens Of Princeville Going To Question The Motives Of Their Mayor?

I posted the following post on yesterday titled, “Breaking News: Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Has Been Fired From The Princeville PD.” Sources say Foxx didn’t really do anything to get fired and that the matter could have been resolved more professionally. But you see this is what happens when you are on the Mayor’s hit list.

Again I question when in the hell are the citizens of Princeville going to demand the Mayor and her puppets respond to the real issues. You see Commissioners Gwendolyn Knight and Ann Howell can’t get questions answered and they are on the town council so therefore it is obvious Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates and puppets have something to hide. But then again the puppets may just be afraid to take the heat from the Mayor so they just go along to get along. Sad!!

The citizens of Princeville I dare you to do your homework by looking at the history of the Mayor, the present Town Manager and the present Chief of Police to see what you find. I think you will find this history to be quite interesting and it just may lead you to the question of why Gary Foxx was demoted from Chief to Lieutenant to Sargent and now to fired.

I could say more but damn it is past time the citizens of Princeville do their homework like I do and then to take action. It is a damn shame that the good people of Princeville are not saying anything and while they are silent they continue to allow certain folks to send Princeville to hell.

Well citizens of Princeville you get what you ask for and then you also get what you don’t ask for. Start asking questions today so pick up your phones and contact Gary Foxx and Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates.

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2 thoughts on “Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? Princeville NC – Gary Foxx Fired So When Are The Citizens Of Princeville Going To Question The Motives Of Their Mayor?

  1. Interering, but it would be nice if you actually had some information to share. Foxx no longer works there & you assume it’s because the mayor wanted him out, but you have nothing to support that statement. There is a new police chief in place. Dosent it seem likely that he would want to get rid of the old chief? Maybe he’s got some really good reasons for firing Foxx. Without knowing more, that’s probably what I’d assume, uless you just want to put it on the Mayor.

    Note: Another ignant damn poster trying to speak for me. Hell yeah I could say more but I am not sharing all that I know partly because I want others to do their damn homework but because I am not going to share everything.

    I told you what to do so go do it or shut the hell up because I ain’t the one. Get that! You are not going to waste my time with anymore of your ignant conversation especially when you are trying to speak for me. Just look at this blog I have no damn problem with saying what I mean and meaning what I say be it giving you a little taste or a lot.

    I am not going to entertain what the new chief may want and the other. I am not going to go back and forth with you who are afraid to use your real name and to pick up the phone and talk to me. So good riddance.

    You can read my blog and take it as I posted or you can assume which is like a… everybody has one. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher


    • This ignant poster just didn’t get it so responding again with more ignance. Damn I wonder will they become a believer when they see that I am not going to waste my time no approve their ignant comments. Well eventually it will sink in. When you respond with some sense I will approve it. Oh by the way I don’t consider DAMN and HELL to be serious curse words ignant it was you who posted M.F. and other. Will not get approved on my blog, start your own. And by the way you have options when it comes to mines because you don’t have to read it. But you have to so you can find out what is going on. JU&DLMBAO!!


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