If You Ready For Change in Your City, Please Come Out And Be A Voice For Change! Questions?

by Curmilus Butch Dancy II on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 12:50am

Some Of The Topics will Be, Utility Bills, Building Up Edgecombe County, Crime, Education and Form a Positive Youth Movement. So my questions are:

So what about Utility Bills? Whoever is sponsoring this are they going to have all persons who are associated with the utility bills that can answers real questions or will the group just talk about high utilities?

So what do you mean by Building Up Edgecombe County? It appears the process is already in place so are those who are already building up Edgecombe County going to be present?

So what about crime? It appears that Rocky Mount Chief of Police has put more officers on the streets and done several things over the years to enhance the department so will he and his office be present?

So what about Education? Maybe the sponsors attend the Nash-Rocky Mount School Board meetings because I haven’t seen but a few folks at their meetings over the years. I have not seen anyone at the Edgecombe County School Board meetings.

So what about forming a Positive Youth Movement? I don’t even know where to begin with this one to ask a question. Will there be anyone at the table who can provide dollars to make this happen?

Please Join Us This Saturday, Remem……ber YOU CAN’T STOP SOMETHING UNTIL YOU START SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Since I have been actively engaged in politics over the years I would like to know where are these folks coming from. Are they going to invite folks to be on the program that are already working on the topics above?

Well since this was posted on my Facebook wall I assume this was an informal invite. Thank you but no thanks because I will not take time out of my busy schedule to help someone come out talking about starting something in order to stop something. It appears that some folks are years late and a dollar short. I have no problem with seeking change but I need to know what change I am seeking.

Now all of the above may sound good to folks who have not been actively engaged in issues but I don’t fit that description. I know the issues and I know the players who should be at the table.

I get so sick and tired of hearing folks mislead folks about issues. I have no problem with working with folks to create change but I will not work with folks who may just have a personal agenda and may be seeking to run for a political office.

I do not attend events that I am not clear on and this is one. Since I am actively engaged if folks want to invite me to their events they need to get with me however that is their option. However they need to be aware that The DCN News Blog can work with, for and or against because I will deal with truth and not perception.

If you don’t know you better ask somebody or better yet visit http://www.thepoliticalagitator.com/ to learn more. You can do a search on my blog on Electricities, Utilities and other to go to various links.

Curmilus Dancy II
The Political Agitator

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