Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? I Am Totally Embarrassed They Are Trying To Discredit Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent Edgecombe County Public Schools

It is a damn shame a dozen or so of professional, business and church folks are trying to discredit our new Edgecombe County Public Schools Superintendent who has been on the job nearly one year. I get so sick and tired of folk misleading folks with lies. Dr. Wayne Talley was hired to do a job and these folks have an issue with him because he has eliminated their friends position.

I am trying to figure out why in the hell do they think Dr. Talley needed more time. The man has been here nearly one year. The board members already knew they are top heavy at the Central Office when they hired him and this was why they told him to do something about it.

So who in the hell do these protesters think they are that Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent and the Edgecombe County Public Schools Board of Education must allow them to be the total deciding factor when it comes to school business? If the community has the final say so then why in the hell do we need a Superintendent and a school board?

I just love the way the letter writer feel that everyone in Edgecombe County agrees with her and her group. Not!! I understand the mindset of folks in Edgecombe County due to the fear of retaliation why they do not attend meetings. You see they feel uncomfortable having to go to work with certain folks and/or having to do business with certain folks.

I just love the way the letter writer broke down the board districts on how they voted. After Dr. Talley presented his proposal and the discussion, I don’t see how any board member could vote against the plan.

I just love the way the letter writer states Dr. Talley and the board did not consider other options for cut-backs other than teachers’ positions. So in other words it is okay to eliminate other jobs but not their friends. How selfish. I love this one more, “They didn’t even wait for the state legislators’ decision on cutting the education budget.” Well damn obviously you left before Dr. Talley did his presentation because he stated that the word came down from Raleigh that he need to do a cut for 5% and/or 10% because it would be one or the other. So I guess you are saying he made that up. Oh I know your friend board member Ann Kent said Rep. Joe Pat Tolson said it was immature to act now. I say it was immature for Tolson to make such a damn statement.

I just love it the letter writer has the audacity to have a problem with the 2 people whose jobs were eliminated being able to apply for other jobs within the system. But because it will be a lower pay level they are quick to make that an issue. Well hell they don’t have to apply they have options and I am going to let ya’ll figure them out.

I just love it the letter writer is trying to compare their friends positions with the new position Director of Grades 6-8. How in the hell do you compare a Director of Communications and Associate Superintendent of Operations and Management positions to Director Grades 6-8?

I found the letter writer taking the time to analyze some facts about Dr. Talley and Dr. Evelyn Johnson receiving degrees from NOVA Southeastern University saying it can be done completely online too damn funny. To question whether they attended their Florida campus for the degree is just too funny. So what are you saying? Your facts are not totally correct because Dr. Johnson did not vote for Dr. Talley as she voted along with Ann Kent and Faye Talyor when he was hired as Superintendent of Edgecombe County Public Schools. And then the funniest of all this is to think that just because Dr. Talley and Dr. Johnson received their Doctoral Degrees from the same entity makes them one. Now this is total ignorance.

Can’t answer the question about the superintendent getting his Ph.D online however I don’t know if the mentor was actually teaching him how to use a computer or how the computers work throughout the system.

So just because the letter writer says Dr. VanderLinden is totally competent in the use of computers, it is obvious that she was not the one because she was not hired even before we had the laptop program within our school system. It is clear that this thing is personal with the letter writer and Dr. VanderLinden.

Damn I just love it how the letter writer stated “consider the source” and went on to give us a little history about the board members persona. Well I just love ignorance because here we go again “they” these white folks wants to change the rules. Where in the hell is it stated that a board member has to have a degree in education? The qualifications are as follows: a citizen of age who resides in Edgecombe County, live in the district that one wants to seek office and can not be a convicted felon. So therefore it is up to the voters who we elect.

I just love how the letter writer plays upon my intelligence to want me to believe that board members Ann Kent and Faye Taylor or the only ones qualified to serve on this board. Oh hell no.

It is funny as hell that you left out that Attorney Teresa D. Bryant has worked for a law firm who has represented school boards across North Carolina just like our very own Edgecombe County Board Attorney Jonathan Bloomberg law firm out of Raleigh NC. This is one of the reasons why I supported attorney Bryant during the appointment when she replaced Dr. Florence A. Armstrong.

I just love how the letter writer started out saying she and a dozen of other taxpaying citizens spoke at the board meeting and then at the end of this letter of b.s. she concluded that she hope that you folks out there with children in our public schools have a say in what decisions are being made by our board. Now this is too damn funny because even folks who do not own their own houses if they own a vehicle they pay school taxes.

So I wonder do the letter writer have a child in the school system? Well I have a child in the system however I have been an advocate for the children, parents and staff of Edgecombe County dating back to 1993. It is good to see these folks come out after all of these years, however I wish they would have come out for what is best for the children of Edgecombe County and not what they feel is best for Diane LeFiles and Dr. Lana VanderLinden.

Oh and by the way I know it is 3 positions that were eliminated but I chose to not talk about the 3rd position a black female because the letter writer and the group do not give a damn about her. If I am correct only this letter writer mentioned the 3rd position at the board meeting but that was to be politically correct.

I am totally pissed that I am responding to Edgecombe County ignorance. Dr. Craig Witherspoon former Edgecombe County Superintendent got the money straight and then moved on to Birmingham to become Superintendent. Now Dr. Witherspoon successor has gone another step further and cut out more waste.

How in the hell can we have a successful school system if we are going to continue the good ole boy mentality whereby when things were supposedly good, jobs were created but now it is time to say enough is enough.

Get the hell over it and move on in the name of the children. Damn I am asking too much!!

This is my response to the letter on the opinion page of the Daily Southerner TARBORO — SIGN THE PETITION AND MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.”

When I involved myself in the hasty decision on the part of our school board to sanction Dr. Talley’s reorganization plan, I spoke out at the regular meeting on March 14, along with a dozen or so other concerned taxpayers, that this plan of action required time and careful scrutiny before voting. (Read more)

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Dr. Wayne Talley


4 thoughts on “Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? I Am Totally Embarrassed They Are Trying To Discredit Dr. Wayne Talley Superintendent Edgecombe County Public Schools

  1. Glad to see Edgecombe County moving forward. Please all of us need to stand behind Dr. Talley and lets make our county a high ranking county instead of low grades. Lets not blog and go physically go to the meeting and keep up with whats going on. I can’t because I work 2nd shift, but will try to encourage others to go. We need to stand up for our children.


  2. Edgecombe County citizens, it is time to finish what Dr. Witherspoon and Dr. Talley started. It is time to bring Edgecombe County “UP TO DATE!” # 1 on the list is our school system. The aforementioned superintendents have shown us the way. Now let us finish the job. Let us insist on it. Let us demand it. Press our school board to stand firm. Do not forget, our county is Majority Minority. Some still think it is “easy pickins”.


  3. Just when you thought it was OK to come out of the water. I thought it was rather interesting when Ann Kent mentioned that she had talked to Joe Tolson about the state of the budget concerning education. The next day it was quoted in an article in the paper by Clark Jenkins that Pitt County has 15 people in their central office for 29,000 students while Edgecombe County has 47 in its central office for 7,300 students. Do the math. Please give people credit for having common sense. We all know what’s behind all this. Where were the voices when other personnel lost their jobs? Dr. Johnson was a fine educator in the system prior to her retirement. That was not mentioned in Mrs. Miller’s letter. It’s obvious that she’s not up to par with technology…online degrees abound from accredited schools. Is she saying that NOVA isn’t accredited? How insulting! This economy is affecting everyone. The doors of one of the county’s finest restaurants will be closing its doors after today. It’s not pretty but necessary. It has been obvious where Ann Kent and Diane Lefiles’s loyalties lie since Dr. Witherspoon’s appointment. And we wonder why young teachers come and go within the system. Edgecombe County is not only judged by its education system, but also by the citizens within the county. You can only hide your true feelings for so long. This small group is not concerned about the level of education of our county’s students but the status of their friends. I think bringing someone in from outside the county is good. If for nothing else objectivity. I worked with friends who lost their jobs not because of poor job performance but economics. Salaries were cut and jobs were eliminated if they (jobs) could not be justified or could be absorbed into other positions. Options to apply for other jobs were given. Cronyism, nepotism and the good old boy network is alive and well in Edgecombe County for all to see. The actions of the faithful few is making sure of that. If you can’t be a part of the solution, don’t become a part of the problem. The truth will speak for itself. Jesus stood for all of us…not some of us!


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