Hell Yeah I Said It, Now What? Breaking News: Princeville NC – Commissioner Gwendolyn Knight Wins Case Against Mayor Priscilla Everette-Oates Not One Time But Twice. Now The People Of Princeville Need To Ask That The Mayor, Calvin Sherrod, Isabelle Purvis-Andrews and The Town Attorney Charles Watts Resign Effectively Monday March 28.

The Judge has spoken. Mayor Priscilla Everette Oates can you hear the judge saying do you hear me now?

The Princeville Town Commissioners had no lawful authority to suspend a commissioners pay or stipend for violating a board policy therefore the board had no lawful authority to suspend pay or stipend therefore the board did not follow their own policy.

The Judge ordered the Mayor to pay $450 plus interest and the cost of court. I say the judge should have made her pay more.

Remember when Mayor Everette-Oates stated that former town manager Sam Knight should have stepped down immediately after being indicted?

Well Mayor Everette-Oates it is past time that you and your flunkies Commissioners Sherrod, Purvis-Andrews and the town attorney need to resign effective today Monday March 28 during the Princeville monthly town hall meeting.

Sources say that the Mayor business is shot to hell and that the husband was seen going into the county building and it is believe he turned in some license tags to one of the several vehicles.

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Mayor Priscilla Everette Oates

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