Edgecombe County Public Schools – John Westberg Suspended Principal’s Wife Came To Me Tonight About My Post On Her Husband

I had the opportunity to meet John Westberg’s wife tonight. After they read my blog about my post on the rumor about her husband being placed at North Edgecombe they were having a little family discussion. I didn’t know who she was but she, and I believe her son, daughter and some others were reading something on their cell phone. They were all looking at me so I knew it would not be long before somebody in the group came over.

The wife came over to tell me that she had tried to post something on my blog but she couldn’t get on and I said why? I said it must have been something on her end. She went on to say the things about her husband were not true. I said okay but post it and I will approve it as I see fit. She said but she didn’t have time to respond that she was busy. Well that pissed me off because I said I am busy too but I am here. Another thing that pissed me off she asked me where did I get the information about her husband supposedly being placed at North Edgecombe. I said I am not going to tell you that. I said do you tell me anything?

I told her again to respond any time she like. I stressed that I am 48 years old and she didn’t have to explain to me that everything in the paper is not true. I said I know that. I said did I say what I posted was true? I said I don’t make the news I just post it. I said she needs to look at my Disclaimer.

I feel she thought I was being ugly to her but first of all I seen them huddled up and heard her say she was coming over to speak to me. Well the problem I have is she came off wrong because she should have taken the time to respond in support of her husband. I said I have never said anything about any of the things being true. I said I sign my name to anything I write.

Well Mrs. Westberg the invitation is open and feel free to respond when you have the time.

Oh and by the way a source informed me that Westberg supposedly had started at North Edgecombe today. Again I should find out after the closed session is back in open session.

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Former SWE Cougar leads Gardner-Webb over liberty – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — HIGH POINT (AP) — Monique Hudson scored 23 points and this time Gardner-Webb made the big plays down the stretch in a 67-66 victory over Liberty on Sunday to end the Flames’ Big South dominance and give the Runnin’ Bulldogs their first NCAA tournament berth. (Read more)

Superintendent to unveil new restructuring plan for ECPS – Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Edgecombe County Public Schools may have a few less seats following tonight’s board meeting.

On the agenda for the ECPS Board of Education meeting is the approval of a proposed central services reorganization structure. (Read more)

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Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Is In Closed Session (Rumor)

Someone just came and told me that they just heard that John Westberg Principal at SouthWest Edgecombe who is on suspension will be reassigned to North Edgecombe High School as a Dean of Students. Hope this is not true. No other school has one.

Stay tuned should find out if this is true after board comes out of closed session.

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My Address To Edgecombe County Public Schools Board Meeting 3-14-11

Tonight we witnessed a group of white folks at their best. They came out in full force to support 2 staff members vs 1000’s of Edgecombe County Students. This shows how they want to change the way business is conducted. Why is it they always want to change the rules to benefit them and not everyone?

There were about 10 – 12 white speakers whom I was told by a white person that they were all basically from one church.

What we witnessed tonight was 10 – 12 bad examples for protocol, respect and discipline for conducting business.

I was the only person to speak in support of Dr. Talley’s presentation and the only black person. So maybe I am the one who set the bad example for showing respect to a man who was hired to run, yes run the Edgecombe County Public Schools System. The man is making around $141,000 a year and damn if he can’t evaluate and see what needs to be done for the betterment of the system then we don’t need him.

The following is what I prepared as I was waiting in my car outside the central office waiting to go in. I was the last speaker.

I need no applause to validate what I am about to say.

My name is Curmilus Dancy II. I live at 127 Midway Lane Tarboro NC.

I  attended ECPS and I have a child in the middle school and 1 in her 2nd year at NCCU. I have served on the PTO, School Improvement Team (SIT), ECPS Board Advisory Committee and other.
I stand today in support of the restructuring plan that Dr. Talley will present to the board during closed session.

He should know better than anyone what needs to be done because that is his role. It is nothing new that the chief of any place of employment and/or organization he/she should evaluate and take actions that makes business sense.

Today we should be here supporting what is best for the children of Edgecombe County and I trust Dr. Talley’s presentation will address that.

I have worked on my present job for the past 24 years and they have never asked for our opinion but gave us options be laid off, resign, retire or be fired.

And then I said enough said.

The end.

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March 14, 2011

Michael K. Frisby


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Wade Henderson, President and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Fund

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Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Kenneth J. Cooper reports that the commission has been largely ineffective in addressing civil rights issues, even with the recent addition of three Democratic members. Appointees of former President George W. Bush serve as the panel’s chairman and staff director and Bush or Republican congressional leaders chose a majority of its members. With critics pressing for adjustments, Wade Henderson, president and chief executive officer of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Fund, says, "The commission of the 21st century can’t be the commission we had 50 years ago." And, Mary Frances Berry, a former chair of the commission, says the advisory panel is not worth preserving in its current form. "It is sort of useless, to tell you the truth. What is it good for?" asks Berry, a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania. "I don’t see any change occurring until the statute is changed."

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