NAACP Commends Gov. Perdue’s Veto of a Sick Law


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March 5, 2011


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Re: Statement on Gov. Perdue’s Veto of Right-Wing’s Attempt to Sabotage Health Care for All

Gov. Beverly Perdue Vetoed a Sick Law


             The North Carolina NAACP Conference of 120 Branches commends Gov. Beverly Perdue’s rejection of the sick bill that was passed by the Tea Party and other Extreme Right politicians who have hi-jacked Mr. Lincoln’s Republican Party.  The Governor is absolutely right when she rejected these zealots’ efforts to sabotage President’s Obama’s new program that provides health care for millions of poor and working people who need it.  The Governor is absolutely right when she said, "This is an ill-conceived piece of legislation that’s not good for the people of North Carolina."


            "The Third Point in our Historic Thousands on Jones Street People’s Agenda," NC NAACP President Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II said, "is Health Care for All. Right-wing zealots currently hold the once-proud Republican party hostage in a time of economic crisis.  Their sick law tried to stop the United States from joining with every other developed country in the world in providing access to health care for all our people.  Our Constitution, our religious principles, our history, and our commitment to take care of the least of these are healthy ideas.   And the Governor’s veto is a sign of a healthy new wind blowing across the State.  Thank you Governor Perdue."



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The “Declining Significance” of Black History – Source: The BlackList Pub

In the middle of this year’s Black History Month I was momentarily overcome by a weird feeling. There was a kind of ho hum, mundane, routine, business as usual atmosphere about this year’s commemoration with little passion or intensity. (Read more)

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Big Business Paid For Their Beds, Now Republicans Have to Lie in Them – Source: OPed News

Historian and satirist Thomas Carlyle said "a lie cannot live." However, Mark Twain casually remarked, "It shows that he did not know how to tell them."

More than a century later, newly-elected Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-dominated Wisconsin legislature have proven themselves to be "quick studies," having learned how to tell whoppers about the working class and unions. Here are just a few. (Read more)

Note: My, my, my see how Walter Brasch states lies vs facts. This is a must read. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Perdue vetoes GOP bill challenging health care law – Source: News & Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue on Saturday vetoed a Republican bill that would challenge the federal health care overhaul, setting up another political showdown early in the 2011 session. (Read more)

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Wilson NC– Education for Empowerment: A Conference of the North Carolina Rural Education Working Group Featuring Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) And More

The North Carolina Rural Education Working Group (NCREWG) met at the First Baptist Church Nash Street Wilson NC.

Anthony Clark is the president NCREWG.

The conference was based on addressing problems with School Suspension: Practice and Policy Strategies.

There were several breakout sessions:

1. Positive Behavior Intervention Support

2. Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

3. Building Leadership through Action Research

4. Formula Fairness Campaign

I attended the PBIS workshop and it was awesome. The presenter was Attorney Keith Howard current chair of the North Carolina Bar Association Juvenile Justice and Children’s Rights Section (JJCR). He presented on behalf of Legal Aid of N.C., Inc. and the JJCR.

While participants were eating their lunch Marty Strange, Director of the Policy Program of the Rural School and Community Trust gave a brief update on the national Formula Fairness Campaign and NC’s crucial role in that effort.

The 2nd round of the workshops began at 1:00 PM and they were as follows:

1. Positive Behavior Intervention Support

2. Students Rights and Responsibilities

3. Action Research

4. Parents Issues Roundtable

I attended the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) workshop and it was awesome as well. The presenter was Canecca Davis Principal Mariam Boyd Elementary School. She was named Warren County’s 2009-10 Principal of the year and practices PBIS at her school.

Representative Angela Bryant House District 7 and Matt Ellinwood from the NC Justice Center Policy Advocate, Education & Law Project gave a legislative update on what is going on with education on the state level.

I am very much familiar with Rep. Bryant. I have worked with her over the years and was one of her strong supporters when she was appointed and then elected to the House of Representatives. As always Bryant does a superior job at whatever she does because she is multi-talented and has served in many capacities in community activism as a lawyer and through her non-profit organization serving on the Rocky Mount City Council and now in the NC General Assembly.

I am not familiar with Ellinwood however I am very much familiar with the NC Justice Center. I have received Certificates of Graduation for participating in the yearly (PESP) Parent Education Studies Program through the NC Justice and Community Development Center Education Leadership Institute at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill NC on June 14, 2002 and again on May 30, 2003 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Center in Rocky Mount NC. I have stayed in contact with NC Justice Center over the years up until Angela Dunston former NC Justice Center Policy Advocate Education and Law Project moved on to work with Governor Beverly Perdue as the Director of Advocacy.

I really enjoyed the workshops. Just last week I signed up to be a member of the PBIS team at my son’s school. I learned a lot about how the PBIS can be a valuable tool in the school systems across NC.

Stay tuned for video coverage of the workshops brought to you courtesy of The DCN TV coming soon. 

Attack on unions a game of misdirection – Source: Anchorage Daily News

I had a news writing instructor at UAA twenty years ago. This guy was the epitome of a classic straight-line journalist. His name was Paul Jenkins. He was a by-the-book, objective, no-nonsense, research your facts kind of guy. He was also the editor of the Anchorage Times. I was steadfast to his principled teaching, and was lucky enough to be hired by him to work at The Times. Anything I wrote during my short time at the paper had to pass Jenkins’ absolutely objective standard. (Read more)

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Vikings remember perfect season with ring ceremony–Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

TARBORO — There they were, the most successful team in Tarboro football history, standing in a wide circle on Thursday night in the school’s gymnasium. (Paid Content)

Note: Congratulations Tarboro again for an outstanding season. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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Police work questioned in Middlesex man’s death–Source: The Rocky Mount Telegram

The family of John William Perry, who was killed Feb. 14 when he was hit by several vehicles on U.S. 64, wants to know if the actions of law enforcement and government officials contributed to his death. (Paid Content)

Note: Now this is quite interesting. So did the officer stay until the magistrate released Perry? So did the officer just leave Perry or did he take him down the road and put him out? Seems like some funny business here. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Are whites racially oppressed? – Source: CNN

(CNN) — They marched on Washington to reclaim civil rights.

They complained of voter intimidation at the polls.

They called for ethnic studies programs to promote racial pride.

They are, some say, the new face of racial oppression in this nation — and their faces are white. (Read more)

Note: This is very interesting. I can’t truly answer this question because I am not white. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher