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BOE meeting today

The BOE is currently in the midst of a marathon work session. Topics up for discussion will include "reassignment, bonuses to work at high-poverty schools, redistricting, bell schedules and the magnet review," according to the WakeEd blog. A general meeting, with public comment, will begin at 5:30PM. You can watch it all live on WRAL.

Cost of high-poverty schools

During today’s meeting, the BOE will decide whether to designate $950,000 per year in federal funding to help four, high-poverty schools, according to the N&O.</SPA N>

Long-term assignment plan expected in Spring

Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata plans to present a long-term student assignment plan to the BOE for approval by late spring, according to the N&O. During their meeting today, the BOE voted to authorize Tata to develop the assignment plan that will include consideration of the controlled-choice model presented by education consultant Michael Alves last week. In addition, BOE member John Tedesco requested that the work of the Student Assignment Committee be suspended, according to WRAL.

Harvard’s Achievement Gap Initiative

According to this website, the Achievement Gap Initiative (AGI), at Harvard University, is a university-wide effort initiated by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) to focus academic research, public education, and innovative outreach activities toward eliminating achievement gaps.

In the News

Closing the achievement gap without widening a racial one (NYT)

Chatham parents fight redistricting


Promise here

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.

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