Team May Boycott HS Basketball Coach For Racist Comments – Source: NewsOne

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio- Jason Popp, the coach of the Richmond Heights Boys Varsity Basketball has come under fire for racist comments and harassment. According to documents, Popp would use racial slurs against his players and insult them for being poor. Among the things he said were

“I”m going to need you to play like n—-ers, which you are” (Read more)

Note: After reading a few of the comments I had enough. It does not matter what I think or others think who are not directly affected by this coach. What matters is if the players feel insulted or harassed by the coach then that is all that matters. Frankly all the other comments even mines are not relevant to a certain degree unless they are in favor of what the players want. I say heck yes he is a racist if he said it and I support the players who feel insulted and/or harassed 100%.

You probably would be amazed at what some coaches says to their players. This is why I began to start back attending sports at a local high school several years ago because I had heard so much about the coach and how he treated the players. Well seen him in action and boy was he a character. It is no way my child could have played on his team. C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

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