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Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, II

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Dr. MLK Jr. Holiday–Black Folks Is It About A Real Cause Or Is It About Dressing Up And Being Seen?

Last night there was the annual Dr. Martin L. King Jr. banquet held in Edgecombe County and I am quite sure it was standing room only. I attended the event for 10 – 12 years but I have not attended in the past 3 – 4 years.

Do I miss the speeches? Yes!!

But do I need to hear the speeches to know what needs to be done in my county? Hell no!! I have heard enough speeches to last me a lifetime.

I used to attend a candlelight vigil in Rocky Mount on this day but I have not attended it as well in the past 2 – 3 years. I ended up at this event briefly the last time I attended because I was riding with someone else and we stopped by on the way to Wilson to an event.

Tomorrow some people will be off work because of the Dr. Martin L. King Holiday however many folks will have to work. It is a shame that everyone do not have the day off but until we come together and demand the day it will probably never happen. However there are many especially black folks who do not know nor do not care about how much Dr. King meant to our society.

But as I reflect on the years that I have celebrated the holiday using a vacation day from work, I used to enjoy traveling across the county and sometimes across the state between Saturday and Monday. But over the years I have chosen not to participate in the celebrations simply because I refuse to walk with those fake folks especially black politicians and so called leaders who don’t stand for anything while they continue to hold us right where we are.

When things goes on within our school system, where are these folks who dress up and celebrate the Dr. King Holiday? Recently a white principal in Edgecombe County was removed from one school due to an investigation concerning a testing probe. This principal was sent to a middle school as an assistant principal in a predominately black district and there has not been any outcry. Silence.

Tomorrow Monday January 17 in Edgecombe County there will be a march from Tarboro to Princeville and it will be hundreds of students present but where are these powers that be when these students need them during the entire school year?

Well over the years I have spent time with my children on Dr. King Holiday. But one thing about it many children in Edgecombe County, especially the politicians and so-called leaders know that I have been an advocate for children since the early 90’s. Many of the politicians and the so-called leaders children reaped the benefits from the things I have fought for.

On Tuesday January 18 it will be back to business as usual and no mention of Dr. King until a couple of weeks before the 2012 Dr. King Holiday.

At the end of the day, it is not our enemies we remember, but the silence of our friends! Dr. Martin L. King

The above is one of my favorite quotes because a friend will get you killed.

Ariz. shooting victim goes to hospital after arrest

TUCSON, Ariz. — Grief-stricken after the Tucson supermarket massacre, shooting victim James Eric Fuller found comfort writing down the Declaration of Independence from memory while still recovering in the hospital.

The self-described liberal and military veteran became distraught Saturday, authorities said, when he began ranting at the end of a televised town hall meeting about the tragedy. He took a picture of a local tea party leader and yelled "you’re dead" before calling others in the church a bunch of "whores," authorities said. (Read more)

Wake County Public Schools BOE News

Hello!  Here is the weekend BOE news.

Point, counterpoint on charter schools

As noted in this story, Charter Schools: What would Dr. King say?, "Whether located in the poorest, brownest neighborhoods of theTwin Cities or in the leafiest, whitest suburbs of North Carolina , charter schools often engage in a form of intensely segregated schooling that either contains or isolates minorities in urban centers, while offering middle-class parents escape routes from traditional schools that are increasingly tainted by the burgeoning poor, which now comprise 20 percent of American children." The article is an interesting counterpoint to the N&O front page story in Sunday’s paper.

Plethora of media coverage

WCPSS has received a lot of media coverage nationwide, following the story (and letter from Arne Duncan) that appeared in the Washington Post this week. Here are some links, fyi:

US school chief chides Wake County (N&O)

US schools chief criticizes Wake school board (WRAL)

US schools chief criticizes NC board over busing (Washington Post)

US schools chief criticizes school board over busing (Atlanta Journal)

Tea Party Backed School Board Kills School Integration in Raleigh, North Carolina (Mother Jones)

Separate and unequal 2.0 (MSNBC)

Take a look at your future: Bad move in Wake County, N.C. (Anniston Star)

US Schools Chief Criticizes NC Board Over Busing (Associated Press)

Arne Duncan strikes out (National Review)

Republican school board in NC throws out integration policy (Talking Points Memo)

U.S. Secretary of Education cautions Wake schools on move away from diversity (American Independent)

US education chief chides county board over busing (San Francisco Chronicle)

Tea Party-backed school board dismantles integration efforts (Boston Globe)

Longer school day proposed in Charlotte

According to this story from the Charlotte Observer, the CMS system has proposed a new bell schedule that may save on transportation costs by aligning bus routes between middle and elementary schools.

Burke County loses accreditation

AdvancED has pulled its accreditation from Burke County schools, according to WRAL. To read AdvancED’s letter to Burke County and some excellent background information about SACS and accreditation, visit this link.

Upcoming meetings/events

Tues 1/18, 3-5:15PM, BOE Work Session, 3600 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
Tues 1/18, 5:30PM, Recognition BOE Meeting
Wed 1/19, 6PM, Public Hearing, Southeast Raleigh High School, 2600 Rock Quarry Rd, Raleigh
Thurs 1/19, 9-11AM, Facilities Commi ttee, 3600 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
Thurs 1/19, 6PM, Public Hearing, Garner High School. 2101 Spring Drive, Garner
Mon 1/24, 6PM, Public Hearing, Cary High School, 638 Walnut St, Cary
Mon 1/24 CA NCELLED 6-7:30 District 7 (Prickett) BAC, York Elem, 5201 Brookhaven Drive, Raleigh
Mon 1/24, No Longer Waiting for Superman, N Raleigh Hilton, 3415 Wake Forest Rd, speaker Howard Fuller. Register at 1-888-977-3362 or at
Tues 1/25, 9AM-5PM, BOE Work Session, 3600 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
Tues 1/25, 5:30-7PM, District 3 (Hill) BAC, Wakefield HS, 2200 Wakefield Pines Dr, Raleigh Thurs Thurs 1/27,9AM-5PM, BOE Work Session, 3600 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh
In the News

Apex greets new superintendent

Tata meets with Raleigh business leaders

AdvancED CEO says Wake schools review is fair


In good standing?

Virtual schools, real results

Schools we deserve

Away from the brink

Motivated seller

Schools chief on reconnaissance

Natural variances

Character in practice

Parents in the schools

Tata’s baggage

Education resources

Sports fees, too

Why Wake county board should continue accreditation with AdvancED

Thanks for staying engaged with WCPSS.


Question About Tithing On FaceBook, What Are Your Thoughts?

Lee Lee Taylor – My pastor said that their is a great onslaught against the principle of tithing today. If that is the case, their might be a reason.

Can someone give me a scripture where God call the Christian to give 10% of their income to the church?


Lisa Carraway Ruehle – A tithe (pronounced /ˈtaɪð/; from Old English teogoþa "tenth") is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a (usually) voluntary contribution or as a tax or levy, usually to support a religious organization.…-Christian.html

Note: Care to respond anyone? C. Dancy II – DCN Publisher

Crossing The Aisle, Literally, For State Of The Union–Source: NPR

The seating chart for the president’s upcoming State of the Union address may look a little different this time around.

Traditionally, Democrats and Republicans sit on opposite sides of the House Chamber for the speech, but this past week, Colorado’s Sen. Mark Udall suggested the parties integrate the seating. (Read more)


Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government

Tucson shooting victim involuntarily committed to undisclosed medical facility –Shooting victim taken into custody at taping of TV special 15 Jan 2011 A Tucson mass shooting victim was taken into custody Saturday after yelling "you’re dead" at a Tea Party spokesman during the taping of an ABC-TV town hall event. The Pima County Sheriff’s Office said J. Eric Fuller, 63, was involuntarily committed to an undisclosed medical facility, NBC News reported. The Associated Press said he was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. He faces charges of threats and intimidation and disorderly conduct, according to Tucson TV station KGUN. (Read more)

Skeet ‘was one of a kind’– Source: The Daily Southerner

TARBORO — Sally Moseley said she wept when she saw the death notice for Skeet in the newspaper.
George “Skeet” Hagans died Christmas Day. He was 69.

Sally had known Skeet for about 10 years. They met when she went to the Braswell Center to work out in the fitness room.

Skeet was the center’s custodian who kept the fitness room – the center – clean. (Read more)

Note: I totally agree with all has been said about Skeet. I have been knowing Skeet just about all of my life. He was a good friend of the family and he and my mom worked cleaning up banks.

I used to run into Skeet from time to time in Walmart and we always held a short conversation. He always talked about how he appreciated the things I did and especially when I videoed his daughter’s wedding. He love his daughter and grand children.

I was totally shocked to received the phone call on my birthday (Christmas Day) that Skeet had passed.

Skeet will truly be missed. C. Dancy II DCN Publisher