The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness


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Professor Michelle Alexander discusses the systematic incarceration of African American males and how it authorizes discrimination after their release. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV). To purchase a DVD, contact CAN TV’s Community Partners at (312) 738-1400 or…

‘Tea Party Express II: Rise of the Tea Bags’

A short film in two parts by Brad Friedman…

So we went out to Griffith Park out here in L.A. on Sunday to check out the kick-off day for the new "Tea Party Express II" national tour. Thought we might meet some interesting people and file a quick video report. Met a lot of interesting people, and so ended up making a short film of sorts. Enjoy. Spread the word. Go tell the story ("both sides")… (Read more)

Note: This is too funny. Maybe somebody will read this and post some facts because they sure didn’t share any. LMBAO C. Dancy II DCN Publisher

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Edgecombe remains those of missing Rocky Mount woman–Source: WRAL

Tarboro, N.C. — Remains found this week in rural Edgecombe County were identified Friday as those of a Rocky Mount woman who is one of 10 at the center of an investigation into a suspected serial killer.

Sheriff James Knight said late Friday that the remains were those of Yolanda Renee Lancaster, 37, who has been missing since February 2009. (Read more)

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Sarah Palin Funny How She Move The CrossHairs

So if that Palin chick didn’t feel she played a role in the shooting in Arizona why did she remove the crosshairs from her well site.

And then her spokesperson said it was not not crosshairs but surveyor symbols.

This is too damn funny.

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