Edgecombe might run off Food Lion–Source: Rocky Mount Telegram

I read in the Telegram about Edgecombe County and the disagreement with Food Lion about tax assessment on leasehold improvements.

First, I think ceiling tiles, floor tiles and paint etc. are part of the building, regardless of who paid for the improvement, is now owned by the building owner. (Read more)

St. Paul preps for voting via ranked choice–Source:

St. Paul voters will have a lot to learn for the 2011 city elections, and officials still are trying to figure out how to teach them.

It’s the first year ranked-choice voting will be used to choose City Council members. The council is putting together an ordinance that spells out how it will work, and once that’s settled, there will be a campaign to inform voters about the change. (Read more)

Note: From the desk of Chris Telesca: Could this be why tax-exempt foundations support non-profits that advocate for IRV?: Ranked choice voting will work fine in local, non-partisan elections. However its advocates have a different plan in mind for legislative and statewide races: they want to eliminate the partisan primary.

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